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  1. Anatole Kuragin

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Caught Overlord and Bad Times at the El Royale on a flight yesterday. Loved both. Wyatt Russell is the generic white guy action hero that Jai Courtney, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington, et al should all be sacrificed at the altar of.
  2. Anatole Kuragin

    New Forum Census

  3. We have the same birthday, weird. Also, you should be in chat.

  4. Anatole Kuragin


    I'm very happy to know I was missed.
  5. Anatole Kuragin


    I'm kinda back.
  6. Your avatar gives me nightmares.

  7. Anatole Kuragin


    Hey, I'm Anatole, I Like To Read And Do Internets Thank You
  8. We can't all have socialized haircuts courtesy of the PM.