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  1. 1 hour ago, Krishtotter said:

    The process was captured in slow motion for a live-action video, which features voice-over narration of lines from Tolkien’s famous “Ring Verse,” describing the intended recipients of the 20 Rings of Power. The bespoke title treatment appears crafted in a silvery metal, with lines of Elvish script inscribed along the crest of each letterform.

    Oh dear. I mean it is an entirely meaningless marketing blurb and I should not get too pessimistic (and neither should one get too excited), but this might not bode well for the series' faithfulness considering that Celebrimbor nor Sauron ever intended to give the Rings to Men or Dwarves and that Sauron was not a "recipient" either.

    Also the repetition in the title is rather questionable.

  2. 20 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    FYI - I fully expect never to see or hear from Harry's other daughter again

    Maybe if we ever do a Maggie series, she'll be his version of Bob but she seems like an idea that Jim has no interest in exploring.

    I wonder, as with other things, if that might be becaue Butcher lost his flow during the (comparitively) long pause after the release of Skin Game. The Pancake scene was something that Butcher imagined happening long before PT came out, if I recall correctly, and is probably a relic from an earlier draft.

    I suspect that pause is also responsible for the absence of actual peace talks in Peace Talks, the general roughness of the last two books and THAT THING I am still mad about.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Ran said:



      Reveal hidden contents

    The leaked images linked earlier suggest Moiraine at least will be going with Rand anyways, so presumably sacrificing herself.

    2) It's two Aiel spears when you frame-by-frame. That's also clearly Shaiel/Tigraine, as I expected from earlier glimpses. You can see the pregnancy bump on the side shot quite clearly.

    3) Who knows. Drama, I guess.

    My main reaction was that Min's viewing effect when we glimpse it on Perrin is disappointingly cheap-looking. At least, I assume that's what it's supposed to be.

    1.) Well that would not be good news for Moraine's character arc

    2.) You are right, still that is some rather improbable maneuvers for a pregant woman even if she is supposed to be Aiel

  4. 16 hours ago, fionwe1987 said:

    I wouldn't say LoK conclusively demonstrates anything though. Part of the issues with it, at least, were with not being given a full series order at first. And them being unable to explore a Korra-Asami romance early on.

    Take those away, and I think Korra would be a much more cohesive show. Even with those constraints, it's managed to be a damn good show. Hopefully, given that they were lured back to Nick, they have those kinds of issues sorted, and will have the money and the creative freedom to do more original storytelling in the Avatar world. 

    I quite liked how they blended technology and bending, and I wouldn't mind more of that in future seasons. 

    They were fine with having self-contained seasons and every book was greenlit before the first episode of Book 1 aired.


    From discussions around the first season, it sounded like Korra grew from a miniseries into a regular series. Could you take advantage of that in Book Two? Knowing there would be more, are you aiming to craft a giant arc similar to The Last Airbender?Konietzko: It is a similar format to other TV shows, like 24: new season, new challenge, and new bad guy. Nickelodeon came to us at the end of 2009 with a twelve episode “mini-season” already green-lit for a new series. They let us do pretty much whatever we wanted with it, as long as it was in the Avatar universe and featured bending. Their one request was that each of the Books have its own contained arc, which was fine with Mike and me. I think it was important to the network because initially they didn’t know how many of these mini-seasons they would want to pick up! They wanted to test the waters. But they grew confident as we progressed and we were eventually lucky enough to get them to pick it up through Book Four before we even premiered Book One.



    Book Four: Balance, the final season, was produced in parallel to the previous two seasons. The crew, at one point, worked on approximately 30 episodes at the same time: post-production for season 2, production for season 3 and pre-production for season 4.[47]


  5. I mean money does not need to be the Estate's motivator here. They might genuinely believe that getting at least some version of the Akallabeth out there to the non-Silmarillion reading Lotr fans is worth having Amazon make changes and they do not want to endanger further projects by being to "purist".

    Then of course we do not know exactly how extensive the Estate's veto powers really are (I doubt that Amazon would sign a contract that would let the TE sink their billion dollar project) and how closely they follow the project.

