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  1. Thank god Dutton is not PM or we would probably be under martial law -ironic considering he was a source of infection himself. The states seem to be taking the lead here so hopefully Dutton's involvement will be minimal.
  2. The papers (the Guardian etc) are reporting that NSW, VIC and probably other states are moving to shut down non-essential services (excluding things like chemists, petrol stations, supermarkets, etc). This is likely to be discussed and advised at the national cabinet meeting tonight but those two states are going ahead whatever the cabinet decides.
  3. I found out why people are stockpiling food. Ordered from Woolies Online early in the week but my order didn't turn up today. Spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone trying to find out what happened. Got my money back but no food as delivery windows are suspended. I'm recovering from a knee injury and have to use a stick and knee brace atm, so they suggested putting in a priority assistance request (which I was reluctant to do as I may be ok by next month). If approved, I may be able to put in a new order for god knows when. I had a fall yesterday just trying to water my small garden so I am a bit reluctant to brave the ravening hordes at the shops. I tried to do the right thing by only buying what I needed but I would have been better off buying up big while I had the chance.My own whinges aside, it would seem more sensible for the grocery stores to prioritise online shopping rather than in-store, which must have a higher risk for passing on the disease.
  4. Great post. It's worth mentioning that a lot of casual workers are in much less well paid, non professional areas like retail and hospitality and they are not always casual by choice but because those industries have been increasingly casualised. We have already had a case of a hospitality worker who turned up to his job despite waiting for confirmation of his test result.
  5. This sounds like everything I would enjoy. I hope you report back once you've finished to let us know if the love lasts.
  6. Wall Flower

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    He does hide Shae like a naughty teenager though - much like he did with Tysha as a thirteen year old. I can't help feeling that some aspects of his sexuality and his relationship with his father are still impacted by what happened with Tysha. There's a reason it's the trigger for him to kill Tywin. Tyrion isn't an able-bodied man with full agency over his own life. He has a lot more agency than Sansa, especially in the marriage bed, but he is a disabled man with an abusive relationship with his father stretching back to childhood. A relationship that's only severed when he kills his abuser. It is very much to Tyrion's discredit that he thinks more about his own needs than any risks Shae might face.
  7. Wall Flower

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    I agree that Tyrion's situation is not comparable to Sansa's. Although I tend to think that Tywin was offering the illusion of choice to his son, rather than an actual choice which is why he moved on to a direct order when Tyrion proved resistant. There was never any real chance of Tyrion being married to Lollys, that was said to manipulate Tyrion into the marriage with Sansa. We probably do have to factor the history of abuse and control between father and son into considering how possible it is for Tyrion to say no to Tywin. I also take Corbon's point that the fucked-up social system these people are living under does make consummating a marriage into a duty and a requirement to complete the marriage. Hence why Catelyn remembers her wedding night to a complete stranger as having more of duty than passion and no one seems bothered that Edmure's bride is crying her eyes out when she's put into the marriage bed. Don't think you're wrong though. Tyrion probably could and should have done better by Sansa, which is why he's a grey character.
  8. Wall Flower

    Why didn't Tyrion consummate his marriage with Sansa?

    Just a couple of observations. I do think as a woman, it's probably easier for me to put myself into Sansa's shoes than it is into Tyrion's and Sansa's situation as a 12 year old hostage is easier to sympathise with. This is not a normal arranged marriage done with the consent and for the benefit of Sansa's family. Instead the marriage is intended to make her a permanent hostage of her family's enemies. I'm not really comfortable with the idea of Sansa being described as a woman (12 going on 18 as Corbon has put it). She is a child entering the changes wrought by puberty, which is not the same thing as being a woman - as Tyrion himself recognises. It's possible that Tyrion responds sexually to Sansa in part because the last time that he had a wife, she was not much older than Sansa. What he wants is the relationship that he initially believed he had with Tysha when he was only Sansa's age himself. I agree with Lyanna<3Rhaegar that Tyrion is still part of the Lannister family and it would have been pretty heroic of him to have put Sansa's interests first. Also, while it may seem like Tywin is giving Tyrion a choice, his conversation with Tyrion is very much a masterclass in manipulation and gaslighting, ending with an outright order for Tyrion to do as he's told.
  9. Wall Flower

    US politics - sometimes political jokes get elected

    Arsehole, or I guess that should be asshole, would be more appropriate surely. I'm an Aussie but my first and only time watching Rush Limbaugh on TV is seared into my memory. Clinton was president and some idiot thought that Rush's show should be beamed to Aussie TV sets. I had no idea who he was but I soon found out. He told a joke about how Hilary had gone looking for Chelsea but found the family dog in her room instead. Apparently, the dog-walker had taken Chelsea for a walk by mistake - the hilarious implication being that 10 year old Chelsea was such a dog that the walker couldn't tell the difference. The audience hooted and laughed at the expense of a ten year old child while I sat back gobsmacked. No wonder Trump sees him as a hero. They're cut from the same cloth.
  10. Constitutional law expert, Anne Twomey, has an article on the ABC website where she queries the legality of the decision making by the minister on a number of levels. This issue was also raised in the Auditor General's report. I believe it has to do with the approval of the grant process being vested in Sports Australia, which is a statutory authority not part of the minister's department. Even if the minister did have authority to approve the grants, there are legislative and administrative requirements to be followed in approving the expenditure of public money which were not followed. If I didn't have computer skills of an old lady, which I am, I would link the article.
  11. Apparently, there were no actual rorts and no question mark over the legality of ministerial approval - at least according to advice from the Secretary of PM&C and Christian Porter. Advice which the PM has no intention of releasing for scrutiny. Bridget has gone on a technicality while the Government tries to sweep the whole saga of misappropriating tax payers money for political purposes under the carpet.
  12. Yeah, the ACT has had two fire emergencies in a week (plus a massive hail storm). My nephew was evacuated last week and had to sleep in my spare room. The current fire has been downgraded for the moment, hopefully it will stay that way with worse conditions predicted. The 2003 Canberra firestorm is always in peoples' minds. If only our government would take the hint that it might time to actually take climate change seriously, rather than just pretending to do so.
  13. Wall Flower

    Authors Behaving Like A**holes

    Fair enough. Given the domination of Murdoch in the Aussie market, the Guardian looks positively socialist in comparison. Plus there are always a lot of comments from people whining for England about the wokeness of Dr Who and other British shows in the TV section (which does come from the Guardian UK) so that usually gives me a bit of a laugh. On the subject of bad authors, I think my WTF reading of a Gor book as a teenager was one of the things that gave me a push towards Feminism (along with being forced to do sewing at school). Probably not the effect John Norman was going for.
  14. Wall Flower

    Authors Behaving Like A**holes

    Yeah the Daily Terror and the Australian have devolved into right wing propaganda sheets and the SMH is heading that way since it was sold - I think Kerry Stokes owns it now?
  15. Wall Flower

    Authors Behaving Like A**holes

    Maybe it just suits my left wing sensibilities but the Guardian Australia is one of the few papers not owned by the evil empire (the Murdochracy) and actually makes an attempt to hold our government to account on issues like climate change and offshore detention. Can't really comment on the Guardian UK, though. Curious as to what you hate about it.