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  1. If you forget that Sauron can not teleport and his absence would be noted.
  2. Are you a mind reader? If so you are a pretty bad one. Or were you just guessing my opinions on the Jackson movies even though my comments had nothing to do with them?
  3. Tolkien never had them directly get hit by a cloud of hot smoke and ash. There was no need for that.
  4. So rewatching the last seconds: Pretty much all of the main characters currently in the Southlands should either be dead or at least horribly injured. Who wants to take bets on whether or not the showrunners have them more or less fine next time we see them? Well actually looking at the preview for episode 7: Galadriel is fine even though the village arround here is completely destroyed and on fire. How dumb do these hacks think the viewers are?
  5. The whole thing makes absolutely no sense, unless we assume that during the Wars in Beleriand Sauron occasionally buggered of to future-Mordor and set up an elaborate mechanism to kickstart a volcano because reasons. Then after Morgoth's defeat he does not decide to go to Mordor, but goes North instead and coincidentally Morgoth's human allies, who also somehow got the sword-key, decide to move to Mordor. Adar decides to use Sauron's volcano device for himself to create a desolate wasteland as a home for the orcs and spends the next years digging tunnels to finish Sauron's project. He is incredibly lucky that the sword-key ends up in a village not far from his base of operations and that the elves do not find him. He does that even though he could have set himself up elswhere, like say underground. I am sure that this will be revealed as having been part of Sauron's plan all along. The show cannot win because it is not well written. Halbrand guessed and the only reason the Numenoreans even decided was because of some centuries old piece of parchment that somehow became relevant right when it was convenient. You are really being disingenious here. The complaint about this specific part of the show, i.e. the cavalry charge, is that it lacks originality not that it is "realistic". What is definitely not realistic and an outright plothole is that the Numenoreans were able to arrive in one day when they explicitely said that it would take them two. Nevermind that mustering the army and sailing to Middle-earth should have taken them even more time, but I guess they managed that within hours.
  6. So the Orcs will starve to death The orcs as potrayed in the show should not have been able to do this feat of engineering. They do not have the manpower or the technology to dig tunnels deep enough and over a hundred miles long (distance between the village/tower and Mount Doom).
  7. Nope. Well not quite. Morgoth did indeed feign repentance after his imprisonment ended. Unlike Sauron he definitely never had any intention to change his ways.
  8. A time after Morgoth's overthrow where he wanted to repent and reestablish order in Middle-earth. However after he refused to go to the Valar for judgement, he soon fell back into his old ways and became a tyrant. Even with the show's time compression his relapse should have long since happened there.
  9. This was dumb. Really really fucking dumb. On a level of last season GoT dumb. The action scenes are not as dumb as late-stage Jackson, but boy does this entire shitfest rely on coincidences, dumbassery and time travel. The fact that we do not spend nearly as much time as usual with the unlikeable characters is the only good thing about this. PS: I am fully on board with the Saulbrand/Galadriel ship.
  10. Arondir is very lucky that the last orc did not just stab him while his back was turned or that the other orc got into position first instead of going for the kill after they fell from the roof. These orcs are really curteous.
  11. Wrt show-Mithril: I guess Bilbo's chainmail was a lot more valuable than everybody thought. Seriously I does not even make sense when going with just the films.
  12. Well this was shit. I mean the whole show is shit, but someone it has become even shittier. I do not care for any of the characters and the source material get shit upon. I am rooting for the orcs and Pharazon. Seriously this show cannot even get its own timeline straight, let alone adequately explore as to why the Elves and Numenoreans would fall for Sauron. It does not even rise to the level of braindead action and drama.
  13. The sons joined in the killing and Morgoth killed Finwe and started this whole thing. If she really were as vengeance obsessed as you think her to be than she would have gone after them too. Galadriel is simply not vengeance obsessed. Or maybe Galadriel is not vengeance obsessed. If she were than indeed her inactions during the First Age would be out of character. In the versions we have, yes. Galadriel single-mindedly pursuing Sauron for centuries has no basis in any text. The quote hate NOTHING to do with Sauron. You just seem to think that her swearing vengeance and then letting it go when it leads nowhere is evidence of her swearing vengeance against a different target and then pursuing it past the point of reason. GALADRIEL NEVER SWORE ON OATH TO HUNT SAURON. Yeah I am done with you.
  14. Where? That short scene with Durin and Elrond in the elevator? That was well, short, and the show clearly potrays Durin's anger as overblown. Fair enough. Though I the fear of Elves taking ordinary jobs still does not make any sense. It would have made sense if Numenor started its colonial ventures if there was the looming prospect of jobs being exported to Middle-earth and/or cheap labor coming from ME to Numenor. They could have had arcs for mortal characters without time compression. They just needed one major time jump between the Forging of the Rings/War of the Elves and Sauron and Pharazôn's usurpation/Fall of Numenor/War of the Last Alliance. a.) It's incomplete. There needs to be -dur, -dil, -ion, etc. at the end b.) It's Elvish. Why did the quendiphobe Pharazôn give his son an elvish name when he himself does not even have one? We are supposed to think that she is putting on an act to play to people's quendiphobia out of fear of being overthrown like her father. Why is she using an elvish name if her situation appears that volatile? No, I just do not want any dumb line like that. It is hardly the only one. One would think that someone who is only 1/4 Noldo and 2/4 Teler would not say such dumb things. Not really no. Again the show clearly portrays Durin's anger is being overblown, providence is being reduced to "the sea is always right", and the imperialism is done by the wrong group. Secretive for dumb reasons. Have we watched the same show? The orcs in this travestry can not even find a single boy and cannot hit people standing out in the open. `That is not evidence of cleverness. For all we know they could have found the picture on the internet and thought that it looked neat. Maybe the even read some wikipedia articles.
