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  1. Joe Pesci

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    I'll give AEW every chance as I want it to build into a viable alternative. That people on the interwebs are already calling it direct competition to WWE is ludicrous. The only WWE product I'll watch are the NXT's presently. That said, I wonder how long it takes before the egos start getting in the way. Having the top talent run the show may not be for the best once the booking begins, but that's just my opinion. Here's to hoping they do it right.
  2. Joe Pesci

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Into the Badlands finished up last night. I rather enjoyed the series.
  3. Joe Pesci

    NHL: 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/columnist/kevinallen/2019/05/01/nhl-playoffs-brad-marchand-cheap-shot-suspension/3637684002/ Missed this live, but fuck is Brad Marchand just a piece of shit.
  4. Joe Pesci

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Yeah that one stung. Even more so due to them then reaching for Burns and he's a bust. Eh, that's the crapshoot of the NFL Draft.
  5. Joe Pesci

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    It beats what he would have been wearing every Sunday this fall if he'd been taken one pick later...
  6. Joe Pesci

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    No Holds Barred
  7. Joe Pesci

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    I've caught everything so far except Dunne/Walter, and it's all been great. It's also kind of depressing though that I'll slog through WM tomorrow and probably won't see more than a match or two that will beat something from this card. If they would only give the talent on the main roster a little freedom to create like they do in NXT, the product would be so much better...
  8. Joe Pesci

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    IceBrandon...just look it up.
  9. Joe Pesci

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Karma comes around. Videotape finally catches the Pats in the act for a change...what a shame. I won't fault the guy for pursuing his urges, just go do it in Vegas where it's legal like a billionaire should.
  10. Joe Pesci

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Curious to hear thoughts on the Eric Reid side of things in this settlement. He ripped Malcolm Jenkins and practically tried to fight the guy on the field over taking money from the NFL for the Players Coalition. This link is an article from the Undefeated on that incident and what Reid's issues were. Now that he's taken the NFL's money for himself, should people now question whether Reid was actually in this to try and force change in the NFL like he wanted Jenkins to do before the Players Coalition took money from the NFL or was he just looking to get paid?
  11. Joe Pesci

    Careerchat III

    When I was looking for a new job a few years back, I would adjust my resume depending on the job. I had 'Relevant Skills & Experience' tab that I listed things under. It worked well for me. I had it above where I started my work experience. I'm by no means an expert when it comes to building a top notch CV though.
  12. Joe Pesci

    New Forum Census

    USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  13. Joe Pesci

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    I caught the main event earlier today when I logged on to the network for a few minutes, very impressive. I've read about Walter but never seen any matches, may have to look him up. As for AEW, it has plenty of potential I think as long as they don't try to go too big right away, and let it build first. The other thing is that the Bucks and Cody are executives and on-air talent. These guys seem like they have pretty high opinions of themselves, and while talented, it could turn into them booking themselves at the top all the time, like Jarrett did in TNA. Maybe I'm wrong, time will tell.
  14. Joe Pesci

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Gotta be honest here, when it comes to the playoffs, I start picking opposite of what I think most people will pick. I've been dwelling at the bottom so might as well try to go down swinging instead of keeping pace...at least it worked once!