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  1. Sensenmenn

    Ancient Kings

    They are the emperors of the dawn empire.
  2. Sensenmenn

    Jon Snow being real Aegon

    His name will be Aemon first of his name not Aegon
  3. Sensenmenn

    Gerold Dayne

    I think the granddaughter of aerion brightflame married into house dayne producing Darkstar.
  4. My favorite is littlefinger and sansa talking on there way to shore at the fingers. Littlefinger is hilarious.
  5. Sensenmenn

    Are there Dragons besides the ones Daenerys hatched?

    I am of the opinion that there are 3 other dragons there is a ancient red dragon that was sleeping under winterfell. There is sheepstealer in the veil mountains and cannibal is somewhere on skigos.
  6. Sensenmenn

    Oldest creature(s) in the known realm ?

    The weirwoods
  7. Sensenmenn

    Sorcerers and Swords

    Lightbringer/oathkeeper- Jon snow/Aemon targaryen Dawn- Jaime lannister Blackfire- Aegon blackfire Widowswail- Arya stark Darksister- Brienne
  8. Sensenmenn

    House Frey should be respected (part 2)

    There a house of scum and there probably going to be turned in to giant rats here pretty soon.
  9. Sensenmenn

    Will Tyrion rule Casterly Rock?

    I believe that tyrion is going to die but i can see Jaime learning were tysha is mabe from littlefinger and bringing them to westerose to help make up for what he did.
  10. Sensenmenn

    Did the Tyrells violate guest right?

    Are we sure they ate the bolton's food? They could have eaten manderley's food so they wouldn't be guests.
  11. Sensenmenn

    Val is Jon’s true Queen. Four.

    Why do i think its magical? Oh I don't know maybe because people are literally turning to stone. And before you try and claim its a calcified coating to the skin its not. Its hard and heavy like stone when you scrape steel across it it produces sparks. Given enough time it will turn your skin, flesh, blood, bones, and organs to stone. Then there is Garins curse whch is lliterally just that.
  12. Sensenmenn

    Val is Jon’s true Queen. Four.

    Social values? No, jon just doesn't understand the dangers of greyscale. Shireen should have been put down she is a danger to everyone around her. They brought a magical plague to one of the most magic rich places in the world.
  13. Sensenmenn

    Littlefinger Sired Sweetrobin

    I thought it was confirmed that Robert was littlefingers? In the Sansa chapter where littlefinger beds lysa, lysa says that she whants littlefinger to give her another child.
  14. Sensenmenn

    Jaime broke an oath when he killed Aerys

    So if you were in Jaimes place you would let Aerys kill an entire city of people?
  15. Sensenmenn

    Jaime broke an oath when he killed Aerys

    He did and would have because usually the king isn't trying to kill a city full of people so he chose one vow over the other.