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    Hello all, I am a long time lurker (creeping on threads via the Google). Um, I'm an American social justice warrior feminist type who was drawn to this series because of my intrigue for the show (never saw it), which pulled me into the books. I've become enamored with Sansa and how eerily similar she is to me. My name comes from a woman who was canonized in the Eastern Orthodox church, but left out of the Western Orthodoxy (yet I am an atheist, go figure). Uh, yeah! So, I decided I needed more social interaction online besides Twitter and Facebook, so here I am! As for a living, well, after a rather unfruitful search... and a bad stint in a dying retail chain, I'm preparing for the LSAT! I also survived a rather bad bout of depression following my university graduation. I am writing a novel and I also run a little blog that looks at popular culture through a feminist lens. Uh, so yeah! Hi! :)