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  1. Anyone watching the XFL at all? I've caught a bit of it each weekend, it might actually make it to year 2.
  2. Joe Pesci

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    Nothing riles us up like a good salary floor discussion!
  3. Joe Pesci

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    Hey, the salary dump trade in baseball is a Pittsburgh thing! David Price is only $17 million away in salary from matching what the Pirates opening day payroll is shaping up to be. With big time acquisitions of players batting .194 and .214 this offseason, the Bucs are sure to make a splash in the NL Central cellar...
  4. Sounds like you whenever someone post something about the Pats that you don't like...
  5. Joe Pesci

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    I actually hated how they did the rumble last night with Brock at #1. He was obviously just going to eliminate people as they came in, and that's exactly what happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of the rumble once Brock got eliminated however, and McIntyre was a great choice to win. The women's rumble was entertaining, but the ending was rather weak. Flair makes sense because I don't think Bazler can come in and go right into the main event just yet. Banks would've been the other option, but she wasn't even in it. Decent show overall. I don't even watch Raw or Smackdown anymore, just NXT when I have time. That show is tits.
  6. Joe Pesci

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    This was kind of expected, but I at least thought they'd shoot to get something back close to the major league level, not rookie league. I think this move drops the Buccos payroll down to $58 million for the upcoming season, which is all you really need to know about how the next several years are going to be. We'll hear the same song and dance about "payroll flexibility". Funnily enough, the sports report is just now on, and the exact words about the $10 million in payroll savings were that they would be reallocated back into the team in either 2020 or past that, after they look opportunistically at when it will be the best time to put the money back into the team to give them the best chance to win. So that really means the answer is never...fucking Bob Nutting.
  7. There's not many things better in the world than watching a Harbaugh get taken down a few pegs.
  8. Joe Pesci

    NFL Playoffs 2020

    All fair points, but while I haven't seen Brady play as much you have this year, I'd still disagree on him looking like the shell of PFM. He's not anywhere near peak TB anymore, but the end of Manning was fucking horrific to watch. Brady's not there yet. It won't shock me in the least if they somehow end up in the AFC Championship game though, Hoodie has it in him.
  9. Joe Pesci

    NFL Playoffs 2020

    12-4 and a 3 seed is hardly a disastrous turn of events after winning the SB last year. Now if the Pats were 4-12 this year, then sure, that'd probably be the end of the road for a nearly two decades long dynasty. But come on. It's amazing how doom and gloom Pats fans can get so quickly when it seems like a spot in the SB isn't an automatic given. To be so lucky...
  10. Joe Pesci

    NFL Playoffs 2020

    No first round bye??? The sky must be falling in New England...
  11. Joe Pesci

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    Well, I enjoyed this a lot more than I was anticipating to. There were definitely some head scratching moments, but I'm easy enough to let them go. 7.5/10 and I'll probably go see it again over the holidays. Imagine what it could've been like had TLJ not skull fucked Luke Skywalker, and I actually didn't mind TLJ. Wasted opportunity but life goes on.
  12. Joe Pesci

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    Yeah, I was thinking this over and in my head I counted Kendall and McCutchen (roughly $110 million between the two), but they weren't FA's. Which makes it even fucking worse now. I'm going to get you again with your boy Frankie Liriano. He holds the biggest FA contract in Pirates history, at a whopping 3 yr/$39 million deal. Next was Ivan Nova at 3 yr/$26, and finally Russell Martin at 2 yr/$17. Yes, a $13 million AAV is the tops here, how fucking pathetic. They have paid some homegrown talent, but that's just to buy out their arbitration years most of the time and the players have all fizzled out except Marte and McCutchen.
  13. Joe Pesci

    NFL Playoffs 2020

    Spygate 2.0 is upon us and the NFL thread was on the 2nd page? Outrageous!
  14. Joe Pesci

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    That's extremely believable, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure the biggest contract they've ever handed out was to Jason Kendall back in '00 or '01. Like $60 million over 6 years IIRC and he wasn't a free agent. This is the team that traded Francisco Liriano to the Blue Jays along with two of their top ten prospects for Drew Hutchison just to get out from the remaining $18 million on Liriano's deal. Bob Nutting fucking sucks.