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  1. Lord Vance II

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    I kind of took a "live or die" approach. Sansa - Queen in the North (North, Riverlands, Vale) Jon - Hand of the Queen (Sansa). He doesn't want to be a King, he wants what Ned wanted. Rickon - "The Wild Wolf", I want to say he lives, but I kind of see him either rejecting the throne or reading the room and seeing that Sansa is the one the people want. So maybe Lord of Winterfell? Arya - Not sure. I dream of her coming back to Westeros, linking up with Nymeria and her pack and using her FM talents to sneak in and open the doors of the Twins to the pack. Not sure after that though, I bet him and Rickon would get along real well now. Bran - No idea. Anything is possible. Jaime - Dead, after some epic heroics Cersei - Dead, at the hands of any one of the Valonqar she has in her life (Jaime, Tyrion, Tommen) Tommen - Dead, idk how, but he has to die, right? Dany - Dead, and likely goes Targ Mad before that. At least 1 dragon will die, maybe the other 2 just take off without her? Or have to be killed because they're running amok. Barristan - Dead, killed early in Dany's invasion (JonCon?) Tyrion - Is the hardest. I want to say he lives, but I also don't see Dany winning, and if he keeps his lot with her, doesn't bode well for him. I'd love to see him end up as Lord of the Rock. Aegon - King of 4 Kingdoms (yes, I believe he is legit, bite me) Arianne - Dead. Just a gut feeling. Stannis - Dead, after some epic heroics. Davos - Lives because he's just unkillable apparently (also maybe blessed by the Drowned God?) Euron - Dead, at either Sam or another Greyjoy's hand (boy I hope its Victarion) Victarion - Lives? Not really sure, but I'm cheering for him Theon - Dead. Either Stannis gets him like he plans or he dies doing some redeeming act. Asha - Lives...somehow. Sweetrobin - Dead. see Tommen. Manderly - Dead, dies in the chaos after he finally springs the GNC, laughs his way to the grave. Sam - Lives, is key to the defense of Oldtown, may kill Euron, will be given option to leave Maesters but will stay. Gendry - Lives and is legitimized to continue the Baratheon name. Littlefinger - Executed by the Queen in the North.
  2. Lord Vance II

    Wake Dragons From Stone = Sword in the Stone

    Jon may be Rhaegar's seed, but he's Ned Stark's son as far as he's concerned. As others have said, there's no way Jon would have any interest in the Iron Throne unless he had to to stop the Others. I've been playing with the idea that the "sword in the stone" OR the "waking a dragon from stone" may refer to the fact that Dark Sister, the Targaryan Valyrian Sword, is currently underground in Bloodravens cave. A Dragon (sword) in a stone (cave). It's unlikely Jon would end up in Bloodravens cave....but maybe his possible sister, Meera? I don't really think Azor Ahai is Meera, but Dark Sister sitting with Bloodraven has to turn into something, right?
  3. Lord Vance II

    Scenario: How to quell Robert's Rebellion

    Assuming I'm a Hand who A) doesn't want a war to happen and b) knew Aerys had gone mad, I'd put every resource possible into finding Rhaegar and Lyanna. Finding them is the only way to avoid a war. Convince Rhaegar to depose Aerys, give back Lyanna and profusely apologise for the good of the realm. Given his whole prophecy bend, I doubt Rhaegar would listen, but unless I'm spoiling for a massive war I'd go that route.
  4. Lord Vance II

    Dragonlords & the Valyrian Freehold

    I've always liked the idea of there being some Valyrian colony deep in Sothyros, but there's no real basis for this. I've always figured wild dragons were basically a different breed. Like they are wolves compared to the German Shepards the Valyrians bred over the centuries.
  5. I think at the end of the day, if he does not stay as LC of the NW, I think he will want nothing more than what his (adoptive) father always wanted - To live in peace and relative isolation at Winterfell. So, out of the options, Protector of the North.
  6. Because "A Dream of Spring" sounds so nice and presumably TWoW will end on a very low note that will leave characters/readers dreaming of spring. Also, I don't think there will be a Targ resurgence, and if there is, it will be Aegon, not Dany. Don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of my rationale, but Dany's invasion is doomed. GRRM obviously loves the Targs, or at least their past, and (for reasons I don't get) they have tons of fans in the forum, but I just don't see it ending well for Dany.
  7. Lord Vance II

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    No. I'd love to believe there was a hidden dragon in Winterfell, but I just can't square it with the evidence, or lack there of. The chances that a full-grown dragon slipped away and somehow wriggled its way to some deep depth of Winterfell to lay eggs that no one ever found is just too much a stretch. Symbolically saw a "dragon?" sure, but literally, no.
  8. Just depends on whether she can manipulate them or not. A child of Tommen and Margaery would likely stay in King Landing so she would def try to plant herself as the future king's go-to. A child of Tommen and Margaery would just become a new battleground between Cersei and Margery (and by extension, Olena) unless Tommen stood up to her. Myrcella's children would probably stay in Dorne and be shielded from her, so I assume she would think less of them.
  9. Lord Vance II

    Why Does Cersei Want To Be A Man I Mean Be Jaime?

