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  1. Three AFC Championship game wins (95, 08,10) for the Steelers in person. Probably the loudest was a Steelers/Cowboys game in 2008 when Deshea Townsend pick-6'd Tony Romo to seal the game. The fucking upper level was shaking above me.
  2. Oh, Yanks/Sox tops Steelers/Ravens. I'd possibly even consider UNC/Duke hoops over both of them, but that's just me...
  3. You'd know better than I, but I think he maybe shoulders more of the blame than he should. Dude wasn't exactly Joe Montana, but he was pretty solid for 5 years. Most teams would take that these days. I don't care if he gets to Jared Lorenzen levels of fat if he keeps playing like he has so far this season.
  4. I doubt I carried this post over properly, but that poor ginger suffered enough for 9 years as a Bungle that I'll give him a pass this go round...but as a ginger, he has no soul.
  5. There's something about watching a Harbaugh team shit the bed that brings out the best in everyone!
  6. Does anyone know if the UK series is available to stream in the US? I'd like to give it a view sometime.
  7. Phillip Rivers sideline meltdown coming after this commercial break...
  8. I watched it over the course of a week or so, I enjoyed it. I've not seen the original UK version, so I didn't have the comparison issues to overcome while viewing. I liked the premise of it, and it leaves off for a second season interestingly enough for me to check it out if it happens.
  9. The South Park Pandemic Special is fucking brilliant.
  10. At 3-13 with a .188 winning percentage, the Buccos are only 4.5 games behind the 2-3 with a .400% Cards. Setting marks in futility is surely our thing...
  11. I'll take those odds over a few more embarrassing playoff games, that's for damn sure.
  12. Pens have become the post-Cup Zetterberg/Datsyuk Red Wings. Talent, but not on the level they were going back to back in '16 and '17. Hell of a run, but they aren't contenders anymore. Time to pick a Western team to follow for the rest of the playoffs...
  13. Biff throwing those kids' ball up on the porch gets me every time...
  14. I just watched Glory not too long ago, such a great film. For war movies, I've got a spot in my heart for The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes from watching them with my dad growing up.
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