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  1. Meera of Tarth

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Oh I know, it's just that I felt confused since I didn't know what the topic was about bc it was from a long time ago Well, having contradictions it's not weird. I have some of them as well! And I for one I am more into secondary characters for some reason (Bran and Arya aside bc they are my favoruite ones). Although I have to disagree with Sam's importance, I think he has a bigger role to play than Bronn, he is a POV character after all.
  2. Meera of Tarth

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Not exactly, I defend her in comparison to what we got in GOT. I also used the words shocking and cheap for her as you can read above. Order: LSH+impact of magic in Westeros OR Jon's resurrection with real character development>>>>>>What we had to see I'd expect that killing and resurrecting a main character would be something more than simple shock value.
  3. Meera of Tarth

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    well, since this is from last year, I don't remember much what I was saying, but I think I didn't mention that "the adaptation" should have all the secondary plots of the books. But that doesn't mean that the resurrection of Jon meant something in the show in terms of character development..... it was nothing apart from it being "shocking", ....or that the characters that have not been cut out are behaving logically in terms of script nowadays despite of the fact that they benefit from having more screen time due to cutting out others. So maybe not cutting LSH out would have meant that the story would have had another character that was not necessary, and that it could also have been "cheap", and "shocking"....but at least it would have made Jon's resurrection automatically less important, focusing on the repercussions in the whole story rather than in a shocking resurrection of a main character himself, you know.... just because he's the main one and they had to kill him because it is shocking and later we'll resurrect him... I think that this theme of repercussions of magic in the story as a whole would have been slightly deeper than what we got, and that was basically my point . Again, they could have cut LSH and still made Jon's case a thing in terms of his character, but they just didn't...
  4. Meera of Tarth


    I think I don't like that, but I'm getting accustomed to it because I want to know what's behind all the mysteries and the show allows me to think a lot and invent my theories, something that I really like. Or, let's say that I don't care or I could even enjoy it sometimes as long there is not much gore and the story is intelligent. I'm more into the detective genre. I looked at your title and it seems that it is defined as mystery as well, although right now my list of shows to watch (not only animes) is longer than the body of an anaconda and I'm very busy. But thanks for the suggestion!! It's good to know more things.
  5. Meera of Tarth

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    So technically I'm Uruguay's official supporter here (till they lose, which is inevitable): Uruguay's facts about their love for football: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/americas/uruguay-football-team-argentina-euros-luis-suarez-a7125561.html Funny facts from Uruguay. They can't live without mate (first country in the world), and thus the team has brought 180 kg (396 lbs) of mate to Russia. http://www.sports.fr/football/coupe-du-monde-2018/articles/l-uruguay-a-debarque-en-russie-avec-180kg-de-mate-2186165/ They also brought dulce de leche. They needed special permissions for that. Ah! Nunca he probado ni el mate ni el dulce de leche, pero si les da energía, mejor para ellos, no?
  6. Meera of Tarth

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    So I got Uruguay then! No many chances to win the Cup but... at least there's Luis Suárez there!! Next Friday Uruguay-Egypt
  7. Meera of Tarth


    I am currently midway watching "Hirugashi When They Cry" and I'm quite enjoying it. Or maybe I like it more now than in the beginning (first arch/s) because now the story starts making a little bit of sense as a whole, while still surprising the viewer (the episodes being quite compacted). Although, I point out that the ending of the first arch is quite intriguing as well. The gore and mad aspects of the anime might not appeal to everyone. In my case, I just got accustomed to the former (basically watching how certain crimes are committed), and I am curious to discover up to what extend might the craziness of the different characters involved in those crimes play a part in the different mysteries of the story; even if I'm very busy and I can't watch it very frequently these weeks. The curse of the village is worth mentioning, but oh, the investigation of the crimes is the best part. Especially when Detective Oishi appears. I never have enough of him
  8. Meera of Tarth

    What Artists Do You Truly Regret Never Getting To See?

    Oh, some of them were mentioned here, so I'll basicaly nod in agreement. We can say any band of any time? So Linkin Park, yeah, me too. The original Blink 182 and also Oasis. And of course Queen and Bowie. I'd have liked to see the Beatles, the original Fleetwood Mac, as well. Elton John since he is almost retired. The original Alphaville.
  9. Meera of Tarth

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    A little bit offtopic right now, but I'd like to add that I personally don't think that Pep Guardiola has racist problems. Of course, far it be to claim that I know the whole truth behind this topic, but I agree with both of you with the points you made; that the whole thing is probably related to sportive issues...
  10. Meera of Tarth

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Ok, I'd like to try this. So we are randomly assigned one?
  11. Meera of Tarth

    Lady Stoneheart?

    There was speculation of that. But nope, that character was totally cut out. 2 years of speculation wit all the tiny details from the last seasons in this thread, in fact, but no, she's completely out.
  12. Meera of Tarth

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    That'd be really cool! I'd personally go with an epilogue from either Sam's or preferably Bran's perspective, expaining what happened to alll the characters. Or maybe, better, an scene from Westeros (whatever remains from that) or Planetos, from the sky. I'd hate that, but I can totally see this coming...even as the last scene of the show. The other thing I can see coming but that I'd not like at all.
  13. Meera of Tarth

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    Oh, I love them! And this song...Cosmic Love.
  14. Meera of Tarth

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    A real Hero, from the movie Drive
  15. Meera of Tarth

    Catalan thread continued