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    There has to be some excuse reason to get Bronn up in the north. I agree, he is a fan favorite and he does need to be in the season. This way, we get a little added value: Will he or won't he attempt to kill one or both brothers Lannister?
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    Small Questions v. 10105

    My take is that an 'assassin' implies a professional, while catspaws and footpads are not professionals. A catspaw is someone you use to do your dirty work and a footpad is someone who waylays people walking on the road. Both titles imply they aren't the best type of person to hire if it's important the victim is killed.
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    Small Questions v. 10105

    I agree with you that both legends may have some truth to them. I've often wondered if Brandon the Builder is a nod to Merlin from the King Arthur stories. Various tales have Merlin solving the engineering challenges of raising Vortigern's Tower and creating Stonehenge.