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  1. 10/10 Damn, one of my absolutely favourite episodes.The Starks reunionSansa and Arya scene was on point. Not too much emotional, but not cold. ust the way it should be done and showing how these have changed. Same for Bran, nothing will be same ever again. Also love the callback to season 1 and the guards in King's Landing for not allowing Ara to enter. Talking in the crypts was poignant and beautiful. Then meeting Bran who is a legit weirdo. Seeing Brienne looking at all three Stark children was also sweet, finally they are together. Arya's fighting scene with Brienne was also superb showing her skils agility, quickness and speed vs Brienne's strength, experience, better sword and armor.Bran the CreepBran creeping out balish was so good "Chaos is the ladder."But his farewell scene with Meera was heartbreaking as Bran is not the same guy and Meera just left. Probably never to return, just like Daario or other characters or maybe she will, but it doesn't look like it.Gossip Girls.Dany and Missandei girl talk was cute, like two girls in high school gossiping about boys. Dragonstone scenes cave + beach meetingThat leads us to cave scene (I see you Jon Snow). It looked spectacular and both Dany and Missandei were in awe of it. So much of dragonglass and how also sacred it looked. Then we proceed to the smaller caves and paintings. Pretty important scenefor Dany and Jon. He showed her what COTF made and how they fought together with the First Men agains The White Walkers.Jon touching Dany's hands kinda freaked her out like "what you doin bro?" but then seeing The Night King and three White Walkers convinced that Jon might not be making up these stories and there is some element of the truth in them. Well, Jon was smitten af the whole time, like can't remember him looking at someone like that in a long time. Like Dany was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. When she approached him, he was nervous like when his crush suddenly gets closer. Jon would possibly even bend the knee in that cave but northern lords. Dany's answer about survival being more important than their pride is just like Jon and Mance in season5, just that Jon is receiving that speech and it kinda shook him a bit to hear that. Dany too maintaining eye contact the whole time getting closer and closer, like one would thought they're gonna kiss right there. Then her saying she would fight for him and for the North. Important to say she first mentioned for him. Really sexual and romantic tension was pretty strong in that cave. Very important step in their relationship.Same as meeting outside of he cave or perhaps even more so. I have to say, agree with Dany. Tyrion was playing it safe ad it backfired on them but flying to the Red Keep is not exactly the best idea as well. Dany asking Jon for an advice was possibly the biggest progress they've made. She trusts him by allowing him to be part of her council meeting, but seeking advice from a relative stranger is sign of a lot of trust. Varys and Missandei had this WTF look on their faces - once Dany asked Jon on his opinion. Jon's speech was nice and ultimately him and Tyrion convinced her not to attack the Red Keep and she choose to ambush the Lannisters. Jon sort of calmed her down a little bit. Should I say like Ice to Fire?Jon and Theon meetingVery well played from both Kit and Alfie, especially Kit seing someone who bertrayed his family and one of the reason for almost a destruction of House Stark. Theon did helped Sansa and as Jon pointed put, only reson for not killing him. Very well played.Jon, Davos and Missandei Davos was pretty good in this besides fewer, also pointing out Jon's interest in Dany "She has a good heart." "I've noticed you staring at her good heart." Oh captain, My Captain. Finally someone said it, why Missandei and other followed Dany, not because of her name but because who she is. So the argument how dragons are only good thing about her, Well there ya go. Important for Jon to hear that and make an opinion on Dany because he starts to see who she really is.Field of Fire 2.0 was pretty epic and have to say better than Battle of the Bastards. Mainly due to Drogon, you can't beat that and truly showing the horror of seeing and fighting a dragon was well conveyed. Dothraki being finally in action and living up to their reputation was a nice thing to see. Especially guys basically almost standing on their horses firing 3 or 4 arrows at the same time, with a deadly accuracy. Still it takes balls for Jaime and Bron to fight along with the Lannisters when they know they are up against nuclear weapon. Bronn hitting Drogon with a scorpion bolt was intense and same as that tracking shot of his going through the battlefield in an absolute mayhem. Jaime, Tyrion and DanySeeing Tyrion and Jaime in horror and shock with all the carnage and chaos. It's an aspect of the warfare that nobody likes, even experienced people like these two.Jaime vs Dany and Drogon was pretty damn epic, when you think one of them might bite it. If it wasn't for the leaks, damn I would have thought the worst there. Dany risking her life to get that bolt from Drogon was cute, as her mother she has that instincts. Music, cinematography and choreography really made that battle pretty epic and fun to watch. I was sceptical beforehand of the purpose of this battle but seeing it with the context makes me appeciate it a lot more.DRACARYS! Final thoughtsFor me season is getting better and better and better. After first two slower episodes, it picks up the pace.
