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  1. At 3-13 with a .188 winning percentage, the Buccos are only 4.5 games behind the 2-3 with a .400% Cards. Setting marks in futility is surely our thing...
  2. I'll take those odds over a few more embarrassing playoff games, that's for damn sure.
  3. Pens have become the post-Cup Zetterberg/Datsyuk Red Wings. Talent, but not on the level they were going back to back in '16 and '17. Hell of a run, but they aren't contenders anymore. Time to pick a Western team to follow for the rest of the playoffs...
  4. Biff throwing those kids' ball up on the porch gets me every time...
  5. I just watched Glory not too long ago, such a great film. For war movies, I've got a spot in my heart for The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes from watching them with my dad growing up.
  6. Well got a job offer coming my way tomorrow that I think I will actually accept after a little negotiating once I read through it. The timing certainly is great with the $600 going away and who knows if/what/when will replace that. I've turned down 3 in the last month or so due to getting lowballed twice and it being blamed on Covid, not sure if anyone else has seen that in their job hunts or not? I do have to say, I've really enjoyed the summer off whilst getting paid pretty well to go to the gym and lay around a pool, but it'll be fucking nice to get back to work again.
  7. MLB must've had the Goodell-bot working on suspensions at the office this week...
  8. As I said prior, you can twist whatever you need to fit your narrative, which is quite apparent from some of your other videos. The Tysha and Tywin one, for example. You infer things, like the warped wish fulfillment fantasy for Benioff, because it suits you. Piecing together snippets doesn't give the full picture, it gives the picture that you want it to. It doesn't matter at all if Clarke didn't comprehend what was happening, she wouldn't be the first actor on the show to have that problem. Like a professional, she did what was asked of her though, same as Stephen Dillane did, whether it made sense or not (definitely a not in Dillane's case). And I'll ask again because I feel that this is important to know, Have you done any research on other shows to compare whether they have any archived scripts that are different from the end results on the screen?
  9. I'm curious as to when concept art became definitive proof that something was supposed to take place. By its very definition, an art form in which the artist's intent is to convey a concept rather than to create an art object. I'll fully admit to not watching this entire thing, but from what I've seen, it's all been twisted to fit your narrative. Especially the script that says wildfire twice, then says the fire is spreading quickly, not that the wildfire is spreading quickly like you somehow infer to be fact. And yes, I've watched through the cross referencing from the Blu-ray. Have you done any research on other shows to compare whether they have any archived scripts that are different from the end results on the screen?
  10. I'm gonna go with the Buccos winning a cool 10 games in a 60 game season if they're lucky.
  11. I was in the hospital from a work injury for almost six weeks several years back, and that time along with the resulting 8 plus months of the injury healing forced me to quit smoking (pack and a half a day) and it really cut my drinking down to a minimum. To be honest, I couldn't have quit smoking without it happening, tried several times to no avail. I really only drank on weekends by then but it was more weekend alcoholic style 3 day benders. I'll get drunk maybe a handful of times a year nowadays. I guess my point is that when I was confronted with my own health, and really being lucky to be alive from the accident, up close and personal like that, the changes I needed to make weren't fucking optional anymore. Do it, or I'd be right back in the hospital. Fuck that. It blows that you had a seizure and I hope all is well from that, but use it as a positive and you'll be surprised how much easier quitting will be. Always around if you need an ear man.
  12. If he has to testify, I picture him showing up to court like the bosses do in Casino...
  13. I was throwing some shit out at my mom's last week and came across the boxes containing all the old EU books. I'm delving back into the Rogue Squadron series now. Not sure if there's any others I should read through once more outside of the Thrawn and Darth Bane trilogies though...
  14. Coach K will just yell a bunch and smush up his face and they'll let him off the hook. I fucking hate that guy...
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