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  1. Neither Isildur (after leaving Gondor) nor his descendants exercised the office of High King though if I recall correctly. The premise is not really false.
  2. That king being Earnur. The claim of Aragorn's line was rejected a thousands years prior to the events
  3. Considering that Books 3&4 were already greenlit by the time book 1 aired, that book 2 released roughly a year after book 1 and that an episode (if I recall correctly) of this kind of animation takes roughly 1 year to produce, I would say that this is likely the case. Overall I very much prefer The Last Airbender over Korra and I would go as far as to say that the only things Korra does better are technical animation quality (excluding the first half of season 2) and maybe music. The only good season is in my opinion season 3 and even it is not as good as standart ATLA. Add to that that dumb and fanficcy stuff like the "Dark Avatar", sudden Airbenders and first Avatars, and I really find myself wishing that they had not made Korra at all.
  4. The whole of Korra's two seasons (each containing two books) were already greenlit before the first episode even aired. https://www.vulture.com/2013/09/legend-of-korra-creators-on-the-series-plans.html
  5. Probably not intentional, yes. But there is the implication that "dumb" people should not have so many kids. That is eugenics.
  6. Ignoring the dubious science presented and the (possibly, I have not watched the movie) unitentional endorsement of eugenics here
  7. Make it clear in the epilogue that "the goverment will cover it up" is not going to work even outside of Chicago and that the supernatural world has indeed been revealed instead of being stuck in more or less the same limbo it has for the whole series. No need for extra pages, just rewrite what is there. Or alternatively tone down the scale of the battle during rewrites if he really wanted the masquerade to stay intact.
  8. Well yes, I am aware. I was critiquing their choice of story. Consider that we now are about as far from Jackson' Lotr movies as Jackson was from Rankin/Bass' version and another remake of Lotr would not be that unthinkable. And my dreams are under no obligation to obey copyright laws.
  9. I very much doubt that becoming more "liberal" will "save" Catholicism in the west. The Church of England is already more liberal and their situation is not better.
  10. Personally I would be looking forward to it if Boyens were not their consultant and if it was not produced by Hollywood. I suspect that they will try to emulate the Jackson movies as much as possible for the medium I would prefer it if it was a "proper" Japanese anime with its own style even going for the feudal Japan look. That and them adapting the stories Tolkien actually fleshed out.
  11. Well we will see how that will turn out in the next novels. However I still maintain that, considering 60.000 people died (in order of magnitude higher than 9/11), what we got was extremly disappointing in terms of consequences for the masquerade and it did not really have to be that way. Butcher himself did choose to excalate it to those scales. On an different note: I have come to disagree with the people that say that PT/BG should have been one book. I my opinion that would have been worse than what we actually provided that the basic story and plot stay the same for both PT and BG. In that case we would still have a book that mostly consists of Harry trying to figure out Thomas' motivation only for then to fight in a battle with a villain unconnected with that plot (yes both Ethniu and Justine are like controlled by the same sinister forces, but I seriously doubt that Ethniu would have attacked Chicago if Thomas had not done what he did). We would have had a book were the first 2/3 have nothing to do with the last 1/3. Imagine if that instead of saving Molly at the end of Proven Guilty and having to deal with her trial, suddenly the Denarians attacked. Yeah the duology still has that problem, but at least splitting it into two could have given both the Thomas stuff and the Battle of Chicago the time they deserve (whether or not that worked is another question). Ultimately I think it would have been better to further separate those two books by having Ethniu and the Fomor actually attend the titular Peace Talks in good faith. Then something could happen that makes them decide to end the talks and attacked Chicago instead. That sommething should not be Harry related though as we already have him starting a war during a diplomatic meeting. That could in my opinion accomplish three things: 1.) If Thomas' action directly or indirectly lead to the Fomor leaving the talks, there could have been something two tie the story threads together (as it stands it is only pure coincidence) 2.) With the talks actually being held, Harry could have been involved in the procedings providing him with a challenge outside of his comfort zone. 3.) With the Fomor being less or not prepared to immediately attack Chicago, more pages in BG could have been dedicated to non-fight scenes as both sides would have the time and the need to prepare.
  12. Well it was my impression at the end of BG that nothing much has changed in that regard. Chicago is getting rebuild and I do expect that most people will continue to ignore the supernatural problem and that at most the Paranet is going to grow a little. Well if you think so. For me it the only real difference between this and his old apartment is that his new home is going to be much bigger. Since Maggie will probably shipped of to Hogwarts, he is again going to be a bachelor living on his own with only Bob and maybe some of the fairies of his guard as his company (mythological references aside).
