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  1. As predicted last week Stannis is toast. Well, we actually didn't see him die, which means in GoT terms that Brienne may not have killed him and allowed him to take the black instead. As a result Melisandre is toast as well. Then Stannis gets killed by his right hand for his sins, actually asking for it. End of Stannis arc. It need real closure. Beside that some more predictions: - Clegane-Bowl is not going to happen. The High Sparrow himself will be the champion of the faith. - The re-animated mountain will play out like in the classic movie "Golem" - Euron is not Daario, though we'll see Euron next season - Daario is the Harpy. - Melisandre brings back Jon, who now fulfilled his oath to serve the nightwatch until death. - RLJ will be revealed Anyway, glad that we move beyond AFFC and ADWD now. We got some nice highlights and new stuff. After E08 and E09 this episode was quite boring. Well, just wrapping up some arcs and put cliffhangers in it. Similar ot the boring reads of AFFC and ADWD. Overall a good season, better then the last one to my liking, but looking foward to see the main plots of AWOW now. Oh yes, one more prediction. It will be final season 6 that will air as a split season of 16 or 20 episodes in 2016/2017.
  2. Yes I agree here, the build up the sacrifice was a bit week for that scene... But it worked very well for setting up the Dany scene. Viewers who have not read the books were thinking, that they kill of Dany now and it is one of these episodes where everyone dies. And even some book readers thought they are now deviating and maybe even killing Drogon off or waiting for next season to have the dragon riding scene. So it worked very very well from an TV writing perspective to not have a lengthy buildup. It was very very good craftsmanship here by the writers for what they intended. So Jon's - probably temporary - demise next week will have even more impact as the average watcher and non book reader will be caught off guard again, thinking the writer won't fool them again. And boom Jon lies in the snow. Roll credits. But only so many episodes. So instead of wasting valueable screentime seeing Stannis being influenced, we got a nice big battle at Hardhome last week and a finally a nice Dany scene this week. So it's all compromise. If they had the funding for like 16 episodes per season we might have gotten more into certain things. But we don't. But all is better then drawing out AFFC and ADWD over two seasons. These books don't have enough substance to carry each a season on its own without going into a ton of subplots not really suitable for the general viewer as they don't advance the arc of the main characters. And we already have a ton of characters to deal with for a TV show. The same way ppl. complained about the naked scene gay scene in the early episodes. How can they do this, served no purpose and so on. Well it paid of nicely in at the small inquisition when Lora's boyfriend gave his "testimony". Then, you knew they they included this scene. They have no time to put a lot of fillers. Watch next week: when more bitching happens because we see more things happening in TWOW...
  3. How can he overlook it his camp? Everyone is in on it but not Stannis? Yeah, right. His soldiers taking command from his wife or the red woman to grab Stannis' daughter and burn her on the stake? This is not going to happen. No chance at all. He agreed to it, he rung with his decision. He saw this as the last option. Sacrifice his daughter or all they all die at the camp. Melisandre and his wife will play an important part until Stannis makes his decision. That is what was not shown on the show. It will not be light decision for him, But he has to do it for the greater good, so he keeps telling him. But he had to do it, it was the only option. And as will be thawing the next day and he can march on he see's that he made the right decision. He sacrificed his daughter for the great good. He is the rightful king. Yes, it will leave a mark on him. Also remember that GRRM said about 1/4 of the WoW is written. The Stannis stuff happens early in the book and parts were already written for the last one but not included. D&D for sure have the draft of that and didn't deviate much from it, except cutting it together for screentime and speed things up, so we can get going, like they did with the two books all season, to bring characters in position for the 3rd arc of this epic story. Finally. So face it, it will happen with Stannis agreeing to it, not easily of course. But what has to be done, has to be done.
  4. As the next book is not published yes, no we do not know the exact cirumtances how it happened. We only know now that it will happen as D&D follow the story arc for all major characters as GRRM as told them. Deviations in how it came to be of course as the show has a limited amout of time, but the outcome will be the same...
  5. ...and if the Red Wedding happened in the show before the books ppl. say that D&D screwed it up and GRRM would never kill Robb. ...and if Ned start died in the show before the books ppl say that D&D screwed it up and GRRM would never kill the hero. ...and if whatever way Jon returns next season, ppl. will say that D&D scewed it up and GRRM will never do it that way. Get over it... GRRM decided that is what Stannis doing in is desperation being out of options and influenced by religious fanatics. In 2-3 years you can read all the details in the books how it came to be... The books are overtaken by the show, deal with it. He sacrified his daughter what he thought would be the greater good, manipulated by two religious fanatics at his side not listening to reason anymore because he wants what is his by right. And it will thaw a bit, so he sees that his actions were painful but right. He did what he had to do. But in the longer run it won't pay off. Well, he will die next week or early next season anyway, as his story is basically over.
  6. I have a Dragon and I am not afraid to use it! Even though I know what was coming from the books, this was what I was waiting for the whole season. I feared they ruin it. They executed it perfectly, well a little bit on the cheesy side of course... But I loved it. "Vla" and I was in front of the TV clapping for excitement. Had been forever that I felt like this when watching a TV show. Though it could have used more fire! My girl friend was like "OH NO!!!! These bastards are killing Dany Off!!!! Screw them! I am not watching anymore!!!!". I tried to keep a poker face. She had tears in her eyes of joy when Dany said "Vla". No subtitles needed to know what that meant. The rest of the episode of course was keeping a low profile and had the expected sacrifice of Stannis' daughter. we all know was coming since they spoiled it in the season teaser with her mother on her knees, so the last scene has more impact. And they built the tension up extremely well, lulling in you a bit in Dany's arc for the big pay off. So I am giving a 10 out of 10 here. Beats even the Hardhome battle. I have no clue how they going to beat E08 and E09 in the season finale. Well some WoW spoiler probably in the Stannis battle (well Stannis is toast, we won't see him next year). Also I assume they are going beyond Jon's death and not making it a cliffhanger. Hope they are not bringing Lady Stoneheart in here, judging from the episodes title.
  7. Because that is what you should think... And then when it is about to happen as you expect it, it won't. Guess she will bump into someone else she has a beef with. Will she be able to kill this person instead? Basic setup for an upcoming twist, has been done over and over again and usually works with the majority of the audience.
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