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  1. If Cersei blew up all the Nobles in KL, who were all the people in the throne room during her coronation?
  2. Also agree about the Stark emblem returning to Winterfell in the opening. Think there'll be broken Stark, and Boltons emblems on the ground next to it?
  3. Pretty sure that's book only. Someone please correct if that's wrong.
  4. Show hasn't ever brought that up before have they?
  5. Not sure why Wun Wun went to battle sans weapon. Simply uprooting a tree, and swinging it around would have pretty much made the Vale rescue unneeded. Also, not sure how laying Rickon to rest in the crypts is going to reveal any new info. Rickon's not going deep down where any possible secrets may be. He's going where many have already been. Why wouldn't any of those people have found it already?
  6. Mikkin wouldn't have known what to do with it anyhow. Would be rad though.
  7. Why wouldn't Danerys have Drogon burn the Harpy fleet as she was flying in? Did she just not notice all the ships firing at her pyramid?
  8. Found it funny that Arya laughed at the actors making fun of King Robert, but then got upset by them clowning on Ned.
  9. Really don't get the confusion over show Dany being fireproof. Even with book Dany, I'm not convinced the George was 100% when he made that comment.
  10. Thanks, didn't think so either. Guess that's why they included the sorry for being mean part.
  11. Had Jon and Sansa ever said a single word to each other in the show before last night?
  12. Gotcha, planning on a rewatch this afternoon. Definitely caught that Umber is now Lord, but missed any talk of the Greatjon.
  13. Was pretty put off by the changing of "Woe to the Usurper" for some reason. Not that it really matters, but the words were already written, and didn't need to be changed. Are show watchers really too stupid to understand the original words?
  14. Agreed. Same as the Umber being Smalljon, or the "main" white walker being the Night's King.
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