    I don't know if she wants to be Jaime specifically, but if she does, it's because Jaime is basically a living representation of what she would be as a man since they're identical twins. She's an extreme narcissist. She loves her own beauty but wants the respect and power a man can have. Thus, Jaime, as a tall, beautiful blonde copy of her with a penis is the perfect middle ground. Plus with Tywin dead Jaime is probably the only person she sees as even close to her equal regardless of gender.
  10. A handful of lords may have their suspicions or maybe know its a lie straight up, but they have to play along with the "Mummer's Farce" until Manderly & Co. are ready to make their move. I think they'd be more suspicious of the dubious circumstances around her sudden resurfacing than her appearance though. Arya is the 3rd born and 2nd daughter. I doubt Ned trotted her out every time a Northern Lord came to Winterfell and even if he did, the lords wouldn't have much reason to pay much attention to her, especially since she'd be years from marriage. Hell, if Arya knew she was going to have to do the whole song-and-dance every time a lord came to visit, she'd probably take to the trees rather than have to look nice and proper. And as many have already said, many of those who may have better memory of Arya are dead. Personally, I think Manderly knows damn near everything going on right now in the North but has to wait, but admittedly I'm a huge Manderly fan. Also, if Davos fails to recover Rickon, Manderly & Co. may need this Arya, fake or not, for basically the same reason the Boltons and Lannisters need her.
  11. Lord Vance II

    The Others: Why Now?

    This, more or less. It's just time. It seems simplistic, but I don't see any real reason they would move now. It's definitely not Dany and her dragons. There were maybe hundreds of dragons alive during the peak of Valyria, and the Others never moved. There were dozens of dragons in Westeros during the Targ years and the Others never moved. Hell, the Others may not know dragons even exist, it's not like they'd've seen one. Frankly, I don't think the Others care what's happening in Westeros or even have a way to know. I suppose they could be using glass candles, but even then, I don't think they've seen anything that would worry them. They don't care who's on what throne, we're all just wight meat to them. It's not like they see Jon raising an army to drive north to the Heart of Winter. They aren't under any real threat. I will say, I posted a theory a long time ago that the Others want to reseal the Arm of Dorne and restore Westeros to pre-man conditions. Based on geography, I think much of the North was glacially locked because there would be no warm water moving up the Narrow Sea. Shattering the Arm and unleashing tropical water from the Summer Sea would have created rapid climate change in the North. Perhaps this robbed the Others of their land by turning it more temperate? Even so, it doesn't really explain why now since it happened like 9,000 years ago.
  12. to piggyback off of @Free Northman Reborn's good point, I think a lot of the Essos story will be told through Tyrion/Barristan/Victarion rather than Dany. Once Dany is back in Mereen with her Dothraki hoard and FINALLY leaves for Westeros, it basically turns into a military campaign where the thoughts of Barristan and Victarion will be much more important than Dany. I believe Dany will move the bulk of her army overland to the Narrow Sea (for a variety of reasons) and will need Tyrion to be an emissary ahead of them, so there are his chapters. It's not that Dany won't be important, but I don't think she'll have too much to add that the others can't add for her once the army is the move until they actually get to Westeros.
  13. Lord Vance II

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    In general, I like it. I've always liked the idea of Meera being Jon's sister, but never saw much evidence other than the stuff on the surface. Though you kind of lost me at Jaime and Cersei being Targs though. Just a thought - If we know that Dark Sister, a Targaryan weapon, is currently sitting in Bloodraven's stone-and-root cave, if Meera does take it up (for whatever reason), could that maybe be seen as waking a dragon (weapon) from stone (a cave?) Is Meera Azor Ahai? Probably not, but it's a thought. Also, could the "they" you hate so much include Jon/Meera? Maybe one baby had been removed from the room after it came out and the second was still in the room when Ned got there? Howland picks up the removed baby (that Ned blew past out of worry for Lyanna), and Howland and Jon/Meera are the "they" that come in to see Ned with Lyanna's body?
  14. Lord Vance II

    Does the north treat its’ basards better?

    That's most likely it. Pretty similar to how "marriage" in Europe was much more loose before Christianity made it a sacrament. I wouldn't say bastards are treated better in the North, just that they aren't as looked down upon. It also seems like bastards are just a way of life in the Iron Islands given their rape & pillage MO.
  15. Lord Vance II

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    Maybe "nothing special" was a little much, but strong doesn't mean monstrous or expensive. I stand by them being fairly small and spartan by castle standards. My point is that they haven't poured more money into their seat than any other house.