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    Marrying for Love in Westeros?

    Jorah Mormont and Lynesse Hightower was essentially a love match. It ended badly. On the other hand, I recall that Sam was sent to The Arbor with the hope that he might marry the Redwynes' daughter. They found him unsuitable, but I expect that happens a lot; kids fostered out in the hope of an attraction and subsequent marriage. "Arranged love", perhaps?
  2. Nevets

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    I have always interpreted his statement to mean that he would have a completed manuscript ready for delivery to his publisher by Worldcon. If he's able to do that, I can see a release date this year, even with the virus. I see no chance of an actual release by July or August. Even if he turned it in tomorrow, it would be cutting it close in normal times, and these aren't normal times.
  3. I don't think there are enough troops in the Stormlands and Reach to go around. If Stannis somehow defeats Joffrey, he will be in command of KL, and Renly will have no troops and no claim. If Stannis loses, Renly is in the same situation as the books, but with less troops. Given his support, his actions in the book are reasonable. He just wasn't counting on shadow babies.
  4. Nevets

    Weirdest crack ship in the fandom?

    The Wars of the Roses ended with the marriage of leaders of the two main factions: Henry Tudor (of the Lancasters) and Elizabeth of York, thereby unifying the country. Henry then became King Henry VII. I've often seen Sansa mentioned as a possible Elizabeth of York figure. And while Aegon works better as Henry VII, Tyrion can work as well. Plus, one of Henry's enemies once referred to him as an " imp". I don't see Tyrion on the Throne, but I can imagine them marrying, or simply staying married.
  5. Nevets

    Theon and Jeyne

    My idea was that Theon's absence could be used to reopen the Kingsmoot, but I'm not sure if the Latecomer is the one that has to be chosen. If so, use Theon as a figurehead; if not, elect Asha.
  6. Nevets

    What's your favorite speech?

    So many to choose from. Eddard's talk to Arya. "We're in a dangerous place" and "the lone wolf dies, the pack survives". Varys's riddle. "Who does the sellsword obey", and his answer, "power resides where men believe it resides". Wylla Manderly's defense of the Starks. Tyrion's description of Cersei to Aegon. "She will bind the wounds ... with salt".
  7. Nevets

    brienne is the YMB

    I would agree that it doesn't have to be an actual Queen. The sentence is ambiguous, and when dealing with prophecy, it is best to resolve ambiguity as broadly as possible. I doubt it is Brienne, though. Margaery, Sansa, Daenerys, and Arianne all have better motives and more means available to cast Cersei down. I like Margaery for it. She has good reason, and it would make the prophecy self-fulfilling, which sounds like something GRRM would do.
  8. I have a hard time seeing a romance between them; they're not each other's type. Jon likes the Arya archetype (Ygritte and Val). I can see him with someone like Wylla Manderly or Meera Reed. And I don't see Jon as Sansa's type either. Plus they still think of themselves as siblings. I can see Sansa staying with Tyrion in the end. This would be a political partnership, although essentially loveless. They're both politically inclined, or will be, and it would combine two rival families.
  9. Nevets

    Theon and Jeyne

    I like the idea of using the Latecomer loophole (it's there for a reason) but I don't see Theon being chosen. He's too broken. Asha herself is a legitimate choice though, and allying with Stannis would make sense.
  10. Nevets

    Your king and small council?