  6. 2 hours ago, Slurktan said:

    Presumably that shot of "Finrod" is just a brief telling of the Silmarillion which is absolutely 100% necessary for a telling of the Downfall.  You have to know why Numenor exists and why it is so powerful.

    Finrod is not necessary for the Downfall. The only thing really "necessary" for the Downfall is some bit about the War of Wrath like what Jackson did with the War of the Last Alliance, which threw out Arnor, Numenor and Gil-galad, and implied that Isildur was the last king of Gondor.

    I would definitely prefer a more faithful and fuller adaptation of Tolkien's work, but stating that most of the SA is going to be compressed because of "necessity" is rather nonsensical when Amazon makes the time for a storyline about a multicultural, multicethnic, indigenous tribe of Hobbits.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Slurktan said:



    And if they are in, who is to say they aren't just a framing device to help non Tolkien lovers?

    From what I could gather, it is a bit more elaborate then a simple framing device:

    And then there is the rumor that we are also going to get some First Age material with Finrod, something that is (almost certainly)  unnecessary for the portrayal of the Downfall.

    5 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

    A compelling story can be told of all these events which should include things leading up to the main stuff. I think exploring how a man who was gifted a ring of power turns into a wraith might make for some interesting TV.

    Well as long as it is not Helm Hammerhand

  8. 26 minutes ago, Slurktan said:

    This is a TV show in which they are spending hundred of millions of dollars to make money/be a prestige show for them.  They are not going to film stuff that isn't necessary as that is.  Afterall in terms of the second age what does it matter if Sauron holds sway over some Numenorian outposts.  When push comes to shove nothing Sauron does matters(and certainly nothing the Nazgul do) in the SA other than winning the trust of Ar-Pharazon.  Having the "all powerful ring" under his control and being at his utmost in power in terms of lands controlled etc did nothing for Sauron when the Numenoreans came. He was forced to surrender or lose everything/get killed.

    And yet they apparently found the time to include Hobbits.

    EDIT: Does the destruction of Eregion also not count? Not to mention that Tolkien believed Sauron's surrender to be a feint and (iirc) that the Ring might have helped him in corrupting the Numenorians.


  9. 22 minutes ago, Ser Drewy said:

    Uh what? Are they just smooshing the Sil and the forging of the Rings into the first two episodes and then jumping straight to the end of Akallabeth? Or are they heavily condensing it all so the Forging, the Corruption of Numenor, and the Last Alliance happen over the space of a couple of years? 

    Or they are doing regular flashbacks during the main Isildur plot.

    Honestly compression seems kind of inevitable when you are dealing with those timespans and do not have enough immortal characters to cover everything, though why one would then also waste time on Hobbits is anyone's guess.

  10. 3 hours ago, Ran said:

    Right. Though worth noting that the claim was rejected under a false premise, namely that Isildur was not High King after his father’s death. As Tolkien wrote, the Steward and Council of Gondor refused to respond when Arvedui pointed out that fact.

    Neither Isildur (after leaving Gondor) nor his descendants exercised the office of High King though if I recall correctly. The premise is not really false.

  11. 22 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Except the President of France doesn’t have it as part of their official role to await the return of an heir of Charlemagne to be a true king. It’s explicit that the Stewards in general, and Denethor in particular up until his despair (as recounted by Faramir’s recollection of Boromir questioning his father) saw their awaiting the return of the rightful king to be a foundational aspect of their role.

    That king being Earnur. The claim of Aragorn's line was rejected a thousands years prior to the events

  12. On 8/17/2021 at 4:41 PM, fionwe1987 said:

    Interesting. I've heard the opposite, before. Where were they on storyboarding season 2 when they learned season 3 and 4 were green lit? That would be an interesting question for someone to ask.

    Considering that Books 3&4 were already greenlit by the time book 1 aired, that book 2 released roughly a year after book 1 and that an episode (if I recall correctly) of this kind of animation takes roughly 1 year to produce, I would say that this is likely the case.


    Overall I very much prefer The Last Airbender over Korra and I would go as far as to say that the only things Korra does better are technical animation quality (excluding the first half of season 2) and maybe music. The only good season is in my opinion season 3 and even it is not as good as standart ATLA. Add to that that dumb and fanficcy stuff like the "Dark Avatar", sudden Airbenders and first Avatars, and I really find myself wishing that they had not made Korra at all.