  2. Ellaria and Tyene, as Indira and Rosabell nailed that scene to a perfection. Diana Rigg is a one classy lady, that has to be said. Dignified ending to her character and worthy of Queen of Thorns.
  3. She played him well ... props to Diana Rigg for her work, it was superb acting. Tbh a lot of people cheered for Cersei in that moment because they hate Sand Snakes and Ellaria almost as much as her. I think she'll see it during a certain scene. If you know what I mean. They made him truly a weirdo but gotta give it to him. He has a lot of things to comprehend in his mind and literally is like twister right now.
  4. Indira nailed the heck our of her scene. I felt sorry for her, when Cersei kissed Tyene, she knew that it wasa poison.I really like that Dany and Jon started as sort of two individuals like no he took my toys vs she wants my toys, I paid for it. It was kinda cute and endearing tbh. But you can tell they have interest in each other, not like romantic yet, sort of respecting each other ... she already is warming up to him. On the terrace, the look she gave him and conversation with Tyrion staring at flames, and just out of blue mentioning he took a knife to his heart - she wasn't even listening to Tyrion in that moment.Both have good points. Jon doesn't know her but foreshadowing is there, Torrhen and Aegon. Dany on the other hand logically wants him to give up the North, if he wants her help.Lady Olenna ... gonna miss her, she went out with the ultimate FUCK YOU to Jaime and all the Lannisters.Euron is just such a cheeky bastard, I love him. Pilou is doing a fine work.Battle was good, short and I liked the detail of Tyrion talking as the battle was going on. Usually we have battles itself but this was nice.Bran is a weirdo but their reunion scene was awesome, Sophie nailed it too. When she saw him, Arya will be emotional too. Bran mentioning her wedding night and the fact that Ramsey raped her freaked Sansa. Who wouldn't and really Bran is now 3ER.I loved this episode so much, top 5 definitely so far.
  5. It seems that way. I wonder if it will be made public or not.
  6. Jon is a walking corpse too in a way. Depends on if Jon is still King by the time they meeet because otherwise alliance is not a good step for her. With Sansa aspiring to be QitN and LF scheming around.
  7. It will be one of them, more likely Jon and Daeny. I could see Tyrion falling for her but like in the books they'll change Arya for Dany. Seems probably near the truth.
  8. They did said that Jon's Snow story is over. Jon Snow yes, but they never said anything about Jon Targaryen or whatever his new name will be.
  9. We never saw his death, but chances are slim for him. Mission accomplished D&D. Well done. Bran is pretty important too, but he's on vacation for one season. Tyrion is another option. A lot of people ship them(Dany and Tyrion) together. It's as trange thing, but there it is. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case in the show, because D&D clearly adores Saint Tyrion. I think they talked about them, as two best characters, and quite possibly their favourites along with Theon.
  10. Jon is dead,Stannis is alive. No way Brienne will kill him that easily.
  11. He's coming and it will be BIG SUPRISE!!! Seriously they're trying so hard to convince people in order to make his rebirth more powerful.D&D.
  12. Jon's storyline is pretty clear.He will be reborn,Mel and Davos will be part of Team Snow,he will execute everyone involved,will take wildlings march to Winterfell.That's why Mel saw vision of walking aroung battlements of Winterfell and he will kill Ramsay. For The Watch was just butchered and Olly instead of Ghost.Enough is enough.
  13. Davos is there,Mel too. Basically it's Jon/Davos/Mel instead of Stannis/Davos/Mel. I mean the whole scene was like:so who wants to stab this guy.Olly just kills it in the end. Another characters assassination...this time Thorne. What the hell?
  14. Mel is gonna revive Jon in the premiere.Watch out.Pretty clear since she's at Castle Black.
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