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  1. 13 hours ago, TheFirstofHerName said:

    The grass always appears greener on the other side.....until you’ve tried it out.  I don’t think the wildlings felt like they fit in and were accepted.   Some of them probably liked it south of the wall but not all them.  They wanted to go home.  They just wanted the freedom to wander without the confines of the Wall and to getaway from the White Walkers.   I don’t think there is a real NW anymore. It was just a ruse by Tyrion to convince GW not to kill Jon.  The only folks there when they opened the gates were Tormund and the wildlings.  The supposedly NW who accompanied him had no fresh recruits with them and let Jon lead.  


    It seems unlikely that Grey Worm knows or cares anything about the Night's Watch, or that the difference between Jon taking the black vs. simply being banished beyond the wall (essentially what ended up happening) is something that would matter to him, so I'm not sure what would be the point of a ruse here. 

  2. 15 hours ago, Prince of the North said:

    Not to mention...several of those voting actually didn't have nearly the status to even get a vote (they even made a joke about it with good ol' Davos mumblin' "Don't know if I get a vote but..."  HAR!)  They were literally only included in that farce of a scene because they're "known" characters:rolleyes:


    It's a good thing Hot Pie didn't resurface this season, or he would have had a vote on the council purely by virtue of being a character we recognized. I'm surprised Ed Sheeran wasn't there.

  3. 5 hours ago, The Sunland Lord said:

    Who the hell is Grey Worm to have a say in matters of ruling of the Seven Kingdoms, and the audacity to decide for Jon freaking Snow's fate? This is something that really pissed me off.


    I felt the same way. From everyone else's perspective (except, I guess, for Yara, who forgot she was promised independence...and the new Dorne guy was a cardboard cutout, so who knows what he thinks), Jon is the true king and saved the realm from a usurper who had just incinerated the largest city in Westeros along with its civilian populace...so why is the usurper's military leader (who would be isolated in a city that was just turned to ash at this point) in a position to dictate anything except exchanging his prisoners for free passage to Essos?

    It really bothered me that

    1) Someone didn't stand up and give a speech to the effect that "We already have a king. His name is Aegon Targaryen, the Sixth of His Name, blah blah, now release him to us or face the full fury of the Seven Kingdoms." (Dick joke optional) Everyone who seemed to think Jon had the best claim and was such a superior choice to sit on the throne an episode and a half ago suddenly threw him under the bus really quickly, and it's hard to tell if this was because Bran and/or Sansa really didn't care about him and wanted the power for themselves all along, or just another example of lazy D&D writing...

    2) In any case, there was zero reason not to bring Jon back from his exile the instant Grey Worm's ships disappeared on the horizon...it's not like he's going to be coming back to ensure the sentence was carried out as agreed upon.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Prince of the North said:

    Not to mention, they illogically had Dany just voluntarily and rashly created another claim to the Iron Throne that many would feel at least rivals her own when she legitimized Gendry.:rolleyes:  Remember, Gendry's daddy took the throne away from Dany' daddy by right of conquest.  Many would enthusiastically rise to his cause if he chose to push his claim.  That was stupid and completely unnecessary.


    And yet while everyone was sitting there looking at each other for 5 minutes trying to figure out where to find a new king, no one (including Gendry himself) found this even worthy of mentioning...

  5. 13 minutes ago, Saturno said:

    Loved how they have put every single surviving character (except for Bronn, so apparently Horn Hill is the new seat of power of the Reach) as the "new lords of westeros" PLUS A FEW RANDOM GUYS to make a impression


    I mean, I guess I'm impressed at this point that they remembered there was anyone else left in Westeros besides Tyrion, Davos, Gendry, Yara, and the Starks...no word on where all those people have been for the past 2+ seasons, though.


    I hate how small and limited the world has felt since the story moved beyond book material...as the books have expanded in scope, adding more layers of mystery and intrigue, the show somehow managed to do the exact opposite. This season's plot felt like moving from Point A to Point B to Point C - about as linear and predictable as you could possibly have written it.

  6. 36 minutes ago, JonCon's Red Beard said:

    The change.org petition is ridiculous. Not only because those things are always pointless, but because the people behind it are just mad their fav. character didn't have the ending they expected it should have had. Many displeased with the show are still happy that, say, Sansa is Queen, even though it's very unearned and it feels more like an apology from D&d to ruin her plot. Remaking Season 8 wouldn't help because all the problems started in Season 4 or 5. The show is rotten from the start, the episode aired yesterday is just a consequence of that.


    Agreed. Now, waiting for the last 2 books to be finished and then remaking the whole thing from the start (with someone who understands and loves the source material at the helm)? That I could get behind.

  7. Why would anyone want Bran on the throne? IDK, maybe that will happen in the book too, but in the world of the show it feels completely unearned. He played no part in the endgame, has done nothing to prove he would be a good ruler, and his 3ER powers didn't amount to shit. "But he's the keeper of all our stories" -- yeah, okay. Dorne and the Iron Islands (and probably other regions as well) would be like "Mmkay, that's nice. We're gone now."


