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  1. And what else is she going to do to fight Daenerys without a fleet of her own? It's that or surrendering to Tyrion
  2. Gets incredibly excited about a GOT episode with a Stark meeting and Danerys burning all the Khals and claiming the entire Dokrathi nation for herself. Looks for a fan site filled with fans to share the joy Enters Westeros.org by mistake Sorry guys, I'll let you moan and whine about how aweful this awesome episode was. Just in case, does any of you know any ASOIAF/GOT fan site?
  3. We don't really have a POV at Winterfell now, right? Would Martin write his dead off-page?
  4. Based on the trailer, I think they'll cut Victarion and have Yara doing his part. Whether she does it on Euron's behalf or to get the Iron Islands back from Euron, we'll see. The logical answer is: civil war. Oberyn eldest daughter should be next in line, but she's a bastard, so we should see several pretenders raising in arms. Buuuut... D&D can just say: Oberyn eldest inherits because Dorne and that's it. Yes? Ok, I hoped.
  5. I agree. The big payoff of Dorne was... absolutely nothing. Trystane should have at least hit Bronn himself. He's a pussy. I don't know. It sounds too good to be GOT. I mean, that would mean some storyline has some payoff. I want to get my hopes up regarding the Winterfell storyline, but I fear I'll only get disappointed. No revenge, no pies, no Manderly, no GreatJon, no entrails hanging from trees. Maybe the White Walkers will cross the Wall and raise all the dead Starks from the crypts? Hundreds of angry Ancient Starks ought to do something awesome.
  6. Which explains Selyse shot during the trailer. The blizzard reduces visibility to a few meters. Ramsay and 20 commandos dress in mercenary clothes or something, few people will see them, fewer will try to recognize them, none will wonder who they are in an army filled with foreign mercenaries. They set some tents on fire to create a distraction (sorry, no Drogon), kidnap Shireen and get the hell out of there. And then Ramsay can either be smart and keep her hostage, or flay them, fullfilling the interviews of doing some nasty things to some nice people and Ramsay doing a scene he didn't want to do.
  7. :agree: I'll also add, based on the promo, Bronn turning his cloak - because Doran isn't talking to Jaime there
  8. Sam already told Jon last season that sex doesn't break the night's watch vows
  9. There aren't many job opportunities for quiet philosophers in war-torn Westeros. Characters are butchers, they are meat, or they are whining sidekicks like Davos.
  10. While I agree with the first part, I don't see Stannis letting anyone harm Shireen. Most likely, he dies/is wounded, Mel kills her to resurrect him. Add the WoS, Jon's assassination or something and Sansa's pregnancy, and the Internet will melt with episode 10
  11. I guess it's going to set up Alliser Thorne sending Sam (and Gilly) to Oldtown. Throne removes the last of Jon's loyalist (Edd might not approve assassination, but he doesn't approve of teaming up with the wildlings and everyone else died in battle) and has something to pressure Sam to leave if he hesitates: Gilly would get raped sooner or later, so he better take her south with him. No weapons allowed inside the Sept of Baelor or something, there you go. Which is what happens in the books. Give her an armed guard, and that guard will cut through dozens of unarmed septas
  12. Regarding Gilly, how could it not happen? The Night's Watch is a prison filled with rapists and murderers and she's the only woman in miles. It already stretches disbelief that it didn't happen sooner. Also, didn't Sam and Gilly had sex in the previous season? Honestly, if Gilly hadn't asked Sam if he was hurting, I would have thought they were carrying on in secret. Sansa... she's showing a certain type of strength. Yes, the arc is about Theon, which is a shame, but her telling him he's Theon of House Greyjoy, heir of Balon Greyjoy was a great moment, as well as her interaction with Ramsay. I doubt that hook she got would serve her for anything other than earning a beating (or worse), but it's a good thing to see she isn't defeated. As for the Sand Snakes, yes and no. The exhibitionist one (Nym I guess?) knew how long it would take for the poison to affect him.
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