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  1. 1000th Lord Commander

    Did Rhaegar except Jon Snow to be girl...

    My own personla crackpot theory says yes. I'll get around to writing it up at some point
  2. 1000th Lord Commander

    Noble House Scenario - Crownlands

    I Accept the offer of Ser Hardy, having him marry my sister and marrying his cousin instead. While this won't make me rich, it will be a good move for a stable future, and a strong alliance between our houses. My uncles have brought shame and the tanit of treason upon our family. I turn him in for the reward.
  3. 1000th Lord Commander

    Do you think Robert's reasoning for keeping on Slynt?

    I figured it was Littlefinger who told Robert to keep Slynt on. LF was probably taking bribes off Slynt in the first place, as part of a greater embezzeling scheme. Robert didn't care enough about who did the job.
  4. 1000th Lord Commander

    Who built the Tower of Joy?

    We know that it was named by Rhaegar as such, and it's location in the Prince's Pass, but little more. Who built it? Was it originally part of the fortifications for Dorne? Who owns the land on which it is built? The Iron Throne, the Martells, House Fowler? Any theories?
  5. 1000th Lord Commander

    Crownlands Makes No Sense

    It says in the WoIaF that a few of the lords present for Aegon's first coronation were sworn to Storm's End, but closer to Dragonstone politically. My guess is that this is what was taken into consideration when creating the Crownlands: Which houses have no strong ties to any particular region. To carve away a chunk of the Reach into the Crownlands would only upset the Tyrells and give Aegon disaffected and disinterested bannermen who would be more inclined to rebel later on.
  6. 1000th Lord Commander

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    I think this would actually be the best outcome for Dany. Forgo the IT to someone else, and rule her own little empire. But I can't see it happening. She's too out of touch with Westeros to do a decent job of ruling the 7 kingdoms
  7. 1000th Lord Commander

    Win Second Blackfyre Rebellion

    I agree that as it was, he didn't stand a chance. He'd left his sword and army back in Essos, and not enough of the people were willing to rise for him. And from what we know, Bloodraven had the conspiracy unmasked well before any momentum could have happened. Personally, if I was in charge of the Blackfyres after the first rebellion failed, I would have gone off and founded a new kingdom somewhere.
  8. 1000th Lord Commander

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    Given that Dany has only just ridden Drogon, I would argue for a weight comparable to Moondancer and Stormcloud. Both are only able to bear lighter riders, children, and still growing. I thought Tessarion was bigger, as he was considered of fighting weight, whereas Moondancer and Stormcloud were ridden only at great need.
  9. Most people tend to assume Varys is omniscient, but in the end, he is only human. His informants would focus on Dany and Viserys, The Citadel, Dorne. Areas where rebellion or subverting the rule of the Crown is more likely. I don't believe he knows about Jon, because he, like the rest of Westeros, has never doubted the story of Jon's parentage. There is no reason to suspect anything
  10. 1000th Lord Commander

    Which big war would you most want a novel of?

    For me, The Century of Blood. You have Valyria, gone overnight, and everyone trying to fill the power vaccuum. Some of historical Valyria might be nice. Though that was more backstabbing and plotting than war
  11. 1000th Lord Commander

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    I wonder he's put the Gift up as collateral.There's always value in land, and it would give the Iron Bank a small chunk of Westeros they could sell to some richer Westerosi to recoup thier money Good thread though
  12. 1000th Lord Commander

    The Marriage Game

    A significant part of this is how close the people are to the line of succession to thier various houses. A marriage to a lord or heir is considered worth more than that of a cousin or youngest son. This is probably why Aegon the Unlikely is allowed to marry a Blackwood - he's far down the line of succession at the time.
  13. Am I a bad parent for using the Rains of Castamere as a lullaby?
  14. 1000th Lord Commander

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    I am iron born, I go raiding. I send Sigvald to the Riverlands, under threat of disinheritance, and let him carve out a fortune there. Win or lose, I disinherit him anyway, and name Celsa my heir. Lord Blacktyde will have his youngest son marry Celsa. They can stay at my keep and learn something about ruling. Tovi can marry Ser Gardane.
  15. I had him pegged to live, actually.