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  1. We might need to rename this thread as Five Ministers in one Prime Minister. How complicit were the media in letting Scott Morrison get away with secrecy and lies for so long?
  2. I always assumed that was why they needed all those long, hard guns to compensate.
  3. On a whim, I picked up a book called Empire of the Normans by Levi Roach from the new books display at my library. It's described as 'the first global history of the Normans and their quest for dominance'. The author is a professor at Exeter Uni and has previously written about Anglo-Saxon kings. I'll be reading it as soon as possible as there are already four reserve requests for it; so I guess I'm not the only person in Canberra with an interest in history.
  4. Has Agamemnon ever been depicted positively? I feel like he been depicted as a royal prick since classical times. Loved your mention of the Last of the Wine by Mary Renault. One of my favourite books. I replaced my falling apart copy last year so it's definitely time for a re-read. I think Pat Barker is just a better novelist than many writers getting into Greek myth/history retellings. She's also know for depicting war and the effects of war, which gives her Trojan books such immediacy. I have her Regeneration trilogy still to read, about the aftermath of WW1, which comes highly recommended to me.
  5. Really looking forward to the third instalment of the Sooty Feathers books. Glad it's going well!
  6. According to the Japanese PM's press conference, doctors are still working to save Abe's life - currently in critical condition. Confirmed as a shooting.
  7. Yeah, I struggle to see Dutton being a popular leader and he will take the party further to the right, which is unlikely to win back support lost to the Teals.
  8. I think a few of the current gov't have crossed that borderline and are downright corrupt. I'm a Labor voter but it goes beyond that for me with this election, maybe because I'm also a former long-term public servant. Morrison has been running more of a protection racket and mates' club than a functioning government. Accountability, transparency and the politicisation of public institutions are the worst I've seen it. I get that those kind of issues aren't top of people's thoughts when voting but they absolutely affect the quality of government that all of us have to live with.
  9. I feel like I'm going to need a couple of valium for Saturday night and a never ending packet of Tim Tams if the current government gets back in.
  10. The Jobseeker rise should be a no-brainer. On the other hand, Labor are already being asked relentlessly where the money is coming from to keep those apparently useless old people alive.
  11. The LNP senator looks to be in a lot of well-deserved trouble so I think Pocock or the Green candidate are both in with a chance. I certainly won't be sad to see the back of Zed.
  12. Not just the public, unfortunately. A lot of the media is letting the Gov't off the hook on those issues - deliberately in the case of Murdoch journos at Pravda and through laziness or love of their insider status in other cases.
  13. Wouldn't earthquakes (and possibly volcanos) be a risk factor for nuclear energy in NZ?
  14. Thanks Zorral, consoling is a much better word. I picked up a bind-up of the first two Montalbano books secondhand, so I plan on starting that series this year. Despite my grumbling, I'll probably still be starting long-running series when I'm in a retirement home.
  15. His own side didn't call him the Lying Rodent for nothing. Wheeling Howard out didn't do the LNP much good in the SA elections, so I'm not sure how helpful he can be to Morrison now.
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