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  1. Of course he would prefer for Tyrion to be dead. That was the whole point behind framing him for Joffrey's murder in the first place. Only it didn't work out. Now, in order to kill Tyrion, he first has to locate him, which is the same problem Cersei has. Once he's located (probably when he surfaces as Meereen's administrator, then attempts can be made. As to annullment, that has to go through the Faith. Given its political aspects, a decision would likely be made on that basis. Assuming that Sansa doesn't drag her feet on the issue. I think it is clear that she has little interest in marriage to anybody at this point, and staying married to Tyrion is a good way to avoid marrying anybody else.
  2. I don't see any reason for them to meet. Littlefinger is in the Vale and has shown little to no interest in the Riverlands or in taking his seat in Harrenhal. I doubt he will show any interest in the region until and unless the violence there dies down. As Lady Stoneheart is stoking much of that violence, it seems unlikely that he will visit while she is still around. Littlefinger seems to have transferred his Cat fixation onto her daughter Sansa. Which is probably going to be his ultimate downfall, when she realizes what a rotten guy he is.
  3. Nevets

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    They waited until practically everyone was out of the castle, and then went to the mist remote part of Winterfell. That shows discretion. It was sheer bad luck that got them caught by Bran, not lack of discretion on their part. This is what I get for not having the books handy and relying on the wiki. In any event, the case against Cersei is a weak one. He really was killed by a boar he stupidly got in the way of. I think it is possible that he was Cersei's backup plan if the wine didn't work out. For example, he could have been tasked with "accidentally" shooting Robert. I'll bet someone was. Hunting accidents were sometimes used to get rid of Kings in the Middle Ages. And considering his position, the likelihood that he was involved in somebody's plan against somebody else is quite high. This could easily give him knowledge that could prove dangerous or that he might think was dangerous..
  4. Nevets

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    While I suspect that his disappearance has to do with what he knows, I have doubts about much of the rest of this. I have doubts that he has any useful information on the incest. Unless he has direct evidence, such as seeing them having sex or hearing a confession, I doubt that he can add much. Jaime and Cersei being brother and sister, as well as Kingsguard and Queen, means that conduct that would otherwise be suspicious, such as spending lots of time alone, and even showing signs of affection, could be regarded and perfectly normal. And they acted with great discretion, so I doubt there is any proof to be had. Cersei was arrested for killing the previous High Septon, not Robert. Proving murder of Robert would be difficult, since it was his own actions (admittedly while drunk) that got him killed. We have no idea what kind of person Tyrek is. He could be. as you suggest, squeaky clean. He could also be a venal cad willing to do anything to advance his position, or pretty much anything in between. We don't know. I don't know what it is he might know about. Given his position as one of Robert's squires, he would be an ideal candidate for participation in just about any plot with or against just about anyone in Kings Landing at the time. The possibilities are just about endless. Given our lack of knowledge about him, and the wide array of activities he might have been involved in, I suspect that George is holding him in reserve until he can prove useful in somebody's storyline. That also goes for how he got out of Kings Landing. He could have been spirited out by Varys, for example, or could have left on his own, especially if he was worried about being killed to keep him quiet. As a Lannister, he would have access to money, and could live in hiding for some time on that. I will be definitely looking out for a blonde squire type in his early to mid-teens.
  5. How is Winterfell different from other regional capitals in Westeros? The capital of the Vale (the Eyrie) is an almost inaccessible castle on the side of a mountain. And even the Bloody Gate is hardly a metropolis. RiverRun, the capital of the Riverlands has no city around it either. And the Riverlands are a lot more heavily populated and prosperous than the North is. Highgarden is the same way. Rich, heavily populated territory, no city at the seat of government. And the same goes for Storms End, the capital of the Stormlands. When we saw it during the parley between Renly and Stannnis, there was no city near it either. I guess the Tullys, Tyrells, and Baratheons are backward hicks as well. At least Winterfell has an excuse for not having a city. From what I can tell, the economy is mostly subsistence agriculture, timber harvesting, and small-scale mining. None of which lends itself to the development of cities. It is also worth mentioning that this is a work of fiction, not history. And while Martin is an excellent storyteller and creator of characters, nobody has claimed that his world-building is much better than average. Which, not being an expert, is fine with me.
  6. Robb was dead by the time Jon became LC. So was most of his army - the part not loyal to the Boltons. The Boltons, Stannis, and Manderly have each other to worry about. They have nobody to spare for the Wall. Everybody else has been pretty much wiped out by the wars in the South and the Red Wedding. The South is busy with their own games. In any event, Cersei might be willing to allow the North to be overrun - they're her enemies now, after all. Even if someone visits the Wall, there isn't anything to see. The Others are not there yet. Hell, I think even some of the NW doubt that they actually exist. It would be somewhat like being in 1800s America and getting reports from Indians and the Army that there were monsters way out there; and you are already fighting a war (or just finished). Nobody is going to take it seriously, and even if they did, couldn't send much help in any event. It is interesting to note, though, that Jon has a family member in the one place with a fresh, unbloodied army. It could become Sansa's first test as a player.
  7. Winterfell predates White Harbour by many centuries, so I guess that the Starks simply wanted to keep the capital at their own stronghold. And it is a really nice castle. Also, the population of the North is rather spread out, and Winterfell is centrally located and easy to get to. As for attracting a large population, there isn't really anything there except the Starks. And it isn't really the capital of a country; more of a provincial or regional capital. It is subservient to Kings Landing.
  8. Nevets

