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    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    This is crackpot but I once read someone else' post about the sign of Braavos starting to sink due to the rising sea level and how the city itself is based on the real world counterpart of the Netherlands and Venice. Is it possible that the FM and Iron Bank knew about this and planed to move from the sinking city? Maybe their moonsingers foretold it. What better way to acquire a new land than to get the Gift or the New Gift, the huge piece of land not owned by any lord? That should explain the feeling Jon had, as well as why the FM focused on Arya.
  2. Schwarze Sonne

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    A Song of Storm and Fire - Yuki Kjiura This song is definitely perfect for Daenerys Stormborn. Both storm and fire are her trademarks. No ice at all though.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone had brought this up to you yet. I tried to send you a PM but it seemed like it was too long.

    This quote below was said by Maester Cressen to Shireen Baratheon when Shireen asked him about the redcomet. And her question was right after he consoled Shireen about how the stone dragons can't come to life to eat her like in her dream.


    “The thing in the sky is a comet, sweet child. A star with a tail, lost in the heavens. It will be gone soon enough, never to be seen again in our lifetimes. Watch and see.”

    (ACOK: Prologue)


    PS. I saw you have a few of Cressen's quotes in your essays. You just had to miss this most important one when you were predicting about the red comet's return.

    1. Schwarze Sonne

      Schwarze Sonne

      Also, the name of the woman who told Shireen of the red comet is "Dalla".

    2. LmL


      Right on, I follow you. Cressen said "don't worry, dragons can't wake from stone," and he is of course wrong, so he's probably wrong about the red comet returning. Very cool... I am amassing foreshadowing of the comet's return for a future essay,so I have only mentioned this idea in passing. But I will add this to the pile, my thanks.

      What was the significance of the name Dalla that you were seeing?

    3. Schwarze Sonne

      Schwarze Sonne

      Well, she shares the same name as Mance's wife. Both talked about something that would have foreshadowed the future (the fall of the Wall by the Horn of Winter, the red comet and dragons' return).

      I at first thought that Dalla's name is among the Norns in Norse mythology, but it seemed I was wrong. She's unrelated.

      I believe that we'll see ASOIAF version of the Book of Revelation like black purple sun and blood red moon soon. Eschatology makes good final battle.

  4. Schwarze Sonne

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    The Ironborns are idiots. Euron is not, and he's making use of it. He's the combination of two of the most horrible human beings in Westeros: Daemon Targaryen and Ramsay Bolton. Your stance that Euron is as bad as any Ironborn would have lumped all the wildlings Jon Snow saved, the Mountain clans and basically many others in wars to be as bad as Euron. The very fundamental of belief in gods stems from the belief in an afterlife. And Euron doesn't believe that (and if Jon Snow's answer to Melisandre about his after death experience in show is any indication) and hence he doesn't give a crap about the punishments from gods or what would have befallen him after death. He's only care about his current life, his own life, not even his lagacy. Euron might have soft spot for crows. Maybe that's the only redeeming trait he has so that he isn't completely evil.
  5. Schwarze Sonne

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I'm surprised nobody has ever mentioned this thread yet. Not even PoorQuentyn. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/128971-badbrother-euron-greyjoy-urrathon-night-walker-and-the-hooded-man-of-winterfell/ I've noticed recently that Urrathon Night-Walker that was mentioned casually by Xaro Xhoan Daxos in Qarth in ACOK has name that is surprisingly similar to Urrathon IV Goodbrother "Badbrother" that was the Ironborn king during the Age of Heroes. This "Badbrother" was also mentioned by Asha's mate that he was the king who got disposed by Torgon Greyiron "Latecomer" and became the inspiration for Asha and co to find Theon and bring him back to the Iron Islands to challenge Euron's kingsmoot. Urrathon's sigil is also a "horn". Well, Urrathon Night-Walker's house should be more than hundred of years old, but Euron definitely lived for less than half a century. It's still impossible for Euron to be the said Urrathon unless Xaro didn't mention in detail that the said house had changed its name not long ago. I used to think "What a freaking coincidence!" that Euron somehow met the warlocks and captured them when they were about to sail from Qarth. But what if it wasn't a freak coincidence but Euron knowingly captured them because he was in Qarth from the beginning? I also think that Quaithe and Euron are in cahoots since both shadowbinders and night walkers seem to be common there. And Quaithe warned Dany against anyone who could have been her ally, even Moqorro and Victaron who seem to be against Euron. The shadow of a woman in Aeron's vision that was laughing alongside Euron might be Quaithe, who I sort of believe that she's Shiera Seastar in disguise. And these are her character descriptions: Seriously, she has the worst personality among all the people in the series. Not even Cersei could match a strand of her arrogance. She make her lovers killing each other for her own amusement. And if Blackfyre's Rebellion(s) was actually engineered by her all along by pitting Bloodraven and Bittersteel against each other for her own amusement, she would be the most befitting the terrible woman in Aeron's vision. Daenerys can't be one. I never believe she would laugh at others' misery. Cersei might be a terrible woman, but not that terrible. She's the narcissist who enjoys being praised and respected by others even if she's incompetent and cruel. But that terrible woman female version of Euron. And there's noway it'd have been Melisandre. She's a fanatic, but not a monster. And thus all that left is Shiera, and if the rumors are true she probably baths in maiden's blood regularly to keep her youth. All terrible BS rumors the slavers made to slander Daenerys were things Shiera probably did. BTW, night-walker and whitewalker sound similar. What is the characteristic of a night-walker anyway.
  6. Schwarze Sonne