  15. We do not know that, because, as you said, Feaor died and Galadriel spends the rest of the 1st Age doing nothing of significance. She does not go after the sons of Feanor (righfully it would be so incredibly dumb she would not to be her show version to consider it) or Morgoth. It is like promising to work out more and then when you find that the gym has closed down first you just drop the whole and spend the rest of the year on your couch watching Netflix Granted Galadriel did perceive in the early 2nd Age that Sauron had not been vanquished, but she did not go a vengeance driven hunt for him, she build alliances. They are changes to the character. Actions inform characters. Tolkien's Galadriel never went on a thousand year single minded all-consuming vengeance quest where she lost her ability to speak with people without insulting them. You trying to say that she might have gone, is questionable and ignores the actual reality. I think in this case it's you assuming that the writers are more clever than they are in order to prop up the show. If they actually were clever, they would made the conflict about the issues of death and immortality. Instead they went with immediately recognizable racism. These are the guys who could not come up with a way of retelling the 2nd Age without the insane time compression. Those are the guys who named Pharazôn's son "Kemen" and have Miriel formally using her Quenya instead of her Adunaic name when they are living in a quendiphobic society. These are the guys who can't even explain buoyancy. And even assuming the went through all that interlectual effort, they still went to all that effort NOT to use the themes Tolkien provided. It is like leaving immaculately styled pile of shit on someone's lawn.
  16. 1. some rumours that were swirling around before the show aired 2. his interest in smithing 3. His whole speech about how to manipulate oeople in episode 4
  17. I do not. It is just that Show-Galadriel fits no version of Tolkien's Galadriel as she would have been in the 2nd Age, where we actually do have some info about her activities, none of which involve going hunting for Sauron for centuries. And it is not like Show-Galadriel is interesting or well-written enough to compensate Here is the thing though: Feanor is not Sauron. And her desire to thwart Feanor was NOT millenia long. A desire to thwart Morgoth and/or Sauron does not translate to her actions in the show.
  18. Generally by making her more virtuous, which would does not favor her characterization in the show. That spy report was burried in a liberary in the elf-friendly part of Numenor and it looked pretty ancient. When Galadriel and Elendil visit a "House of Lore" in episode 3, at ca. 34 minutes, they show the mark of Sauron to a Lore-master who gives then what looks like a pretty ancient report of a spy.
  19. Another missed opportunity in this episode: They could have shown Elrond tending to the dwarves injured in the off-screen cave-in and set up the whole thing about him being a healer
  20. She does not say that she is merely vigilant, but that she was hunting Sauron to "the ends of the earth". Moreover it cuts to her right in the middle of hunting mission, suggesting that, yes, she has been on the hunt for that long. Did she take breaks, presumably, but considering her reaction to Elrond's suggestion later in the episode that she take a few days off, it is unlikely that these breaks lasted for a substantial amount of time. Actually she constantly acts like her mission is time-sensitive even though according to her knowledge it really should not be.
  21. From the first episode ca. 7:25 Couple that with statements that place the overthrow of Morgoth at at least a thousand years prior to the show and the reasonable assumption that Finrod's death occured shortly after Morgoth's defeat, it indeed seems that Galadriel has been on the quest for quite a while, even if the show's chronology is a bit unclear about how much time elapsed. You are right, they do not. I do not. Galadriel can oppose Sauron in more lore-accurate ways.
  22. I never said that they were mutually exclusive. However we know that she did not go on a thousand year long vengeance quest. There is also the Ban to consider, which the show omitted entirely. Rights issues are no excuse for this. If they could not get the rights to characterize her properly, then they should not have made her a main character.
  23. But we can infer a lot. We know that she was wiser than Feanor to begin with. We know that she has seen first hand the dangers of a single minded obsession. We know that she spent alot of time arround Melian and did not really participate in battles against Morgoth. We know that she might have left Beleriand before the fall of Nargothrond even. We know stayed in Middle-earth not to hunt Sauron on a quest for vengeance, but the finally found a realm of her in Middle-earth. We know that she hand in the founding of Eregion and building an alliance with the dwarves of Moria. We know that she was already married and had a daughter at this point in time. None of this leads to her characterization in the show. Faramir also got an arc in Jackson's adaptation, the quality of which is up for discussion, but that did not justify his character assassination. And no, I never claimed that "any of the Noldor ought to be automatically sensible". Galadriel is not any of the Noldor.
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