  8. On 5/18/2019 at 2:18 PM, Ser Hedge said:

    So godspeed George, but please don't take another 8 years! Why don't you just publish whatever's ready first and figure out the rest, it's not like ADWD had a proper ending anyway, so we are fine if none of the plots have reached a kind of a conclusion in TWOW yet!

    I feel the opposite way: I'd rather wait longer for Winds than have it come out (after so long a wait) feeling unfinished and incomplete the way Feast and Dance do.

    I've thought for a while that George should consider re-releasing AFFC/ADWD as a "Part 1" and "Part 2," with the POVs from both stitched together to make a complete narrative and the material that was moved to Winter put back to give those storylines the climax they were supposed to have. Might be a good way to buy some time with the fan base if he still has a ways to go to finish the rest of TWOW...

  9. You can believe that Dany's "Mad Queen" turn was inevitable and a fitting place for her arc to end up (which I do) and at the same time think the show didn't do enough to set it up and sell it. Foreshadowing it isn't the same as making it feel believable and earned once it actually happens.

  10. So given the ease of Dany's victory (it seems obvious that Rhaegal was sacrificed last week in a way that made zero sense to give the illusion that Cersei had a chance, when in reality she never did), and lack of any civilian casualties until she incomprehensibly decided to go apeshit, can someone explain to me why she shouldn't have taken King's Landing a season and a half ago, when she still had three dragons and the Night King was still trying to figure out how to get through the Wall?

  11. 12 minutes ago, Crona said:

    Willas was mentioned in the show in the beginning seasons. They forgot about him, they even forgot to kill him


    I'm not surprised...everything outside of Winterfell and King's Landing seems to have been forgotten, or to be worthy of a throwaway line at best. Who holds Storms End? Don't know! Who cares? Oh, but there's a new Prince of Dorne. Who is he and where did he come from? Who cares? And so on...

  12. 2 hours ago, theladyinspring said:

    The entirety of last season was spent cajoling and guilting Daenerys into bringing her dragons and armies north. Convincing her that if she is to be Queen of Westeros, she has to take action to confront the biggest threat the 7 Kingdoms will ever face. That this was the true height of her destiny, not fighting Cersei who is in the end just another upjumped noble. The dragons aren't for Cersei, they didn't return to the world for that, these magical beings are here to fight magical beings.

    As much as I hated last season, at least this part of it did seem to coincide with the fact that dragons came back into the world after the White Walkers returned. And the comet. And the interference of the Red God and his Essos people who have been supporting Daenerys for some reason at the same time Melisandre over in Westeros is absolutely obsessed with stopping the Army of the Dead. It all makes sense.

    But then it turns out that if Daenerys had never come north, had never brought her dragons north, then the Army of the Dead would not have gotten past the wall in the first place. But I tried to overlook that GLARING problem in hopes this season would show that in the end Dany and her dragons would be key somehow.

    But no. Her and her dragons and her armies were entirely unnecessary for this fight. Using Bran as bait to lure the Night King could have been accomplished completely without her. The armies were cannon fodder and in no way shaped the Night King's path. The Dothraki have been destroyed, their entire journey a futile one, their culture gone. The dragons weren't even all that useful in the fight since the Night King had a great plan to counteract them. In fact, dragonfire played no role in the story of what happened in the North other than it brought down the wall!

    Daenerys then should never have listened to any of the people who told her to come North. She should have done exactly what Cersei did, focused on the game of thrones, and maybe let them take the dragonglass at least in exchange for Jon bending the knee.  The biggest threat to the 7 kingdoms will never even be known by 6 of them, thus can't even be helpful in uniting them.

    This is terrible.


    But according to Missandei, without the Dragon Queen, everyone in the North would already be dead! (or whatever her snarky comment to Sansa was) :lmao:


    (not sure if D&D actually realize how stupid that was or not...I doubt it)

  13. 13 minutes ago, LokisRaider said:

    There are no Seven Kingdoms anymore. The Seven Kingdoms follow the same rules as the Night King. You haven't heard from any region since their leaders died.

    Stormlands died when Stannis was killed.

    Riverlands died when the Blackfish died and Edmure yielded.

    Reach died when Olenna died

    Dorne died when the Sand snakes were killed.

    I just assume they work under the same magic as the Night King and everybody dropped dead when their leader died :dunno:


    This is the best explanation I've read... Westeros is feeling awfully empty nowadays.

  14. The big idea of using Bran as "bait" seems silly after watching the episode... it looked like he had about 10 Ironborn with him, no one had Valyrian steel, and there seemed to be no actual plan in place to ambush the Night King once he got there. Things worked out due to Arya appearing at the last possible second, but wouldn't it have made more sense for her to have hidden there the whole time...?

  15. 3 minutes ago, MarkPierre said:

    Commanders should have battle experience, instead of we have Brienne who has no experience (I guess being a swordwoman is enough) and Little Lady Morment who is a child (she talks back to adults, so it's okay).


    I keep trying to figure out why Lyanna Mormont was allowed to stay and fight but Tyrion (who has actually commanded men in battle before) got sent down to the crypts...LOL. How insulting.