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  1. I think Myranda knows who she really is, or at least has a pretty good idea. And I suspect she's not the only one. Yohn Royce seemed to think she looked familiar, and Lady Waynewood seemed awfully willing to consider Alayne as a match for Harry, and made mention of having witnessed "horrors". Alayne was supposedly safe. She will probably disclose her identity on her own terms, when it is safe and/or necessary to do so. By then, her relationship with Littlefinger may well have soured, and she may regard him as more of a threat than anyone in Kings Landing. By the way, Mace and Loras Tyrell think she is guilty, and that Margaery was an intended target. So even if Cersei is gone ,she isn't necessarily safe, although she may not realize I think Littlefinger's position would be iffy, mainly because I think she will be on the outs with him, and the Vale lords both don't like Littlefinger and do like the Starks. I think she may ask for help for the North, which could be a reason for her disclosure. As for the tournament, it will be long over by then.
  2. Meeting Arya is a distinct possibility, especially as Arya has connections to the Riverlands, through Nymeria and the BwB, making it a logical destination for her. I expect Arya would be horrified to see what has become of her mother. It could potentially make her question the wisdom of revenge, but that isn't necessarily certain. I think it is unlikely Sansa will cross her path. Sansa has no connection to or interest in the Riverlands and no real reason to travel there, though it is quite possible that Stoneheart could find out what has happened with her. Bran and Rickon are pretty much out. I think it is unlikely she will even find out they are alive.
  3. I expect her to survive Lady Stoneheart. If not, it makes most of her AFFC story essentially pointless, as it is mostly character buildup. Given her expressed loyalty to the Starks, her current interest in Sansa, and being accompanied by Podrick, who knows Sansa from his time with Tyrion, I expect her to be protector/mentor to one or both Stark girls. Sansa is a logical choice, and Arya might be quite fascinated with the idea of a lady knight. I have a suspicion Jaime may die sooner rather than later. But I expect Brienne to survive at least to the end of TWOW. Whether she makes it into the next book is an open question. I also expect her to be an example of a "true knight", and end up having to resolve conflicts involving oaths and doing the right thing. GRRM isn't through with her yet.
  4. Not really. I think it has to do with motive. Tommen is pretty much revenge. He hasn't harmed them and is no threat. Jaime tried to kill Bran because he witnessed something that, if known, would get him killed. Also, he has shown some regret and has had a pretty big attitude change, even trying to help Sansa stay safe. Sandor believed Mycah had attacked Joffrey. Even so, he is liked despite that, not because of it. He has also been protective of both Sansa and Arya. Robert regarded the Targaryens as a threat to his rule, which they were. The Sand Snakes have no good strong reason to want Tommen dead. Plus, they have done nothing else of note. As for Arya, her sex doesn't bother me. Her age does.
  5. My impression is that Cersei didn't become interested in Robert's bastards until after Barra and after Ned telling her he knew about her incest. She realized that the bastards' appearance could become evidence of her infidelity, so sought to get rid of those she could. Up until then, it really didn't matter. They had no claim to anything, and Robert didn't seem to care. Barra and Ned changed that. Varys obviously helped Gendry, but I don't think he did much else, or really gave much thought about them.
  6. Edric Storm is the only one likely to get anything from being Robert's bastard. He was acknowledged and raised in Renly's household at Storm's End. He is therefore known to the Stormlords and has the background to become Lord of Storm's End. Mya and Gendry will serve whatever purpose GRRM thinks will move the story forward. Mya is connected to Sansa's story. If Sansa were, for example, to matchmake her with Lothar Brune, they could potentially be useful allies in any conflict with Littlefinger. Gendry is connected to Arya. He can identify her, which could come in useful. They could potentially have a short romantic attachment, but I don't really see a future together for them. He was talking to Ned on the subject of Robert's bastards. I think it was in Ned's office. He had no real reason to lie about the number. The others are likely unknown to Robert, and possibly even their mothers.
