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  1. Thank you all for the recent posts. Some times people can't see the forest, because of the trees. Some see a mono culture as the forest of the US. Some see birch, oak, maple, red pine, white pine, willow, etc. as the forest.
  2. Back to the OP, I stated I didn't think there was a blue state or red state culture.
  3. DMC, I used integration as a mixing together, assimilation as the denial and replacement of a culture. Karlbear, you seem to have conflicting posts.
  4. Integrate, integration a bad choice of words, maybe accommodate? My point would be that the common culture of the US is what let's you be you. It's not a red/blue politician. Injustice is ongoing in this country. Is it getting better? I think so. Could it be better? I hope so.
  5. Not done, hoped you would have given me more time to read the whole book.
  6. You are Ojibwe, not a question. I cannot change what happened to your Grandmother, I regret her treatment and the effect it has had on you and your family. I have been to reservations, they were not visits to gamble or buy smokes. The income disparity between tribes, I cannot explain. You have integrated yourself into a generally white culture, and have described yourself as successful. I don't think it's a secret, that a lot of white households have multiple generations living together. I think US culture accepts this if done by choice, and is working to change it if not by choice. If you are discriminated against take it to court, it will be more effective than standing outside yelling and holding a sign. I am on your side, I respect your thoughts.
  7. I read this as over consumption, waste, inequality and imperialism are the culture in the U.S., I disagree. Nowhere have I stated how great or not great the U.S. is. In reply to larrytheimp.
  8. No where in the post did I state my political views. If you want performance art, start the show, it will be a sight to see.
  9. Thank you Wilbur, I read the Wiki entry on "American Nation". I think there is a shared culture. I thought the culture wars were dead and Tywin's post in U.S. Politics seemed to want to light them up again.
  10. The OP was created in response to a statement made in U.S. Politics thread. The entrenched culture of Idaho and Wyoming, would not allow them to go blue. The culture of New York, would not allow it to go red.
  11. Does culture drive the politics of the U.S.?
  12. Common Connie, are you denying that the things I listed as common culture are not desired by subcultures? We have a common history, independence, slavery, labor movements, civil rights, etc.
  13. Imma, I understood. I admit, I do not write well. 1. I think we understand each other. 2. The federal holidays,free to participate or not. 3. The attempt to deny a subculture's practices. 4. I think common culture believes 2 parents is good.I know single parent households can be and are successful. 5. Look may have been the wrong word for me to use. Do most not contain the same things, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms?
  14. I seriously am not defining @Fury's as subpar. I am saying it is a culture, within a culture. The common culture accepts this now. I do think the U.S. fucks up when it tries to assimilate another culture. All mammals are the same in being warm blooded, feed their young, the common culture. How they go about it the subculture.
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