    King: Jon Snow Hand: Tyrion Lannister Laws: Sansa Stark Whispers: Arya Stark Coin: Daven Lannister Ships: Asha Greyjoy Lord Commander: Barristan Selmy Maester: Samwell Tarly Queen: Margaery Tyrell Winterfell: Rickon Stark (Davos as Regent) Casterly Rock: Martyn Lannister Storms End: Edric Storm Vale: Robert Arryn
  11. Nevets

    Theon and Jeyne

    They care very much about the (supposed) deaths of Bran and Rickon, which are still laid at Theon's feet. We know that a Liddle met Bran, but we don't know if he told anyone else or how widely known it is if he did. If Theon is executed, it will probably be for that.
  12. Nevets

    Theon and Jeyne

    Jeyne is most likely headed to Braavos, but without Theon. . I expect that she will meet the real Arya there and be the catalyst for her return to Westeros. As for Theon, I don't know, but I think Stannis gives in and executes him. I very much doubt that Jeyne and Theon remain together. I also think it is likely that Jeyne is pregnant by Ramsay.
  13. Nevets

    Theon and Jeyne

    Double, deleted
  14. Nevets

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    @John Suburbs Tywin is no threat to the Tyrells. The Tarbecks and Reynes were rebellious vassals and no vassals have given trouble since. He attacked the Riverlands because its Lord's daughter kidnapped his son. It was retaliation, pure and simple. Unless the Tyrells do something stupid, they're safe. Joffrey is a weak reed. He is headstrong, inconstant, tyrannical, and just plain unreliable - not to mention abusive. And in a few years Tommen - who likes Margaery - will come of age and be be in a position to help his wife's family. When the plot was put into motion - before the Blackwater - Sansa wasn't the key to the North. Robb was alive and well and likely to stay that way. So there would have been zero reason to target Tyrion because no reason to think he will marry Sansa for the North. If Sansa is arrested, the hairnet implicates her. She has ample motive and her husband had threatened Joffrey. Nothing she might say about Lady O adjusting it will change that. We have had no indication that the strangler is administered any way but dissolved in wine despite ample opportunity to do so. For example, Arya is getting a graduate course in poisons. Alternate methods could be easily mentioned then - or at Tyrion's trial.
  15. Tywin is a cold, hard, ruthless sonofabitch. I have always regarded him as being Machiavellian - in an "ends justify the means" way. Implying that the means are designed to an end. His actions always have a purpose. He May go overboard, as with the Riverlands, but his reasoning is discernible. Tysha's rape had a purpose - to punish Tysha and to convince Tyrion she was a whore. Raping Elia served no purpose. She is a high-ranking noblewoman. Raping someone like that is likely to result in notoriety and disdain for those believed responsible. Plus it angered her (very powerful and influential) family beyond what a simple murder would have. So I don't think he ordered her rape. He may well have ordered her murder, or simply didn't care. As for Gregor, he was a brand new knight at the time, albeit known for his "implacable ferocity", as Ned puts it. But I don't think that means Tywin expected him to rape her. Just that he was generally violent.
  16. Nevets

    Why did Nymeria never try to return to Arya?

    It means that their split was unfriendly. Considering that Arya chased her away with rocks, I think it is up to Arya to indicate it is OK to re-establish contact.
  17. Nevets

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    The problem with this is that the plot was set in motion in the run up to the Battle of Blackwater. At that time the Tyrells had no reason to want Tyrion dead, and nobody had any reason to expect Sansa to marry Tyrion. By the way, although Margaery was also drinking the wine, she could receive a signal not to once it was poisoned. If necessary, she could simply spill it.
  18. Nevets

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    The plot was in the works shortly after the Joffrey/Margaery match was agreed to. Sansa received the hairnet at the end of ACOK, long before her marriage to Tyrion. And the date of her departure was set as the day of the wedding. I think LF was hiding the poison in case the Tyrells betrayed him. At that point, I can't think of a reason for the Tyrells to want Tyrion dead. As for Joffrey, they had heard stories but weren't sure, so asked Sansa, who would have first hand information. They probably asked Court regulars as well. I don't think even LF expected Sansa's marriage to Tyrion. He just wanted to keep her from Highgarden. By the way, the Queen Regent would have been Margaery, as Tommen's wife.
  19. Nevets