  13. 2 hours ago, fionwe1987 said:

    Not quite what I meant. I think Korra's patchiness is way more related to Nick just never being sure it would be a hit, and giving it incremental one season orders.


    I don't think the issue is with writing, especially when it's a rewrite of an existing show anyway. I'm thinking more that there are live series related things that Bryke wouldn't have been familiar with, and I'm wondering if that caused Netflix to interfere.

    The whole of Korra's two seasons (each containing two books) were already greenlit before the first episode even aired.



    [...]Nickelodeon came to us at the end of 2009 with a twelve episode “mini-season” already green-lit for a new series. They let us do pretty much whatever we wanted with it, as long as it was in the Avatar universe and featured bending. Their one request was that each of the Books have its own contained arc, which was fine with Mike and me. I think it was important to the network because initially they didn’t know how many of these mini-seasons they would want to pick up! They wanted to test the waters. But they grew confident as we progressed and we were eventually lucky enough to get them to pick it up through Book Four before we even premiered Book One.

    s for Mike and me, after spending six years telling one long story for Aang, we welcomed the new format. [...]


  14. Just now, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    He’s absolutely not endorsing eugenics.  He’s pointing out there is no “direction” to evolution.  There is no guarantee we are getting “smarter”.  

    That said I will concede that the film presumes intelligence is an inhereted trait and not a learned skill.


    Probably not intentional, yes. But there is the implication that "dumb" people should not have so many kids. That is eugenics.

  15. On 6/6/2021 at 11:11 PM, polishgenius said:

    I'm not really sure what it is you want Butcher to have done. There was a massive battle and then the book ended. He'd have had to add a whole extra stretch of plot to deal with it, and why would he do that here instead of future books?

    Make it clear in the epilogue that "the goverment will cover it up" is not going to work even outside of Chicago and that the supernatural world has indeed been revealed instead of being stuck in more or less the same limbo it has for the whole series. No need for extra pages, just rewrite what is there.

    Or alternatively tone down the scale of the battle during rewrites if he really wanted the masquerade to stay intact.

  16. 10 hours ago, The Marquis de Leech said:

    They only have the rights  to the appendices. Helm's story is about as fleshed out as you can get, given what they have have available.   

    Well yes, I am aware. I was critiquing their choice of story. Consider that we now are about as far from Jackson' Lotr movies as Jackson was from Rankin/Bass' version and another remake of Lotr would not be that unthinkable.

    And my dreams are under no obligation to obey copyright laws.

  17. 2 hours ago, The Marquis de Leech said:

    I'm really looking forward to this Anime experiment. It's the first proper animation of Tolkien's work in over forty years, and marks a break with the ubiquitous Jacksonian version.

    Personally I would be looking forward to it if Boyens were not their consultant and if it was not produced by Hollywood. I suspect that they will try to emulate the Jackson movies as much as possible for the medium

    I would prefer it if it was a "proper" Japanese anime with its own style even going for the feudal Japan look.

    That and them adapting the stories Tolkien actually fleshed out.

  18. 19 hours ago, polishgenius said:

    The Accord signees had a big meeting about what to do because the Masquerade is coming down. They conclude that the govt may be able to convince the rest of the country that it was mundane terrorism, but not within the city, which is why they're closing off Chicago from unauthorised access. Marcone makes the point that they may cling to normality by day but really, underneath, they know and will react: Harry acknowledges this and that's why he suggests the Accord powers should provide aid, not openly openly but so that people's second impression of the magical world is good since the first was so bad.
    They also discuss the Librarians, aka the men in black, getting involved, and how much they may already know. The authorities know something is out there.

    Well we will see how that will turn out in the next novels. However I still maintain that, considering 60.000 people died (in order of magnitude higher than 9/11), what we got was extremly disappointing in terms of consequences for the masquerade and it did not really have to be that way. Butcher himself did choose to excalate it to those scales.

    On an different note: I have come to disagree with the people that say that PT/BG should have been one book. I my opinion that would have been worse than what we actually provided that the basic story and plot stay the same for both PT and BG. In that case we would still have a book that mostly consists of Harry trying to figure out Thomas' motivation only for then to fight in a battle with a villain unconnected with that plot (yes both Ethniu and Justine are like controlled by the same sinister forces, but I seriously doubt that Ethniu would have attacked Chicago if Thomas had not done what he did). We would have had a book were the first 2/3 have nothing to do with the last 1/3. Imagine if that instead of saving Molly at the end of Proven Guilty and having to deal with her trial, suddenly the Denarians attacked. Yeah the duology still has that problem, but at least splitting it into two could have given both the Thomas stuff and the Battle of Chicago the time they deserve (whether or not that worked is another question).

    Ultimately I think it would have been better to further separate those two books by having Ethniu and the Fomor actually attend the titular Peace Talks in good faith. Then something could happen that makes them decide to end the talks and attacked Chicago instead. That sommething should not be Harry related though as we already have him starting a war during a diplomatic meeting.

    That could in my opinion accomplish three things:

    1.) If Thomas' action directly or indirectly lead to the Fomor leaving the talks, there could have been something two tie the story threads together (as it stands it is only pure coincidence)

    2.) With the talks actually being held, Harry could have been involved in the procedings providing him with a challenge outside of his comfort zone.

    3.) With the Fomor being less or not prepared to immediately attack Chicago, more pages in BG could have been dedicated to non-fight scenes as both sides would have the time and the need to prepare.

  19. 8 minutes ago, polishgenius said:


    People keep saying this. IDGI. To the wider public outside of Chicago, yes, but to the US government it doesn't seem to be and to the public in Chicago, obviously not. That's why Chicago was made a no-man's-land at the end of the book.

    Well it was my impression at the end of BG that nothing much has changed in that regard. Chicago is getting rebuild and I do expect that most people will continue to ignore the supernatural problem and that at most the Paranet is going to grow a little.

    8 minutes ago, polishgenius said:

    Harry lives in Camelot now. That's not a step back, that's a step forward in the hints about Merlin- the OG Merlin-  eventually coming into play in the series.

    Well if you think so. For me it the only real difference between this and his old apartment is that his new home is going to be much bigger. Since Maggie will probably shipped of to Hogwarts, he is again going to be a bachelor living on his own with only Bob and maybe some of the fairies of his guard as his company (mythological references aside).

  20. 4 hours ago, IFR said:

    It does seem that Butcher put himself in a bind by seeding all these potential relationships.

    Butcher put himself into a bind by killing off his second most prominent character for the angst and so that he would not have to actually write Harry being in a relationship that goes beyond dating.

    That was my general problem with the PT/BG duology. It feels like the series and Harry are not really maturing and indeed going backwards as far as their development is concerned. PT was promising to put Harry into an unusual and difficult position, that of a diplomat who has to manage the tensions between the different supernatural faction and his conflicting loyalties (Winter Court, White Council and the interests of the ordinary citizens of Chicago), but it ended up being a lesser version of Turn Coat with a less interesting heist at the end.

    Bonea was completely disgarded and will probably be relegated to cameo status until the time is right for her to give to give the one specific piece of information that the plot she alone can deliver. The rest will handled by Bob as was the case for most of the series.

    Maggie as we know will be shipped to their version of Hogwarts so the Dresden does not need to be weighed down by having to be a full-time parent.

    Instead of actually resuming greater responsibility in the White Council (and balancing that with his obligations to Mab) and helping his allies there to combat the influence of the Black Council, Harry is now more or less in the same position that he was in at the start of the series.

    The masquerade is also still firmly in place.

    He even got his old home back, but new and improved.

    EDIT: I also have to say that Dresden magical demonstration throughout BG do not really impress me. It was mostly just his usual brute force approach which gets rather boing when he see Carlos using straight up disintegration.


    16 minutes ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    Your point about “grooming” is very well made.  Hell, Mab out right said and explained hoe he did it in “Cold Days”.

    Well to be fair, I read this as Mab misinterpreting Harry's actions because of her own twisted views.

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