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  1. I hope Walder will be dead soon, murdered by one of his sons. just like Bolton and Tywin, the warth of the father. Boring episode other than Arya and Benjen, but even that was a bit anticlimactic, no warm reunion, seems off.
  2. Summer's death felt insulting. It's hard enough to accept direwolves seem to be doomed in the show (and possibly the books) but at least they could give our beloved pup a more meaningful death. I get the idea was to save them time but it could have been executed a lot better in my opinion. I had all but given up on the show but I must admit I loved the end, Summer aside. I get the criticism about the time travel but I don't quite see it as that. The story revolves around magic and the book especially, around prophecies and visions of the future. Didn't the 3ER told Bran he could visit the past present and future? I took the Hodor thing to mean that Bran just acted as a link between young Willis and his future self, giving Hodor the ability to see (and have his mind broken by) his own future without having any particular gift for it. I liked it, it shows how such "gifts" as the one Bran has, can so easily affect others, and it also shows how events and things get to be destined to be in the first place, that it's not always just a magical reenactment of something written in some divine script. It was very heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time, that's why I'm not surprised GRRM is behind it. On the other hand, if 3ER took Bran there with the purpose of Bran witnessing and understanding his role in Hodor's well... Hodorfication, maybe he has something to do with it.
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