  7. The Night's Watch is a military organization, and in a conflict zone to boot. Insubordination, especially as Slynt did it, is going to be treated as a serious matter. Even today, if Slynt did what he did, especially in a combat zone, he might consider himself lucky to merely see his career come to a screeching halt. No commander, ever, is going to tolerate it. Confinement, either to quarters or the brig, loss of rank, loss of pay, and/or unfavorable separation would be distinct possibilities. And that's in a modern military. Historically, I'm quiet sure men have been executed for disobeying even illegal orders, which this clearly wasn't. By the way, Slynt gave Jon an illegal order, and a likely fatal one at that: to kill Mance Rayder during a parley. I'm assuming killing during a parley is about as acceptable as killing under guest right. Slynt would have executed Jon had he refused. Slynt really has nothing to complain about. Also, as others have pointed out, it's essentially a promotion. A sensible officer would regard it as a plum; a chance to shine and possibly gain further advancement. Not Slynt, though. He gave Jon no real choice. R.I.P. Janos Slynt.
  8. On this forum, it sometimes feels like they are unpopular, especially the first four. And to be honest, a part of me was feeling just a bit sarcastic.
  9. Daenerys is the daughter of Aerys Targaryen and Rhaella Targaryen. Tyrion is the son of Tywin Lannister and Joanna Lannister. Jon Snow is the bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The Pink Letter was written by Ramsay Bolton. Arya will not become a Faceless Man. Sansa is among the nicest, most decent characters in the series. Baelish's efforts are unlikely to change that fact. Brienne's story is, along with Jaime's, my favorite of AFFC. TWOW will be released by the end of 2023. If he can't finish by then, he's not going to.
  10. A few random thoughts. Stannis - Forgot about him, didn't you? He's not going to like that; he doesn't like being ignored. He's going to be the one that defeats the Boltons and he's going to want his reward. Most likely homage and/or troops. The Manderlys, in particular, are going to be in a sticky spot. They are apparently helping the Boltons, and killed his envoy ("You sent him to get a kid who's dead? Sure you did.") In any event, he's going to be the elephant in the room, and will have to be dealt with somehow. Jon - Assuming he survives, Jon can take charge as he is. As LC, he can essentially be the de facto leader of the North. He is known and respected by the main players, and so long as he confines his activities to the North, can probably get away with it. Depending on what it says and why, Robb's Will will be either obeyed or ignored, most likely the latter, especially if it removes Jon from the Watch. Timing - A lot will depend on when the Others attack and when Daenerys arrives in Westeros. If these happen relatively early, there won't be time to really do anything major. In particular, I expect the Others to attack sooner rather than later. Boltons/Hornwoods - It is possible that one or both Boltons could make a run for it and hole up in the Dreadfort, which could complicate matters. Another potential complication is Jeyne Poole. If she's pregnant with Ramsay's son, a distinct possibility, that could complicate matters as well, though it could also provide a solution of sorts as well. Arya - I'm sure she will show up eventually and put her skills to use. Of which, killing people is the least of them. She'd be good at finding out what people are up to, especially what they might not want known. I know. Lots of questions and not many answers. But on this, there are too many moving parts to give good answers.
  11. Poisoning her cousin for expediency? She is giving him sweetsleep because she thinks it's necessary for his benefit. She wants him to become stronger, not weaker. We know this because it's in her thoughts. By the way, what hateful words of Cersei's has she repeated? From what I recall, she has rejected Cersei's teachings. The Stark children are in arcs where they will learn skills from morally dubious mentors, and then break with them when they realize their mentors' malign intent. Sansa is developing a mind of her own. She is not going to blindly follow anybody, especially not Littlefinger, who she doesn't trust and never did. Just because you play the game doesn't mean you have to become a horrible person. Someone like Olenna Tyrell can do so more or less ethically. Yes, she's done some dubious stuff, but even murdering Joffrey was probably to Westeros's benefit. Sansa may become a bit more devious and ruthless, and that is probably a good thing. If her father had been more devious and ruthless, he might still be alive. By the way, if you think Arya is going to become a face-changing killer, you haven't been paying attention there, either. If the FM are training her to be an assassin, they are doing so in a very roundabout fashion. But that's a discussion for another day.
