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    PhD research: Doran Martell and you

    1) I imagine him with unkempt, greasy hair and a tired, painful expression in his face. The constant pain from his gout seems to be tre trait most commonly mentioned in his descriptions, so I tend to picture him as slightly hunched, usually with his hands resting softly on his lap and his hugely swollen legs covered in blankets. I imagine him sitting on a wheelchair that looks like a wooden throne with massive wheels. 2) The actor isn't too far from my mental image of Doran. Perhaps I imagined him older, or at least more aged by his condition, with dark bags under his eyes. The pain described in the books really doesn't come across on his acting, I think. 3) I have seen him in a few movies, but hadn't found him particularly memorable. Had to do a google search when he was first announced as Doran. He wasn't exactly as I had pictured the character, but I was satisfied with his casting. 4) I haven't read or watched any interviews about his part in the series.