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  1. Agree. Dany said she will conquer Westeros with blood and fire. She kept her promise. Dany would burn Sansa because she knows about Jon and she hasn't bent her knee. Dany wouldn't tolerate anybody on her way. People are horrified by Aeris burning the Starks, but Dany is doing the same, burning people who defy her.
  2. Thank you! Does it mean that Sam was able to see his eyes? When Sam met CH the first time, CH's head was hooded. Bran and Co spent a few days with CH together, i think they would also be able to see his eyes if Sam did it. Someone of them would notice that CH is one eyed.
  3. Actually, i don't have any theory about Colhands. I am just curious who he is. I am not sure that he is Bloodraven. That's it. I found Sam's words in ASOS, but not in English. Sam was talking to Bran and mentioned that CH is pale like a wight, his hands are cold like wights' hands, but wights don't talk and have blue eyes.
  4. I don't find it ridiculous. If CH's eyes were shrouded by cloak, Sam would not say anything about his eyes. He needs to remove the cloak from his eyes to make sure that CH's eyes don't shine. That is important for us to figure out CH's identity. If CH has 2 eyes then he could not be Bloodraven.
  5. Sam thought that CH is not a traditional wight because he does not have shining blue eyes. He needed to see his eyes to come to this conclusion, that his eyes are not wights' eyes. Because he never met wights who saved human's lives. He would pay attention to each detail.
  6. Sam had a fight with a wight. He knows that wights have blue eyes. If he says that CH does not have glimmering blue eyes, that would mean he saw Coldhands' eyes. I doubt that Sam oberlooked that because he pays attention to details. He was the first from all NWmen who noticed that wights' corpses don't have fresh blood.
  7. He does not sleep, eat and breath, but he sees. I don't think that scarf covers his eyes.
  8. Thank you for summary! If CH is Bloodraven, should not Bran and Co. notice that CH is one eyed?
  9. How Ramsey can be sure that Theon will recognize Arya if he even does not remember his name and thinks that Freys are sons of Big and Little Walder he saw some time ago. Theon is not good source of information like that in his current mental state.
  10. [quote name='Besselfunction' post='1321706' date='Apr 20 2008, 14.08']I dont remember the exact details from the Asha-chapter, but didnt people in the end agree that there was only one faction (Stannis') attacking Deepwood Motte?[/quote] I am sorry. I am wrong. From Cercei POV in AFFC Ramsay moved to Mot Caillin, not to Deepwood Motte.
  11. Probably, Stannis. Asha was attacked by Northerns first, then by Stannis' army on the same day. Does it mean that Stannis might catch Asha and Theon by one hit?
  12. If Theon was treated this way, then what happened to other inhabitants of Winterfell? Sounds like they are all in dungeons.
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