  12. Edmure Tully is being sent to Casterly Rock along with the Westerlings. Hoster Blackwood and Jaime's squires are with his host. Greatjon and the others taken at the Red Wedding are at the Twins. Jaime ordered the prisoners at the Twins sent to Kings Landing. He also told Lord Piper they would be ransomed. It is possible the Brotherhood intends to use Jaime to rescue the prisoners currently at the Twins. "I'm Jaime Lannister and I'm here for the prisoners. Turn them over." It might even work. It's the only reason I can think of they haven't killed him yet. As for Edmure and Jeyne, I expect they will get safely to Casterly Rock. The Brotherhood doesn't have enough time or resources to mount a successful rescue. I expect the Prologue will be their arrival at Casterly Rock. I don't see Edmure becoming free anytime soon.
  13. The Game of Thrones is essentially a rougher, sharper elbowed version of what we would call politics. While there are likely regional variations, the general principles are likely the same everywhere. Ned could play the game; he was simply unprepared for the level of venality and dishonesty he found in Kings Landing. Which suggests the Northern version may be better suited for Sansa. In any event, she will go where her interests lie. And that's not the South. Kings Landing holds nothing for her except enemies and bad memories. She's not going there. As for the Riverlands she's spent little time there and has shown no interest. The North is where she is from. It's her home. Her story is full of Northern and Stark imagery, and she frequently thinks about it and her life there. The Vale will be her training ground, but once she has learned the ropes, she will turn her eyes North. It's her home and what she cares about. I anticipate she will have a falling out with Littlefinger and leave him in the rear-view. I also think Harry the Heir is, like Aegon, a red herring. I do not believe they will marry. She will be doing things on her own initiative and for her own reasons.
  14. Bran and Arya will likely break from their current handlers and be free agents. Sansa will probably break with Littlefinger, most likely over the North, either his past actions or future plans, so he won't be a likely factor. I have doubts that Davos is going to bring Rickon south anytime soon (I think they are stuck in the far north for awhile). And even though Jon is the LC of the Nights Watch, that doesn't prevent him from exerting outsize influence in the North. Stannis is the only real wild card at this point. Most likely, Jon will take charge, as he is the only real adult of the bunch, but the others will all have their own skills and knowledge to bring to the table. There may be some squabbles and disagreements, but I expect it will work out, more or less, by the end.
  15. Summer solstice? Did you say solstice?!? There's no solstices in Westeros! The seasons last an indefinite period, often for years. Or did you forget that prominent fact? I wonder what else you forgot. Maybe that Lyanna was found in Dorne, a very, very long way from Winterfell, accompanied by three Kingsguards, who have nothing to do with Mance. Rhaegar gave her blue roses at Harrenhal if I recall, an incident witnessed by hundreds of people, so he obviously got them somewhere. BTW, if Rhaegar h a d nothing to do with Lyanna's kidnapping, why did he accept responsibility for it?
  16. A 15+ month pregnancy? I'm impressed! Must be some kind of record. Jon is presented as having been conceived after Robb, so he can't be much older. And Lyanna disappeared some months before, and her last contact with Brandon was even earlier. We're talking over 6 months, and that age difference won't fly if they are supposed to be the same age. Nobody will believe it. Look elsewhere.
  17. I fail to see the point of this theory. So she's Rhaegar's daughter instead of Aerys's. Big deal. She's still a Targaryen princess and the only (known) Targaryen left. She is no longer the result of incest involving a mad father . Somehow that makes her story less interesting, not more. And unless there is somehow proof, it changes her status in Westeros not a bit. Speaking of proof, how are we as readers supposed to find this out? I can't think of any POVs that would know, nor anyone else I would consider trustworthy. I think there is something to it, but I think it indicates a higher level of Dornish involvement than previously indicated. They were possibly hosted in Braavos by a very well-off Dornishman or could potentially have secretly spent time in Dorne itself. Which could pose interesting questions like "who knew?"
  18. Lemongate is the idea that because the house she lived in as a small child had a lemon tree, it isn't in Braavos but in Dorne. Basically her memories supposedly don't match reality. It therefore follows that she isn't really Viserys's sister but a substitute, or a changeling. There are, of course, other explanations for the lemon tree, hence the reference to a changeling. It's a pretty popular theory unfortunately. As you can see, I don't believe it.
