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  1. Jon Martell

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    I really think that's the worst game of thrones episode ever. After last week when I said episode 8 was the best I've seen we are gifted with a giant abyss between the last two episodes.
  2. Jon Martell


    Welcome , always good to have a fellow Martell supporter
  3. Jon Martell

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Is it just me or anyone else here thinks that Bran will probably warg Wun Wun ?
  4. Jon Martell

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Even though I don't think I will ever like what D&D did to sansa's arc and the crap Dorne was this season I got admit that things got better since episode 7. And I agree with some who have said here: that's the best episode so far.
  5. Jon Martell


    Welcome kat, Keep reading you won't regret. See ya
  6. Jon Martell

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    That fighting scene between barristan and grey worm against the sons of the harpy was so disappointing. How can unsulied fully trained and with shields die so easy against normal rebels with knives ? Well done D&D.
  7. Jon Martell


    Hi Eddard, I really like their words ( Unbowed, Unbroken, Unbent), their weather as it is described as hot and sunny and because I really expect them to play a major role in the end of the novel. I really want to know what Doran´s plans are. Well that´s basically it, See ya
  8. Jon Martell


    Yes, I have. I plan to do a rereadd and I can't wait for winds of winter to come out.
  9. Jon Martell


    Hi everyone, Well I will do it as simple as I can. My name is Igor and I´m from Rio de janeiro, Brazil. I am an aspiring electrical engineer. I am a big fan of the world George created and hold house Martell in high regard. So that´s all I can come up with right now (I kinda have a fear to write as I am not the best at grammar). I hope to meet a lot of fans of ASOIF from around the world. See ya,
  10. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken