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  1. Lord Vance II

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    Maybe "nothing special" was a little much, but strong doesn't mean monstrous or expensive. I stand by them being fairly small and spartan by castle standards. My point is that they haven't poured more money into their seat than any other house.
  2. Lord Vance II

    Strange Thing About the Twins

    The only reasonable way I can think of for the Frey's to be rich off their bridge toll is that it's old money and the Lords Frey have been very frugal men. The Twins are fairly small and nothing special as far as castles go and doesn't seem to be particularly well-appointed inside. They aren't know for lavish feasts or for being openhanded. I could be wrong, but I don't recall the Freys actually using their supposed vast wealth besides mobilizing troops. Compare that to the Manderlys and White Harbor (whom I agree must be much richer than the Freys), who have clearly shelled out to build a beautiful, well-appointed city and castle. Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world. Maybe the Freys have an account with the Iron Bank or something and make good interest after all this time. But if the Freys have "new money", I have no idea how other than because GRRM wanted them to and didn't take the socio-economic sitch of the area into consideration.
  3. Lord Vance II

    What if Greyjoys were isolationist?

    Then they'd be hella boring. And their "army" is as fresh as anyone's at the beginning of WOFK. Balon had been rebuilding the Iron Fleet for a while and it seems to be at full strength by the time it's introduced. They surely lost good sailors at Fair Isle, but sailors are a dime a dozen in the Iron Islands. Frankly everyone's army is fresh at the start of the story. No one had fought a major campaign since the Greyjoy Rebellion, and even then only the North, Westerlands and combined Navy mobilized. That said, at this point the remaining "fresh" armies (Dorne, The Vale, Lord Manderly) are going to play huge roles going forward.
  4. Lord Vance II

    Unpopular Opinions?

    Dany is the worst thing that can happen to Westeros right now and the Targaryan dynasty as a whole is overhyped and overglorified. Aegon is legit. No basis, just gut feeling. Euron won't summon a kraken or warg anyone or any of that crazy stuff. Victarion is a way more interesting character. Sansa will be in charge in more than one kingdom by the end. I couldn't care less about Tysha or whether or not Tyrion gets any closure there.
  5. Rowdy Roddy Dustin and his Winter Wolves primarily. I don't think anyone in the South expected Cregan to show up with his full force any sooner than he did, he would have made it in time if not for the poisoning of Aegon II. Robb Stark moved south fast because he didn't have time to draw all the potential manpower in the North. Plus Cregan was pretty hardcore and wouldn't stand for such a slight. After the Hour of the Wolf, I don't think anyone would want to get on his bad side. Yes. The Winter Wolves were men who wanted to spare their families from feeding them during the winter. Cregan's main force was primarily the same makeup.
  6. Lord Vance II

    War gainst the north

    Take as in conquer and indefinitely occupy? No. Space is a weapon, and its just too big. Take as in burn/sack the castles and kill the ruling houses? Sure. It would be super expensive, super time consuming and almost surely not worth it, but sure. Supplying a large southern army in the North would be a logistical nightmare, especially if winter set in or White Harbor could hold out.
  7. Lord Vance II

    Chances Stannis tries to legitimize Roberts bastards?

    Being the thorough man he is, I doubt he stopped at finding only a few if he knew there were more. I don't think we know exactly how many Cersei offed, probably several at least. If he knows about Mya, he knows she's in relative safety at the Eyrie. I don't know if he knows where Edric is, but he's safe from Cersei as well. He may not have mentioned the others after the Edric fiasco because he knew they were out of his grasp. I suppose he doesn't know squat about Gendry's whereabouts, but I doubt he'd hold up for one bastard if he knew others would be relatively safe. True. But I feel like if he did to this, anyone willing to accept it would overlook that fact for one reason or another. Again, I don't expect many to listen if he tried. Honestly, for me this would be a consolation prize if/when my favorite throne candidate dies. Fun idea more than anything.
  8. It seems the consensus is there's at least a chance Selyse and Shireen Baratheon will die during the WoW, possibly before Stannis (I'm pulling for him, but it doesn't look good). If they die, House Baratheon is over. If Stannis outlives Selyse and Shireen, do you think there's any chance Stannis tries to pull an Aegon IV (kind of) and mass-legitimize Robert's bastards? Stannis is obviously embarrassed by the results of his brothers indiscretion, but he has shown he at least half-way cares about them. Sure, he tried to kill Edric, but that was out of desperation with Milissandre in his ear. He and Jon Arryn made sure Gendry was taken care of, and likely saw to the safety of more of them in KL. I don't know how much he knows about Robert's other surviving bastards, but I'd bet he knows about Mya since she was the first. I think he would prefer the unappetizing idea of legitimizing Roberts bastards than the Baratheon name dying forever. I'm not saying it would work. He's not the king of much or many, so a declaration from him wouldn't carry much weight. Plus the only real precedent is a king mass-legitimizing his own bastards, not his brothers. It might carry a little more weight if he actually named them instead of just a blanked statement. But a legitimized Edric Storm could become an issue, and the BwB would be over the moon to discover their blacksmith was the son of King Robert. Also, what bigger final "fuck you" could he give to the realm that rejected his rightful claim? Aegon IV's great bastards caused massive problems and Stannis knows that. If the legitimization even halfway worked, he would die knowing he had sowed the seeds of chaos for whoever sat the throne he believed was his. Of course, there's the chance Selyse and Shireen die but Stannis still has time to make a new Baratheon, or things like a family name become inmateriel once the Battle for the Dawn begins, or they all survive (haha). But if Stannis does go down, I like the idea of him leaving the realm a parting gift.
  9. Lord Vance II

