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  1. When Sam and Grenn dig out those dragonglass blades by the Fists of the First Men, there is a horn there as well. This could be because D&D felt they we're going to e closer to the books later on and it didn't work out, or they still mean to use it in the story. I'm actually going with the latter, as I do think it's a great plot device both cinematically and plot-wise.

    yes, completely forgot about that! I hope that's where they go with it...

  2. I think the horn is probably out since the other one isn't in. And didn't Euron give it to Vic for his mission in the book?

    Yes- I think you are right. I would just think that it would be important and pop up in the show somewhere... but anything is possible in the show, who knows! I just have a feeling we might see Euron or Vic in Season 6...

  3. Mereen:

    Miss. & Greyworm have to mean something or we wouldn't be seeing them this much. I definitely think they will either aide Dany in some great way or will be the third betrayal.

    I don't think Dany will go mad, but I do think that she needs a counselor near her to help her stay rational.. like maybe one of the other two 'heads' (Tyrion?)


    Curious to see Hardhome...I think Jon will make it back from Hardhome (if he really goes at all) but will come back to the wall to a letter from Ramsay, which will propel the 'for the watch..."

    Mel will come back to the wall, the question is who will she come back with?

    Starting to really love Stannis and Shireen and am scared for those characters...


    I'm really hoping Stannis can get to the Bolton's before the wedding night. Looks like we will be getting the wedding, which is unfortunate... but I do think Sansa will surprise us, in some way, when she realizes how much of a psycho Ramsay really is.

    I think Brienne will either kill Stannis or have to let him go (because he will be fighting for Sansa's good)

    I definitely think Brienne/Pod will team up with the North smallfolk and maybe the Northern lords and will be the ghosts of Winterfell

    Other thoughts:

    In the books, Euron has the horn that can supposedly control the dragons... I would assume that is needed so that Dany can have better control over them... so are we going to introduce the Iron Islands next season? Is it totally out? If so, who will have the horn?

    I definitely think we are going to Oldtown now.... maybe we will learn about this horn there?

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