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  1. Jak Scaletongue

    Episode 2 preview

    Given that learning from one’s mistakes is a rare quality in most grown adults (in RL and Westeros), the fact that Sansa HAS learned from her own mistakes (in this case, trusting Cersei) IS a pretty good indicator that she IS pretty smart. At least, smarter than her grown ass husband! Who damn well should know better than to trust Cersei as far as he could throw her. Hell, in the books she’s 11 - no one’s smart at 11 (and no one thinks their parents know what the fuck they’re talking about at 11 either). In the show she’s a little older, but still 13ish (which isn’t exactly a brilliant age either...even in a medieval setting). Kids who think their parents don’t understand aren’t a modern phenomena.
  2. As to the iron question: Westeros and the First Men had iron. The Iron Islands are full of it. The Andals brought knowledge of STEEL. Iron swords are usable, though brittle and they don’t keep a sharp edge as well. Steel is far more flexible and keeps its edge far better. So yes, the First Men had iron. They even used it regularly (WOIAF does seem to imply that only the Ironborn used iron swords though). But the Andals brought new and better methods for smelting and alloying and whatever else is needed to make STEEL from the iron available in Westeros.
  3. Jak Scaletongue

    Regarding Planetos

    She was only *gone* 3 years, right? So that’s 1.5 years south(ish) and 1.5 years back home north(ish). It’s right before bedtime, so I’m not gonna do the math - but the given size of Sothorys would be roughly half of your calculations then, yes? About 500 days out, 500 days back for a rough total of just over 3 years away from Valyria.
  4. Jak Scaletongue

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Technically, in the patriarchal feudal society that is Westeros, Lyanna's permission is irrelevant. Rhaegar took Lyanna without Rickard's permission (as far as we've been told in the books). That's all that matters - regardless of Lyanna's feelings, whether she went willingly or not, without Rickard's permission it IS, legally, technically, kidnapping and rape should he choose to pursue it as such. Which he did.
  5. Jak Scaletongue

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thank you! I figured there had to be one somewhere but Google had failed me! I knew the forums wouldn't! Much appreciated!
  6. Jak Scaletongue

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Has anyone ever created a handy-dandy list of all the characters still alive at the end of ADWD? With or without including the "presumed dead but really alive" and the "was dead but isn't anymore"? It's more out of sheer curiosity than any actual purpose, but I thought I'd see what the fandom had come up with before I started the long process of making my own list! Thank you!
  7. Jak Scaletongue

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Thank you! This is excellent! I have duly informed my boss as to why I won't be getting any work done today! If he can figure his way onto here, you may get a nasty message! LOL! But really, thanks! I love maps and all that goes with it!
  8. Jak Scaletongue

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    My god - I'm never going to get housework done ever again!  I'm not sure whether I should thank you or curse you now!