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  1. Maybe I am interpreting too much into the situation but I think Jaime is going to kill Cersei and then won't be able to live without her / with the guilt of having murdered her and get himself killed too. Many people here complained about how cruel he was to Brienne by using her. However, I don't think that this was his intention. I believe he really had some feelings for her (not necessarily romantical, more like friendship) and genuinely believed or wanted to believe he could live with Brienne. But when they really got together he realized that he still did not feel for Brienne like he did for his sister, and so decided to go south. I also thought that there was a lot of self-hatred in Jaime's voice during his goodbye to Brienne. By now, he has fully admitted to himself what terrible person Cersei is and hates himself for loving her anyway. It seems unlikely to me that he would just go back to her and serve her again as if nothing happened. That would make his entire character arc null and void. On the other hand Jaime killing his sister would be a really fitting ending for said character arc. But Cersei has always been the centre of his life and I don't think he could live with the guilt he would certainly feel over having killed her. So if he really murders her, I think they are going together. The problem with this theory is Cersei's supposed child as I cannot see him killing his own child together with Cersei. But then, there were prophesied only three children. So either Cersei will lose the child or there never was a child and she lied to Euron and Jaime both.
  2. I agree. I have also read the books even if I am not one of those who read it countless times. Of course not everything in the show is well done and some criticism is justified but what some of the users are doing here is not serious criticism, it's blatant hate. It's one thing to complain about plot holes when wights who can't cross a small gap in the ice suddenly pull a giant dragon out of the water but when people rant about every single episode and every detail in it that's not constructive anymore. If you know beforehand that you will never like anything that's not written in the books stop watching the show. But don't start ranting here after every new episode because yes, we have understood that there are people who can't stand the show and reading the whole hate posts over and over is just annoying.
  3. I gave it a 9. It was definitely my favourite episode of the season. As I generally dislike episodes which only concentrate on battle and neglect the story and the characters I was positively surprised by this one. In contrary to many other moments in this season, especially last week's episode with the giant plot holes, the plot seemed rather good to me this time and the characters behaved like they should. The meeting in the dragon pit: I really liked how they did the meeting. Beforehand I was afraid that they wound show the wight moving a bit and everyone in Cersei's party would say something like "Oh, doesn't seem so very dangerous..." but it was rather convincing. I already thought that Cersei would not recognise the threat and see it as an opportunity to get rid of her enemies as well but I don't understand the people lamenting that there are no surprises. Yes, Cersei's reaction was predictable but if you were surprised by every action she does she wouldn't have a character anymore. And Jon wouldn't be Jon anymore if he wasn't as honest as Ned. Jaime/Cersei parting: Very convincing as well how Jaime was torn between the loyalty to his sister and his honour. Littlefinger's trial: The show managed to surprise me. When Arya was brought in I really thought Sansa had gone back to trusting people she shouldn't trust. Awesome. Sam + Bran talking: Generally I liked the scene but Jon's name being Aegon is just stupid. And I didn't like that Rhaegar looked like an older version of Viserys. But on the other hand I always had a very clear picture of Rhaegar in my head and probably there is no actor that would have been satisfying. Jon/Dany: Well, we could see it coming. But I liked that they didn't make such a big deal of it. Wall falling: While I still grieve for Viserion the scene was well done and the cliffhanger annoyed me to no end (that is no criticism, cliffhangers should annoy) especially because it will be such a long wait.