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  1. I gave it 10. Alongside Battle of Bastards and probably Home it's the best episode this season. Best moments were of course explosion of the sept of Baelor, Frey Pies and Dany's sailing to Westeros (finally!!) But the best two moments for me in this episode (and season overall other than Jon's ressurection) was rest of Tower of Joy sequence and Jon's coronation. It was just amazing mix of emotions for me. During ToJ I cried a little (just a little) and Jon's coronation gave me epic goosemups
  2. Kajmakk

    Favorite POV Character

    Jon and Tyrion imo are the best. A bastard on the Wall and a dwarf.
  3. Kajmakk

    How would you rate episode 501?

    I'll give it 9. So far my favorite season opener. I love the first flashback in the series. Good: Flashback. Kevan Lannister, Stannis on the Wall, Jon and Mance scene and also Mereen scene, destruction of the Harpy statue from the trailers and murder of the Unsullied Bad: Loras scene, no Aegon -_-' Even though much is changed from the books I like it but still could do better.