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    Will Bran walk again???

    @Faera said: Well, "hold his weirwood paste" so to speak because he could take control of someone else to do it. (become a knight, that is) Jaime? It makes some circular kind of sense (to me) for Bran to come across Jaime in the far North towards the end of the story and for Bran to achieve his kinightly dreams through warging Jaime’s body ... ? A final part of Jaime’s redemption ... ? Apols for being several pages out of date and not knowing how to quote properly ...
  2. Benedict Oathkeeper

    Do you guys think Baelish knows about Jon's parent's?

    Hello Professor I am betting on LF, an intelligent guy, being able to hold more than one theory in his minds eye. So N+A=J is a good shout as the first deduction but with further information comes further possibilities for alternate deductions. Ned comes back with Jon, the story portrayed is Ned having being dishonourable with a common or highborn lady, which is uncharacteristic of Ned, but believable, if you don't know him that well. More suspicious, though, when you do. Once Littlefinger thinks about it beyond his initial "probably Ashara" as I think he would because of his feeling for Cat then many other possibilities present themselves. 15 or so years later, LF gets to know Ned and the dishonourable theory starts to look "funny". I think it is now a reasonably straightforward deduction, for an intelligent guy, to get to R+L=J based on the fact that Rhaegar and Lyanna eloped or Lyanna was kidnapped and then we're missing for a year. It seems to me more likely than not he would suspect - do you not agree?
  3. Benedict Oathkeeper

    Do you guys think Baelish knows about Jon's parent's?

    I think he has figured it out, eventually, through a series of not-that-difficult deductions, and now he is 80-90% certain, and that is enough for him to use against Jon, who knows nothing. Given his love for Cat LF have been watching and considering Eddard all these years, from a distance, and then the time they spent together in Kings Landing will have likely made LF even more suspicious of Ned's bastard story. Once that is in question, and if you think about it hard enough, you can get close to deducing that Rhaegar and Lyanna may have had a child, which then all neatly fits together as Jon. So, he doesn't "know" know but he very heavily suspects ...