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  1. I'm supporting the Good Law Project who (among other things) are working in the UK to legally challenge anything which threatens trans rights. Information here if you want to and can financially support this campaign: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/transgender-lives/ https://goodlawproject.org/
  2. I second this (also from the UK). It would be very unstatesmanlike not to send well-wishes. It's expected behaviour from world leaders to congratulate others on their election wins, and to send best wishes during illnesses, regardless of any personal feelings. It's diplomacy.
  3. Have you explained this to your supervisor or chatted to your personal tutor/academic advisor? I got major stress with physical symptoms a week before my masters dissertation deadline, talked to my personal tutor who discussed with me the options for applying for extensions etc. which I didn't take in the end because I didn't want to prolong the anxiety, but just knowing there were options just in case did help to reduce the pressure.
  4. Well-remembered @HelenaExMachina - I've just come back to Sunderland because I'm due to be on campus to teach, but we don't know what's going to happen. The lockdowns elsewhere seem to be very light touch ones, just banning friends and family meeting in the home but not in the pub... it's not really a lockdown like the original one, and seems very random what people are allowed to do. Hopefully your family aren't affected. Last time I looked it was still less than 1 in 1000 people had it, so chances of encountering someone wandering around not very high, and if wearing masks hopefully unlikely to transmit in any case. But I understand, as I worry too, just went on metro and several people not wearing masks (one probably medical reasons, one was drinking water, one was a child, but it's still a risk, and we still don't really know why it's spreading more in some places).
  5. Talking of wildlife in the UK thread, but this happened in Germany (alert: naked man running after wild boar...) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53692475
  6. P.S. Absolutely wonderful to see so many people from back then (Glascon was my first con)
  7. Well, it speculates, that it could be these were the items that it was going to claim had been sent, for these 'brushing' reviews, but it seemed a very weak argument (for the labelling). I was offering an alternative speculation Regarding my own (ordered) seeds I just went back and saw some more recent reviews including someone who noticed that the seeds came via Malaysia bur originated in China and actually checked with the Royal Horticultural Society who said "It is probably illegal to grow these seeds - the rules are complex. In any case we discourage the cultivation of seeds of unknown origin in case they transmit disease." Thanks to this thread for helping me confirm that I'm not planting my seeds. I hope the US seed mystery is tracked down to its origins.
  8. Interestingly mysterious! I am curious that some of them were labelled as jewellery. I actually ordered some courgette seeds from amazon a few months ago, not realising that they came from a long way away (Malaysia I think), and they were labelled as jewellery too. I wondered if something dodgy was going on, but they looked like courgette seeds (I haven't planted them yet due to lingering paranoia). So I thought they might have been labelled as jewellery because of customs regulations - that probably seeds aren't supposed to be sent without special license or whatever, so if they were labelled as jewellery the customs people wouldn't know. Is that plausible? It could explain this case too. (Well, not why the seeds are being sent, but the mislabelling)
  9. I think FB was remembering this case: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/coronavirus-super-spreader-woman-lift-infections-china-heilongjiang-a9615886.html A woman travelled form the US to China and is thought to have infected 71 people through breathing in the lift (elevator) which was then taken afterwards by a downstairs neighbour.
  10. The thing is, the risk to any individual isn't that high (though higher than any of us are used to dealing with who don't have certain medical conditions), but we're all interconnected and the risk to any one of us radiates exponentially out to the rest of the population and to those who are (mostly unpredictably) vulnerable. This is where we need strong unions, but most people don't have that (ironically my middle class job has a strong union but the unions for those in the working class with the same employer are separate and not so strong - I'm not sure if that is the same countrywide - obviously a lot of precarious jobs have no unions at all or people don't dare join them).
  11. @Derfel Cadarn and @mormont I feel the same way. This makes me very angry and upset. (I'm in a comfortable middle class job myself but I am worried sick about all those who are not, the ambiguity and confusion of this, that people stand to lose their jobs or risk their lives, and that it is too early to be relaxing the lockdown because our death-rate is still appalling)
  12. :-) Thank you. Yes, generally things are going well. Mentat and I have been together almost 11 years now, though still in different countries, so the worst thing about this coronavirus situation is that we have been apart longer than at any other time and it's quite painful, especially not knowing when our respective countries will align to let us visit each other again. In other news, and my workload has been a bit insane due to having to teach online and support students more, but I do have two wonderful rescue cats to keep me company.
  13. Aww Mashiara! It's so wonderful to hear from you (even got a tiny tear in my eye!) - sending very big hugs! I have such fond memories of visiting you and delighted to hear that you're all well and the twins thriving even in the lockdown!
  14. Just came across this very interesting piece of journalism, collecting examples of superspreading events to see what they have in common. I found it quite encouraging that these tend not to be places where people are quiet, so maybe a ban on loud rumbunctious sing-alongs for now would cut out the most common forms of transmission.
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