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Well, look at Cersei and see how nobody gives a crap about Stannis' declaration that all her children are bastards born of incest because they have no idea how to prove and Cersei will never admit it. And Cersei is a terrible woman. She's definitely guilty. But her incest might never be proven, ever. Maybe Shiera's theory is all BS, maybe it's true. I just made a theory.
  7. Schwarze Sonne

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Dany's case is false. But there's no proof in Shiera's case that she really isn't that sort of person. We know nothing about her besides rumor after all, and her mysteriousness doesn't help that. Shiera might be as the rumor said or even worse, or it might have been BS. Just because we never get concrete evidence doesn't mean it's all BS.
  8. Schwarze Sonne

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    This chapter really scared the heck out of me. I used to think that Euron was "all-talk" but now i do not think so. Let me remind you that every prophesies (not counting anything regarding Azor Ahai since it hasn't been confirmed yet) and visions in the series so far came true, although not always in the way we expected, and every efforts to prevent them were all for naught, so far. Cersei and Melisandre totally failed to prevent it, they actually made them come true themselves. Melisandre failed repetedly, and since they arrived to the Wall, her visions were parallelled with multiple characters instead of just one like she used to (Jon & Ramsey). From Dunk & Egg, Daeron's dream came true with Baelor's death in Dunk's trial of Sevens (not like he really ever tried to prevent it though). Daemon II's dream also came true, but it was metaphorical and wasn't direct literal dragon that hatched. Moqorro sae the vision of Euron and so what? I doubt he could prevent anything from happening. I believe that Euron will eventually conquer the Seven Kingdoms and f**k up eveyone along with the terrible tall woman who is a shadow with pale white fire in her hands. I suspect the woman to be Quaithe and I believe that Shiera Seastars is her true identity. Remember that Quaithe "warned" Daenerys in advance not to trust anyone who'd come to her, to make sure she wouldn't make an ally with them but enemies instead. You see, Daenerys' worth is her dragons and everyone wants them and wants to use her. It's Daenerys' decision how to manage to use them or cooperate with them to gain things, but instead Quaithe's prophesies ruined all that. Quaithe even "warned" of Moqorro (black flame), Victarion (kraken) and Marwin (perfumed senechal) in advance. And how could Daenerys ever know that Quaithe would play a long game with grand plan in her mind? She'd be less suspicious of Quaithe than other people coming to her. As for why I believe Shiera Seastars is Quaithe. They are sort of sorceress. I also believe that Shiera is as terrible a woman as she is described in rumors. Bloodraven and Bittersteel's fight over her eventually lead to Blackfyre's Rebellion(s) and she was definitely amused by that since she was rumored to make men fight over her for her own amusement (the worst kind of woman). Yet Bloodraven seemed to be into her so much and cause the kingdom to bleed for his selfishness, despite his so called "pragmatism" (nonsense imho, he's a hypocrite). Bloodraven definitely f**ked up everything badly because of woman. What an idiot. I think that Euron used to be Bloodraven's agent and apprentice, until Bloodraven realized (too late!) that Euron is a mad man, dumped him and chose Bran (his long awaited sucessor) instead. And then came Shiera... With so much build up and the lack of supernatural villain besides the Others, I really hope Euron would live up to my expectation of exchatological storyline.