  19. I'm not sure who is being suggested as the substitute Daenerys. Is it the child born on Dragonstone? While I believe that child is Rhaella's, it certainly isn't Ashara's. She was long gone by then. In fact, during Rhaella's pregnancy she was in Starfall receiving her brother's sword from Ned Stark. If it's Ashara's conceived around Harrenhal, then we're in Lemongate=changeling territory. If so, Daenerys is 4 or 5 at least. In order to do a switch, you need a child whose parents or guardians are willing to give her up, or are unable to prevent it, and a recipient willing to accept her. Neither is present. The Daynes are unlikely to give her up to lead a dangerous and uncertain life in the Free Cities. She would be perfectly safe and secure at Starfall. I don't see the Martells getting involved either. Judging by the marriage contract, they are placing their bets on Viserys. The contract doesn't mention Daenerys because she is of no real importance. She is the younger child, and a girl. She is surplus. In fact, she is a potential threat to their plans. Viserys likely planned on marrying her himself, which would mean Arianne couldn't. And if he marries her to someone else, it's for an army or the like. The Martells would be cut out, and he could easily fail, or even be set up to, as was the case with Drogo. If she already has a sister, so be it, but I can't see them providing one. As for Quentyn and Daenerys, that was only set up after their plans with Viserys went up in smoke (literally). It was done on the fly, and it shows. By the way, Jon wasn't conceived at Harrenhal, by Mance (really??) or anyone else. He is far too young. He is roughly Robb's age and is presented as being 1 or 2 months younger. If he is 6-9 months older, that simply won't work. Nobody will believe it. Lyanns most likely remained in Harrenhal after the tournament. Her brother was getting married in a few months, so it saves a long trip to and from Winterfell. Plus, she is betrothed to a southerner, and so needs to learn southern customs and smooth out the rough edges. And the Whents are Catelyn's mother's family. I have no doubt Rhaegar took Lyanna, apparently by force. Too many say he did and no one says he didn't. Rhaegar himself never denied it. Also, Ned discovered her at the Tower of Joy accompanied by three Kingsguards. Why he did it I don't know, but he was certainly involved. I'm sure there are plenty of issues I've missed.
  20. Daenerys being a changeling. Tyrion not being Tywin's son. Arya going bad, and becoming either a Faceless Man or a soulless murderer. Sansa going bad and becoming Cersei 2.0.
  21. I pretty much agree with all of this. I would like to add that Arya feels a need for a pack to belong to, and has a fear of rejection and/or abandonment. She is also determined, after Harrenhal, not to be subject to the mercy or whims of others. The Faceless Men are taking advantage of this to manipulate her. If that is your definition of evil and insane, I'm sure quite a few characters would qualify, including many popular ones.
  22. Given that it was intended as a trap for Stannis, I expect it has a decent sized force remaining. It is probably also likely well provisioned. I would not be surprised if one or both Boltons make a run for it and hole up there. A siege is possible, but I think a negotiated surrender might be more likely ("We'll let you live if you send Ramsay's head."). I expect we'll find out the fate of the Winterfell women. I suspect Beth Cassel is too young and Old Nan too old for Ramsay to bother with.
  23. Jaqen would have killed Tywin, of that I am convinced. This would eliminate the Lannisters' best leader. Robb would have reached a deal and gone home. Stannis probably would become king. And Arya would get betrothed to Elmar. In other words, a very different story, and probably a less interesting one. Sorry, guys, but Tywin can't die quite that early.
  24. I'm guessing it's Davos. I expect him to get caught up at Hardhome and have to flee north. In any case, I don't see him, or Rickon, getting south of the Wall anytime soon.
  25. Alysane is currently slated to accompany Jeyne Poole to Castle Black. Jeyne is likely to head to Braavos with Massey and the banker. Alysane may well accompany her there. The Mormonts are, after all, a prominent vassal of the Starks. If she does go to Braavos, her story is more likely to intersect with Arya's. In any case, Asha is likely the new face of the Ironborn. Trade and exploration offer a better future than raiding and kidnapping. Their adherence to the old ways has helped keep them poor. Asha is their best hope to change that.
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