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    Westeros chat

    Recently, I've begun to frequent the Westeros chat on this website. However, when I opened the site today, the chat box which is normally in the bottom left corner of the screen didn't pop up. I initially assumed that this was because I had somehow been logged out. Although I was able to sign into the site from the home page, I remain logged out on wikia pages, and when I try to sign in, the site doesn't recognize my account. Furthermore,it won't let me create a new account, linking to an administrator page with no text. My point is, I would very much appreciate if someone would tell me if there has been some change to the way the chat function works on this site, and help me find my way back there. EDIT: I was able to get there by just going directly to the gosu. Still confused as to why it disappeared though. My only guess aside from changes to the site would be that my browser is blocking site add-ons, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. Ramsay wouldn't see it as turning on the crown, he'd see it as taking justice on Jaime for stealing his playthings. He probably wouldn't consult with Roose on it, either. Look at what he did to Reek: he mutilated a potentially valuable prisoner, without his father's knowledge (on the show).
  3. I'm hoping that Brienne and Pod will try to rescue Sansa Mance Rayder-style. Sansa and Theon escape Winterfell, but Brienne is captured. Once Ramsay finds out that Jaime was the one who sent Brienne, he'll threaten to kill Pod if she doesn't write a letter to Jaime saying she's found Sansa but needs his help.