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  1. Little background: A sports radio guy in my area will do a 10 minute breakdown of the last episode; I had heard him teasing it for a few weeks but never bothered to listen or still be in the car to catch it. Heard it yesterday. And I think it is just about the best summation of the lowest common denominator audience members the show caters (panders?) to.

    Few points:

    • Claim to not be a book reader but knows R+L=J theory; so is either reading a bit of the net or the show did a good job.
    • "Blood is good, talking is bad"
    • The first caller is amazing in his unsullied-ness.
    • The second caller claims to be a book reader, is cut off, but was giving poor info anyhow.

    Lastly, really strikes home how amazing, crazy, dedicated, and informed folks on this forum are; and how much of a true minority we are.

    Episode talks starts at the 35:00 mark and goes for roughly 9 minutes.

    Without further ado I give you: Unsullied Radio http://media.957thegame.com/a/104826281/the-damon-bruce-show-5-7-15-hour-1.htm?

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