  13. Butcher put himself into a bind by killing off his second most prominent character for the angst and so that he would not have to actually write Harry being in a relationship that goes beyond dating. That was my general problem with the PT/BG duology. It feels like the series and Harry are not really maturing and indeed going backwards as far as their development is concerned. PT was promising to put Harry into an unusual and difficult position, that of a diplomat who has to manage the tensions between the different supernatural faction and his conflicting loyalties (Winter Court, White Council and the interests of the ordinary citizens of Chicago), but it ended up being a lesser version of Turn Coat with a less interesting heist at the end. Bonea was completely disgarded and will probably be relegated to cameo status until the time is right for her to give to give the one specific piece of information that the plot she alone can deliver. The rest will handled by Bob as was the case for most of the series. Maggie as we know will be shipped to their version of Hogwarts so the Dresden does not need to be weighed down by having to be a full-time parent. Instead of actually resuming greater responsibility in the White Council (and balancing that with his obligations to Mab) and helping his allies there to combat the influence of the Black Council, Harry is now more or less in the same position that he was in at the start of the series. The masquerade is also still firmly in place. He even got his old home back, but new and improved. EDIT: I also have to say that Dresden magical demonstration throughout BG do not really impress me. It was mostly just his usual brute force approach which gets rather boing when he see Carlos using straight up disintegration. Well to be fair, I read this as Mab misinterpreting Harry's actions because of her own twisted views.
  14. This would not be any different from having Murphy be replaced by Butters, Lara and that Cop whose name I forgot. Actually in my opinion it would be even worse since this would mean that all that development between Murphy and Harry since Grave Peril was utterly meaningless and that only the Murphy of the early was ultimately represents what the character is supposed to be.
  15. And what does that have to do with your previous statement (nevermind that this statement is rather questionable)?
  16. Well it IS their home. Just like with any other nationality. I do not know what you want to say with this line.
  17. Another issue with ME2's main plot is that it takes away valuable space. ME2s story should have been spent trying to find a way to stop the Reapers. Shepard did not need to suceed in that, but we could have been spared the sudden Catalyst ass pull in ME3. Likewise we could have actually learned something, even if it was just the vaguest of hints, about the Reapers' history and their possibly motivation. Instead we basically got inconsequential filler made even worse by the final decision in ME2 not mattering at all.
  18. Well I only played the Andromeda demo, but that was already enough for me. The characters were all just too obnoxious and I was really annoyed how everyone treated going to Andromeda so casually as if it was no different from someone today moving to New Zeeland (or Canada).
  19. Honestly Mass Effect 1 is my favorite, mainly because there was still an attempt made to make the series a more grounded sci-fi story. Take the party members outfits for example: In ME1 they all were actual armor and whenever you go into a potentially dangerous enviroment, they also have helmets. In ME2 on the other hand you have Jack running arround half-naked all the time even when she really really should not. There is also the level design, namely that there is no separation between hub areas and areas for combat missions. There are loading screens, yes, but it all gives the impression that those are actual worlds people live in and not just an assortment of video game levels. Also the main story does not suck.
  20. That does not really help with the settlement interface and settlement building though. You still have this to use the arrow keys to navigate those menus and anything above ground level can be extremly finicky.
  21. I mean he does claim that he has planned Murphy's death for 10-15 years, which quite frankly I do not believe That conversation took place in Proven Guilty, years before they eventually get together at the end of Skin Game and still years before the end of Changes where they decided "screw it". Would a Harry/Molly relationship not be the same with the genders flipped?
  22. Well there is the possibility that the engagement was purely Mab's idea and that Lara too was suprised by it Still that does not explain why Butcher thought it would be a good idea. If he intended to be a "fun" way to torture Harry, then it is extremly tasteless to introduce that plotpoint in the same book where his True LoveTM died and I can not imagine a way for Lara to become sufficiently not-evil that she and Harry could have an actual real relationship And I am still pissed that Butcher threw away the opportunity to have Harry in a more involved and serious relationship.
  23. https://thelegendarium.podbean.com/e/a-conversation-with-jim-butcher/ Starting at arround 17:00 he announces it. I do exactly remember if he confirmed that it will be short stories, but it is the impression I get of how it will turn out in the end EDIT: Here is also a bit about it https://www.reddit.com/r/dresdenfiles/comments/kblcwm/dresden_files_podcast_episode_77_transcript/ As a side not: I still find the whole engagement to Lara really really creepy.
  24. @Ser Scot A Ellison Lara was wearing gloves at that time As for the title: "Mirror Mirror" will not be released in quite a while I suspect. The next book is called "Twelve Months" and will be about Harry having to deal with the (psychological) fallout from "Battleground" (as well as dates with Lara). If I recall correctly, I will also be a series of interconnected shorter stories set over the course of a year rather than a single story taking place within a few days. I honestly doubt however that it will be better, BG really felt like regression in a lot of aspects to me only with higher powerlevels.
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