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  1. That does not really help with the settlement interface and settlement building though. You still have this to use the arrow keys to navigate those menus and anything above ground level can be extremly finicky.
  2. I mean he does claim that he has planned Murphy's death for 10-15 years, which quite frankly I do not believe That conversation took place in Proven Guilty, years before they eventually get together at the end of Skin Game and still years before the end of Changes where they decided "screw it". Would a Harry/Molly relationship not be the same with the genders flipped?
  3. Well there is the possibility that the engagement was purely Mab's idea and that Lara too was suprised by it Still that does not explain why Butcher thought it would be a good idea. If he intended to be a "fun" way to torture Harry, then it is extremly tasteless to introduce that plotpoint in the same book where his True LoveTM died and I can not imagine a way for Lara to become sufficiently not-evil that she and Harry could have an actual real relationship And I am still pissed that Butcher threw away the opportunity to have Harry in a more involved and serious relationship.
  4. https://thelegendarium.podbean.com/e/a-conversation-with-jim-butcher/ Starting at arround 17:00 he announces it. I do exactly remember if he confirmed that it will be short stories, but it is the impression I get of how it will turn out in the end EDIT: Here is also a bit about it https://www.reddit.com/r/dresdenfiles/comments/kblcwm/dresden_files_podcast_episode_77_transcript/ As a side not: I still find the whole engagement to Lara really really creepy.
  5. @Ser Scot A Ellison Lara was wearing gloves at that time As for the title: "Mirror Mirror" will not be released in quite a while I suspect. The next book is called "Twelve Months" and will be about Harry having to deal with the (psychological) fallout from "Battleground" (as well as dates with Lara). If I recall correctly, I will also be a series of interconnected shorter stories set over the course of a year rather than a single story taking place within a few days. I honestly doubt however that it will be better, BG really felt like regression in a lot of aspects to me only with higher powerlevels.
  6. I am partial to the name Sophie/Sophia myself. Calling her Athena might have drawn the attention of the real one and greek gods are not known for their patentience towards mortal hybris. (which such an act could definitely be interpreted as)
  7. Even if she is inexplicably (from an in story perspective) absent, Bonnie is not definitely not nothing and she was born out of an act of self-sacrificial love.
  8. So. I forced myself to read chapters 23 to 31 EDIT:And to chapter 35 Now only the epilogue to go. I will probably read it tonight. BG and PT really killed to series for me for the forseeable future. PT was felt incredibly rushed and needed at least another round of rewrites and reediting. It was an allaround disappointment that (except for one thing revealed in BG) was completely and utterly pointless. I never expected that BG would save PT, but I never imagined that it would be even worse. The 300 pages of battle are just exhausting and, while not badly written in and of itself, the book does not provide enough quiet time and relief between the action. Honestly it appears that, after the split was decided, Butcher just decided to stretch out his two halfs just so that he had enough pages for two novels without concern what that would do for structure and pacing. Both books needed more than that even if that would have delayed the release further. EDIT2: So I read the epilogue and if Butcher thought that this will save the books then he was completely wrong as my personal opinion is concerned.
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