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  1. 1000th Lord Commander

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    I think this would actually be the best outcome for Dany. Forgo the IT to someone else, and rule her own little empire. But I can't see it happening. She's too out of touch with Westeros to do a decent job of ruling the 7 kingdoms
  2. 1000th Lord Commander

    Win Second Blackfyre Rebellion

    I agree that as it was, he didn't stand a chance. He'd left his sword and army back in Essos, and not enough of the people were willing to rise for him. And from what we know, Bloodraven had the conspiracy unmasked well before any momentum could have happened. Personally, if I was in charge of the Blackfyres after the first rebellion failed, I would have gone off and founded a new kingdom somewhere.
  3. 1000th Lord Commander

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    Given that Dany has only just ridden Drogon, I would argue for a weight comparable to Moondancer and Stormcloud. Both are only able to bear lighter riders, children, and still growing. I thought Tessarion was bigger, as he was considered of fighting weight, whereas Moondancer and Stormcloud were ridden only at great need.
  4. Most people tend to assume Varys is omniscient, but in the end, he is only human. His informants would focus on Dany and Viserys, The Citadel, Dorne. Areas where rebellion or subverting the rule of the Crown is more likely. I don't believe he knows about Jon, because he, like the rest of Westeros, has never doubted the story of Jon's parentage. There is no reason to suspect anything
  5. 1000th Lord Commander

    Which big war would you most want a novel of?

    For me, The Century of Blood. You have Valyria, gone overnight, and everyone trying to fill the power vaccuum. Some of historical Valyria might be nice. Though that was more backstabbing and plotting than war
  6. 1000th Lord Commander

    Knights in the Night's Watch

    I had this thought a while back, and thought it possible. After all, Ser Perkin the Flea knighted an army to king his squire, so there's no contradiction. Lord Beric knights Gendry for pledging his aliegence. I imagine had LC Mormont been a southerner, he might have knighted Jon for saving his life. If the knighthoods match real world examples, then they can't be stripped. Lordships, yes, but knighthoods, no.
  7. 1000th Lord Commander

    You have seen it in the flames

    Interesting thought. I'm going to do something unconventional and wait. See what proof I can gather about the twincest. Once we reach King's Landing, inform Barristan Selmy and Eddard together. Whereas Eddard alone faltered, Barristan commands the Kingsgard, and will move to prevent any stain on the white cloak, moving to kill or imprison Jamie. With Robert apathetic to the needs of the realm, those two are probably the best chance for the realm to beat back the threat from the North. Once convinced of my prophetic powers, Eddard can send a raven back to Winterfell, convincing Robb to call his banners and train a army to man the Wall. Without Robert's death, no war of 5 kings, more men for the Battle for the Dawn
  8. 1000th Lord Commander

    A few difficult questions about Summerhall.....

    I thought Summerhall might have been given to Duncan and Jenny as well. As a castle with fewer royal implications, it would have been a easy gift for them.
  9. 1000th Lord Commander

    Who was the best Targaryen King?

    Generally from what I've read on these forums, votes tend towards Daeron II, Aegon I, or Jahaerys I. It tends towards what you view as 'best'. From your OP, looking towards a peaceful, prosperous reign, you'd look at Jahaerys I or his successor Viserys I, as having peaceful reigns. For accomplishment, Aegon I gets a look in, because it wouldn't have been easy forging Seven Kingdoms into one. Daeron II gets a mention due to his peaceful annexation of Dorne, although he loses out for the Blackfyre Rebellion. It would also depend on how you allocate reign. Does Viserys I get credit for the Dance of the Dragons, or is that all Aegon II's fault? Does Aegon IV get credit for the Blackfyre Rebellions? Or are you looking more strictly at when the king was in power?
  10. 1000th Lord Commander

    On who can marry among the lords...

    I would think that they don't have castles they are willing to give away, but might be willing to part with some nice land upon which to build a keep for a younger son if needs be.
  11. 1000th Lord Commander

    Why wasn't fAegon raised in Dorne incognito?

    This is one I figured was about control. Assuming fAegon is real, which is by no means a given, then what do Illyo and Varys gain by having him raised in Dorne? The hopes of a pat on the back from Doran Martell after he installs his nephew on the IT. But by raising him in secret, away from Westeros, he is safer from assasins and Robert's vengence, he is completely in thier control, so they can teach him what they like
  12. 1000th Lord Commander

    1,000 Lord Commander of NW

  13. 1000th Lord Commander

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    I wonder he's put the Gift up as collateral.There's always value in land, and it would give the Iron Bank a small chunk of Westeros they could sell to some richer Westerosi to recoup thier money Good thread though
  14. 1000th Lord Commander

    The Marriage Game

    A significant part of this is how close the people are to the line of succession to thier various houses. A marriage to a lord or heir is considered worth more than that of a cousin or youngest son. This is probably why Aegon the Unlikely is allowed to marry a Blackwood - he's far down the line of succession at the time.
  15. 1000th Lord Commander


    Care to share your opinion?