    Real life Cultural/Geographic parallels to GRRM's world

    I think King's Landing is clearly modeled after Washington, D.C. - Named for it's nation's founding father (KL isn't named after Aegon, but it's a reference to him) - Built from scratch rather than using an existing city as a capital (Folks thought NYC or Philly would be the U.S. Capital originally) - Much younger and smaller than its contemporary cites despite its clout. - Set aside from existing entities (D.C. is specifically not in a state) - Red Keep = White House And to a lesser extent, - Giant awe-inspiring monuments towering over a pretty shitty city (D.C. is pretty slummy). - Located on the eastern end of a major river mid-way up the coast (not exclusive to D.C., obviously) I think a lot of people forget that GRRM is an American and not every influence has to be from The Old World. I mean, the man included references to 3 NFL teams.
  10. Lord Vance II

    Which big war would you most want a novel of?

    Theon Starks victory over Argos Sevenstar and his subsequent invasion of Andalos.
  11. Lord Vance II

    Great men and what they accomplished

    Old Valyria had hundreds of dragons and they didn't conquer the world. There is such a thing as having too large an empire. Yes. Theon Stark is perhaps my favorite legendary character. I mean, motherfucker not only turned back the Andals, but said nah, that ain't enough, and went to their shores. I would love to have a short story about the Hungry Wolf. Undefeated. I would also submit Robar Royce to the list. Sure, he lost in the end, but he managed to unite the First Men and nearly turned back the Andals.
  12. Lord Vance II

    Will Dany's Dragons lay eggs?

    Not in the time frame of the books, maybe decades in the future. They're babies. Her dragons are, what, like 3 years old? Sure they're gigantic and ferocious, but I seriously doubt their sexually mature, especially considering how long their lives can be. It's a general rule of nature that longer-lived animals take longer to sexually mature. Humans average lifespan is like 75 or so and we don't sexually mature until were in our teens. Dragons can easily make it 100+. They're in no hurry. Of course, "nature" might not matter to a dragon, and them being reptiles (Kind of, I guess? Warm-blooded reptiles?) might change the rules, but I just don't think they're old enough.
  13. Not in like a year honestly. Probably need a refresher before I try talking it, this was more what I want to happen, facts be damned. And after reading so many threads in here on the Pink Letter, I've pretty much just thrown my hands up and am just waiting for George to actually tell us. I want to say it's BS, but not sure whos.
  14. Ice: I know this may be naive to think, but I think Stannis is going to crush the Boltons. The Night Lamp sounds legit to me, and we've waited 5 books for the supposed best general is Westeros to show his expertise. I also think the Manderly army is close to Winterfell and will storm the castle once the Bolton column is gone, with most, if not all, the Northern houses turning on the Boltons. Stannis marches onto Winterfell to find the Direwolf and Merman hanging from the battlements. Fire: Total shitshow. Dany's crew wins, but with devastating losses and bailed out by Victarion. Frankly, the image of the Iron Fleet quietly slipping in among the Volantine fleet and the worlds best marines getting to work is one of the things I'm most excited about in WoW. The dragons are obviously a wild card, not sure what they'll do beyond terrorize everyone. Blood: Not sure. I know a lot of people are on board with the Kraken idea, but I'm not sold. I could see Euron trying some blood magic and failing, but he survives and doubles-down on the crazy. I think the combined Redwyne/Hightower forces are way too strong for him to soundly defeat without an ace up his sleeve. Without magic, I see a bloody and indecisive battle with the Redwyne's commanding the "field" at the end. Steel: I mean, Aegon and Connington have to win, right? I'm in the camp that believes Aegon is legit (or at least want him to be) and he needs his "here I am" moment. One way or another, I don't think it comes to blows between Mace and Connington.
  15. Lord Vance II

    I’m surprised that...

    The one time he was in the North that we know of he was kind of shackled to his wife most of the time. I know he could slip away if he really wanted to, but I think he kept it in his pants when he went to get a new Hand.