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    I have no idea why she asked. Maybe being polite, maybe checking non-verbal reaction. But no way is Sansa agreeing with her husband standing next to her. The North is half the realm. The half that is isolated, impoverished, underpopulated, with lousy weather and obstreperous bannermen. Nice if you get it handed to you on a plate. But hardly worth the trouble otherwise, especially since it is a long way from the Reach. Joffrey's own public acts are enough to show he is an uncontrollable loose cannon well on his way to becoming a tyrant. Tommen is much nicer and more malleable. And if you're lucky, you can be Queen Regent as well.
  20. Nevets

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    What do you mean, they never shut up about it? They don't say a word to Sansa after her wedding until Joffrey's wedding. And Olenna's question about leaving was made with Tyrion standing right there. Of course she's going to say no. They lost interest in Sansa when she married Tyrion. If Tyrion gets arrested, Sansa gets arrested alongside him. And they find the murder weapon, and she only remembered Olenna's adjusting it when LF reminded her. Joffrey was a problem for the Tyrells. He would likely harm Margaery and therefore anger Loras. Plus he was likely to become another Aerys II. They don't want to be around for that.
  21. Nevets

    About The Purple Wedding...

    While I am sure that they would have been quite happy to spirit Sansa away, they don't appear to be counting on it, and have made no arrangements to do so. It is therefore highly unlikely to have been a motive for murder, and they have no other reason to wish Tyrion dead.
  22. Nevets

    What is the healthiest relationship in ASOIAF?

    I would suggest that in that case, a marriage where the parties are roughly equals would qualify as healthy. Ned and Catelyn is such. I cannot imagine Ned harming Catelyn, and it appears to be a true partnership. By the way, with respect to Sam and Gilly, I think Gilly is the dominant one, at least for now. That could change, though; and it has its toxic aspects, so I would not call it particularly healthy.
  23. Nevets

    Have posters actually read the books?

    I think some posters are a bit too familiar with the books. They know every plot hole, contrivance, unexplained arrival or departure, and turn of phrase; and think every such example has significance. Thus we get "X is really Y in disguise" threads and nonsense like Cersei's supposed hidden agenda on the Trident. Plot holes become rabbit holes trapping the unwary into going in circles or riding a treadmill, going nowhere at all.
  24. Nevets

    About The Purple Wedding...

    Bronn works for Bronn and nobody else. The level of coordination required is ridiculous. His presence at the inn is coincidence, as is the meeting between Tyrion and Catelyn. Trying to coordinate all that with the communication available would be impossible. Shae was most likely spying on Tyrion for Tywin when she was killed. He probably threatened or bribed her after he discovered her presence. That Tywin was poisoned by Oberyn is possible, but unproven. The Tyrells had no reason to want Tyrion dead. Given that Sansa is a logical suspect and is carrying the murder weapon, they probably expected her arrest with Tyrion. If Littlefinger promised to get Sansa out, they are fools. Joffrey was a problem. He would have been abusive, a problem in itself and as regards Loras. He was also headstrong, and could only be manipulated into doing what he wanted anyway. Good governance isn't among them. So, Joffrey was the target, and Bronn and Shae are not working for either LF or Varys.
  25. Nevets

    Time to show your true colours

    OK, I'll play. Grand Northern Conspiracy - I think the Northerners are conspiring to get rid of the Bolton's, but that's all. As for Stannis, they have either ignored him or given him the finger. Citadel Conspiracy - The Citadel are men of reason so are likely anti-magic but that is as far as it goes. Eldritch Apocalypse - No idea what that is. I expect Sam to help defend Oldtown but think Euron survives and becomes the new Ramsay, dealing death and destruction. Sansa - She will learn from Little finger and become a player but one with a conscience. She will take down Little finger because he is a bad guy, not because of something stupid like a rape. Jon - Jon is not dead but will be in a coma for a while. He will miss FArya's arrival and departure for Braavos. Stannis - He will fake his death - hence the Pink Letter. He will use the Karstarks to take Winterfell from within. Dany will help defeat the Others. Dunno about Aegon and Victarion.