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  1. It seems unlikely that Grey Worm knows or cares anything about the Night's Watch, or that the difference between Jon taking the black vs. simply being banished beyond the wall (essentially what ended up happening) is something that would matter to him, so I'm not sure what would be the point of a ruse here.
  2. It's a good thing Hot Pie didn't resurface this season, or he would have had a vote on the council purely by virtue of being a character we recognized. I'm surprised Ed Sheeran wasn't there.
  3. I felt the same way. From everyone else's perspective (except, I guess, for Yara, who forgot she was promised independence...and the new Dorne guy was a cardboard cutout, so who knows what he thinks), Jon is the true king and saved the realm from a usurper who had just incinerated the largest city in Westeros along with its civilian populace...so why is the usurper's military leader (who would be isolated in a city that was just turned to ash at this point) in a position to dictate anything except exchanging his prisoners for free passage to Essos? It really bothered me that 1) Someone didn't stand up and give a speech to the effect that "We already have a king. His name is Aegon Targaryen, the Sixth of His Name, blah blah, now release him to us or face the full fury of the Seven Kingdoms." (Dick joke optional) Everyone who seemed to think Jon had the best claim and was such a superior choice to sit on the throne an episode and a half ago suddenly threw him under the bus really quickly, and it's hard to tell if this was because Bran and/or Sansa really didn't care about him and wanted the power for themselves all along, or just another example of lazy D&D writing... 2) In any case, there was zero reason not to bring Jon back from his exile the instant Grey Worm's ships disappeared on the horizon...it's not like he's going to be coming back to ensure the sentence was carried out as agreed upon.
  4. And yet while everyone was sitting there looking at each other for 5 minutes trying to figure out where to find a new king, no one (including Gendry himself) found this even worthy of mentioning...
  5. I mean, I guess I'm impressed at this point that they remembered there was anyone else left in Westeros besides Tyrion, Davos, Gendry, Yara, and the Starks...no word on where all those people have been for the past 2+ seasons, though. I hate how small and limited the world has felt since the story moved beyond book material...as the books have expanded in scope, adding more layers of mystery and intrigue, the show somehow managed to do the exact opposite. This season's plot felt like moving from Point A to Point B to Point C - about as linear and predictable as you could possibly have written it.
  6. Agreed. Now, waiting for the last 2 books to be finished and then remaking the whole thing from the start (with someone who understands and loves the source material at the helm)? That I could get behind.
  7. Forget stabbing...just give his wheelchair a nice shove into the Blackwater. Easiest assassination ever.
  8. Why would anyone want Bran on the throne? IDK, maybe that will happen in the book too, but in the world of the show it feels completely unearned. He played no part in the endgame, has done nothing to prove he would be a good ruler, and his 3ER powers didn't amount to shit. "But he's the keeper of all our stories" -- yeah, okay. Dorne and the Iron Islands (and probably other regions as well) would be like "Mmkay, that's nice. We're gone now."
  9. If anything I have a whole new appreciation for Feast and Dance after watching what Season 5 of GOT did with their material. I wonder if Grrm would ever consider releasing "remastered" versions of AFFC/ADWD, splicing the stories back together chronologically and adding in the chapters that were moved to TWOW (Battle of Ice, Battle of Fire, Cersei's trial, etc.) to bring each story to a more natural climax at the end of Dance. Almost certainly not, but I think that would be an amazing read and would buy him some time with fans to complete the rest of Winds.
  10. There's no doubt the show is still entertaining in its own right - as goofy, wild escapism that you don't have to think too hard about. A lot of people are fine with that, and will continue to ooh and ahh at the shocking deaths and the dragons and "White Walkers" and Tyrion's wisecracks. Good for them, I suppose. But an adaptation of ASOIAF this is not - not any more. I'm not upset because the show is different from the books - I'm upset because it's so vastly inferior to the books. With the incredibly deep and rich source material they were handed, and with their production values and the talented actors that were cast, HBO had all the materials to create a masterpiece of television; I know they have limitations in time and budget, and that not every minor character is going to be represented or every minor event depicted (so don't give me the "books and TV are different, durr" stuff), but that hardly explains crap like the abomination that was Dorne this season, or the incredible dumbing-down of the entire Northern subplot. The amazing book dialogue is discarded more often than not, replaced with the show writers' own dialogue (spoiler alert: it's not as good). They cut the likes of Wyman Manderly and so many others but spend a bunch of screen time on unnecessary and uninteresting show inventions like Ollie, Myranda, whoever the guy is that Loras was sleeping with, etc. The characters are so one-dimensional and dull, nearly every plot line robbed of its excitement and intrigue. Just...such a waste of so much potential. I agree that TWOW not being out yet is on Martin, and the show shouldn't be expected to wait for him. I don't think anyone expects that. But watching how D&D handled the material that was already published doesn't give me any hope for how they will manage the story once they're completely off on their own. I think I'm done with anything ASOIAF-related until we at least have a release date for TWOW. Then I'll start a reread of books 1-5. Hopefully TWOW is out before Season 6 is all I can say.
  11. If Stannis does end up burning Shireen at some point (which very well may happen), it will be under very different circumstances and I doubt it will feel as wasted and needless as last week's scene did -- because D&D can't hold a candle to GRRM as storytellers. They went out of their way to shoehorn that event into a situation where it wasn't needed and made no sense, and they do deserve criticism for that whether or not something kinda similar ish eventually happens in the books. :lmao:
  12. This would normally go in the now-locked (for some reason) Rant thread, but I read a review where the author derisively referred to Stannis as "a commander who relies on sorcery to win battles." That's right: "I defeated your uncle Victarion and his Iron Fleet off Fair Isle, the first time your father crowned himself. I held Storm's End against the power of the Reach for a year, and took Dragonstone from the Targaryens. I smashed Mance Rayder at the Wall, though he had twenty times my numbers. Tell me, turncloak, what battles has the Bastard of Bolton ever won that I should fear him?" Now we know that if Stannis wins the Battle of Ice it will be due to blood magic -- he could never be a match for Ram(bo)sey otherwise.
  13. 9/10...best this season, and it's not close.
  14. Really good episode - and it's been a while since I've been able to say that.
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