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  1. You're right, poor emo pup, he just wants to go back to the nothingness of death (?) where the other half of his brain rests. maybe it's just a spell, just like dragons awoke magic everywhere in the books, maybe in the show it causes heavy brain cell loss in male characters with the possible side effect of reverting back to previous instances of themselves, emo season 1 Jon, lovesick Jaime, Tommen "I won't lift a finger as my mom is humiliated, I shouldn't have let them humiliate her, I should kill them all, I will let them further humiliate her and join them for... reasons" and causes female characters to merge personalities and become just one character cloned throughout the world, the vengeful boss ass bitch.
  2. I masochistically went back to the books and re read the chapters where Jon advises Stannis about how to win the Northmen, how well he knows them, how many men they have, and best way to approach, not to mention how good he is at retorting Stannis. He did not earn my respects and love in the book for nothing. And it's just so painful to see Jon going "humm" and staring blankly in defeat at them this season.
  3. This! thank you. I always figured Rickon would die since he was the other stark kid with no pov in the books, like Rob. And granted it's the stark kid we know the less about and easier to forget, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly sad. Rickon was so young when everybody left him, he just craved for family so much and for him to die a couple of steps of finally being reunited with Jon, it's just awfully painful. When you think of him never seeing Bran again, of Bran learning that he unknowingly sent Rickon to die. It's just as awful as when Rob and Cat were murdered when Arya was about to finally reunite with them. yet it was treated with far less importance. I think that's what make me mad,that they used him in a cheap way, making him run in a straight line and making RamsaySue kill him with a single arrow. It wasn't even used as an emotional scene but just as a way to make Jon's stupidity seem bigger. It doesn't bother me that loved characters die, it bothers me the way the show treats their deaths, with no feeling anymore. just as excuses to execute the plot and get rid of characters they don't know how to deal with. They think the whole show value was in shocking deaths and in trying to over do it, they have completely removed all shock from them. It's not "no character is safe" anymore, because we all knew Arya and Jon wouldn't die, just like we knew Rickon, Shireen and Myrcella would. The only shock left is about just how stupidly those deaths can be executed.
  4. I think it's more on Sansa's behalf, given how Brienne is going about Sansa's claim and the whole LF thing. But yeah I can see that being the case too. Regardless, I still can't get over the stupid way Rickon died, I would have rather if he got killed off camera.
  5. I don't think Jon did the wrong thing in riding to save Rickon. If the show happened in a universe where characters actions were driven by common sense or by their motivations and not by plot, Rickon would have zig zagged and Jon would have been able to bring him back, alive. Though then again, if common sense was a thing in this show I don't think Ramsay would have been so stupid to release the Stark heir just like that. But they needed to make Jon fall for RamsaySue schemes. Stark honor and love for family are dumb and must be punished.
  6. Yes and because at least one of each Dany new comers has to want to get in her pants, always. And we know Theon is just a walking eunuch joke.
  7. I think that's it! Evil Sandra is probably more than the writers can accomplish, and at this point, more interesting than what they actually will go with, which will probably be Sandra playing right into LF hands because she feels like she owes him.... or now she suddenly wants to protect Jon or something, after she pushed everyone aside for the sake of revenge. I don't know who Sandra is, but I haven't liked her since she willingly walked into the Bolton's den without a plan. I think that's one of the things that tipped the balance for me with the show , if she had been forced there it would all be differently, people would be quicker to support her claim, but no one forced her, she choose to go thinking that what? I still don't get what she thought she would get out of that? And it ruined her character because it hinted that Sansa would do something awesome just to end up going for the book story anyway. I can understand why they wanted to merge the Sansa story with Ramsay's and Theon's but I can't understand why they made her go there willingly. I still don't get what LF expected to get out of that either. I mean I sincerely don't get it. and I took LF to be more clever than that. He could have orchestrated a kidnap of Sansa, I mean in the show they knew she was Sansa Stark, he could have faked a kidnapping that would have led her to Winterfell. and then play the hero and win her favor.
  8. It's almost out of spite. Too many tits and no dicks? a dick joke or an actual dick per episode. too many abuse against women and women being portrayed as victims? now every girl is either a psychopathic bitch or immortal. no more cringe dialogue? tons of cringe dialogue! it's their not subtle way of flipping it at the criticism.
  9. I loved that while Sansa was so much like Cat, she actually has Ned's gentle nature and lack of a single mean bone in her body. While Arya is so much like Ned but she has Cat's fiery revenge spirit. They are trying to make Sansa more Arya like (I love Arya but one Arya is enough) just keep Sansa as Sansa damn it.
  10. Was anyone else bothered by the fact Dany just stopped by to say hi and then talked to Tyrion and then orchestrated the full "oh you misunderstand me, we're talking about your surrender" Instead of going for the ships right away? I mean it's not like your people are dying while you take a time to savor some of the victory early.
  11. It was also similar in spirit to when Rob and Cat died when Arya was so close to them, even more blatant. It was just shock value to drive the Ramsay is a sadist point further down home. we get it. The minute he told Rickon to run I thought he was releasing his hounds after him, that would have made more sense since there was no way Rickon could make it out alive then, but just letting him run? well if the boy had zig zagged as common sense would dictate, Ramsay would have given Jon and Sansa a REAL claim to Winterfell. and it would have made him look very very stupid and lose his upper hand. Releasing Rickon was just dumb, but since plot dictates characters actions now, it all goes down according to plan. Thank you! fully agree, they seem to think the show's only strong points were shocking unpredictable deaths, and they aren't even pulling that off very well, most deaths are anticipated now, and many characters get killed just to fill that "shocking death" quota, in cheap ways that are disappointing, so we don't even get their shock value at least. And now, many characters are immune to death like in every other show, which was what made GOT so different, no one was safe, well now "no one" was one of the obviously safe ones.
  12. That! I really hate that too. Also I hate how before the fight Umber shouts the north is ours or something like that. it was far more compelling than the silence on the other side, I mean if you know nothing about the show and just tune in that scene, you'd probably think the heroes are the ones shouting the north is theirs. It's like Ramsay doesn't get any deserters because I think they really want to be there, doesn't matter if he has no honor or no courage no mercy and if their ancestors had been loyal to the Starks for centuries.
  13. It's not the topic to discuss what feminism is or isn't or at least I won't, that's what I mean. Never said you couldn't question or disagree with my argument of them pandering.
  14. It's not the topic to discuss feminism. But either way it's not even what I said. Show is pandering to feminists who were most vocal to complain about Sansa being used as plot device and all the unnecessary rape scenes, I never said the show was doing said pandering right. feminists or not, everyone is insulted by this lame girl power theme.
  15. Many people have explained it before and far more eloquently than I ever could but basically. Hate watching is fun. We still love the story on itself. Some people like myself were introduced to asoiaf thanks to game of thrones, and for that I will forever be thankful to the show. The first few seasons were very good and sometimes one holds on to hope even beyond reason. We can't read the book so the show is the next best thing. if we are going to get spoiled might as well get it first hand. Game of thrones is huge, and everyone's always talking about it, so it's nice to not be the only one missing out on your friends conversations.