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  1. And not all women squee over tormented souls. Just sayin' ;)

    They can be fun in books, but in real life they're too much work. :P

    And I never thought Pullio was handsome. So tastes vary a lot (just look at the Tamzin Merchant discussion which shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that goes for girls looking at guys as well ;) ).

  2. "woof woof"!

    Puppies! We're getting some very cute genetically modified 'dire wolf' puppies, bred from wolfhounds and some dna dug out of prehistoric direwolf bones!

    I'm really looking forward to teaching mine to 'fetch'.

    Aww, I want one.

    I wonder if you can also train them to growl at neighbour who mows the lawn at 6 am in the morning. :)

  3. [quote name='Arakano' post='1109223' date='Nov 17 2007, 00.57']I would not say that Tywin Lannister is based on Arthur, though. ;)

    He is based on Edward I. "Longshanks" of England: A cunning, cold, ruthless, yet charismatic and efficient ruler, who was forced to mature early because of his weak father, who was occasionaly bossed around by his own nobles - something Edward ended by crushing the mightiest of said nobles when he was barely an adult. He later conquered Wales and led many wars against the Scots (yes, Braveheart, that's him), with some success and some losses, until he finally dies and his son is defeated by Robert (!) Bruce, who due to his noble ancestry and his victories in the field is made king of Scotland. His wife, whom he dearly loved, died before him, which left him grieving (although I should add they had more than 3 children - 16, in fact, but even Martin has limits on his numbres of characters... :D) Oh, and Edward later married a french princess, as did his son, thus allying himself with France.
    If we accept the rough nation-house-equations (with Westerlands=England, North=Scotland, Reach=France), as I agree we should, than the similarities are more than obvious. I believe that Martin even admitted the inspiration somewhere. And I am also sure that someone already posted it, so I don't claim any laurels... :D[/quote]

    If he sticks with the parallel for the next generation, we should get some Jaime/Loras action. :D
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