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  1. Grayce Hornwood

    Official Testing Thread

    testing embedding [url=http://imgur.com/gallery/fZng7N7]links[/url]   enjoy the puppy
  2. Grayce Hornwood


    On the subject of hunting:   We lived in a new development, and while they were doing construction next to us, all the field mice were being driven out of their homes. They decided that the insulation in our basement was an acceptable alternative. The basement happens to be where the cat sleeps at night, and it didn't take long before the mouse problem was gone. The funny thing is, she would never bring them upstairs. We'd go downstairs in the morning to fill her food and water, and there would very often find a dead mouse in her water bowl. Whether she drowned them mercilessly or drug them there after the fact is unknown, but she was very proud of herself. Even with a bell collar, those mice didn't stand a chance.   On the subject of kneading:   Kitty cannot pass up the opportunity to knead an especially soft blanket... or an arm... or a leg... Really anything she deems should be keeping her warm or loving her that isn't. Those little claws hurt when she's not getting her way.
  3. Grayce Hornwood


    Kitty flips as soon as anyone even turns on the shower. Bathroom with no shower on=all good. Bathroom with shower on=apocalypse. If either my husband or I are in the shower, she will sit in the hall and cry because she thinks her hoomans are drowning. Once we emerge from the water death trap, she must ceremoniously rub against a leg, to show her happiness that we have returned unharmed, once again.
  4. Grayce Hornwood


    My husband and I live with a female short-hair orange tabby right now. I swear, I think she's part dog. When she chirps at the birds that like to torture her outside the window, it seriously sounds like a bark. Also, she will play fetch with herself using the green rubber bands from Whole Foods, but no other rubber band, god forbid. She picks it up in her teeth and then uses one claw to flick it across the room, which she then chases down and repeats the process over and over again... for hours. And she has to follow anyone and everyone to the bathroom, where she will demand pets and lovings nonstop.   Though she's a bit psychotic, she's my favorite little ball of fluff and I love her. Quite appropriately, her name is Kitty.
  5. Grayce Hornwood


    Two weenie dogs. (Thor and Chumlee) Thor likes to jump on the bed in the morning when it's time to wake up, and does an alligator-death-roll on my hair until I get up. Chumlee will only attack the faces of his stuffed toys until he rips their eyes and noses off, then he won't touch them ever again. They both eat moths when they get in the house. They're also my little babies and are completely spoiled rotten, but I can't help it.
  6. Righteous in Wrath

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    Board Issues 4

    My "quote" and "multiquote" functions are not working. :(
  8. "I cannot live without books..."-Thomas Jefferson

  9. Snowed here this morning.... now the sun is shining and it's all melted. Ridiculous...

  10. "For love is the bane of honor, the death of duty."

  11. "I prefer my history dead. Dead history is writ in ink, the living sort in blood."