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    I am willing to dispense with Mel, Asha, and Jaime (whose story may be at an end), but I think the story is better with them as POVs. JonCon I don't care about. Jon and Bran are principal characters. GRRM has said as much, and I think he is right. I don't think he sent Sam and Davos on their journeys for kicks and giggles (nor do I think Sam is dead). There are no POVs with them, so they will need chapters for awhile, at least. Brienne's story is not, I think, over either, and with Jaime out of the picture, has no nearby POVs to cover her story for now either. So, a minimum of 16. 13 at the beginning, and 3 later. Although I still think there will be more. I'm not resistant to 13 at the end. I am resistant to there being no more than 13 during the course of the book itself.
  9. Nevets

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    Actually, unless George's French is a lot better than I expect it is, it is an indirect quote; it's been translated. And even in the English, it is not a model of clarity. It is quite unclear and ambiguous. But there were 8 for the whole book. Your argument is like saying that he is intending for there to be 13 at the end of TWOW, which is fine by me but not what you think he met. I am perfectly happy with thinking there will be fewer than 13 active POVs at the end. I expect massive consolidation. It's the only way to get it done. I am not expecting only 13 POVs for the whole book as that leaves out major characters for roughly half of the remaining story, which is ridiculous. Some of the POVs are likely to have only 1 or 2 chapters. Putting them somewhere in the middle might very well make a lot sense, depending on the story. And if they aren't in the beginning, they might not count against the 13. Of course nothing has been confirmed, and won't be until publication. And while 13 isn't technically impossible, it is impossible to tell any kind of a coherent story with that few, especially if that story is half of what remains. Actually it isn't the 13 that is the problem, it is that the 7 left out would necessarily contain major characters. And yes, 20 POVs in the space available is quite tight. I have done allocations for between 73-82 chapters, and there were mostly pretty ugly, especially the ones in the 70s. Which may be why it is taking so long to write.
  10. Nevets

    Minor houses' sigils and their significance?

    House Payne ASOS - Sansa IV I wonder what that tale is.
  11. Nevets

    Who got the most screwed over

    I am going to say the Starks, especially Robb. Robb marries a foreigner for no apparently discernible reason. The only thing it accomplishes is sticking a finger in the Frey's eye. It certainly wasn't to save someone else's honor at cost to his own, which is a Stark-ish thing to do. And then, to add insult to injury, his marriage is used against the Starks by the Northerners ("The North Forgets") in future seasons. Ugh! As for the other ones; Arya is even more bloodthirsty in the show that she is in the books; quite an accomplishment, though not a good one. Sansa takes pleasure in the pain of others. This from the person that was actually horrified at the death of Joffrey (!!), who had tormented her for months. Ned and Jon, are, if anything,more stupid than they were in the books. At least BookJon had the sense to demand hostages and valuables from the Wildlings crossing the Wall Bran is even more invisible than he was in the books, at least up to season. But Robb is really the one t.hat got shafted the worst. Talisa, the butterfly that turned into a fire-breathing dragon that laid waste to entire storylines.
  12. Nevets

    Brienne last chapter of AFFC

    Actually, we are considering many possibilities. The most likely is that George's remarks were unclear, and the writer misunderstood (or misinterpreted ) them. Given that the article is in French, and the interview was presumably in English, that is not too hard to imagine. Also, George is notorious for being imprecise on details sometimes. It is worth noting that he mentions in the interview that AGOT has 7 POVs. If you actually count them, you will get 8 (not counting the prologue). I think he is saying that the first part of the book (presumably the part he had written at the time) has 13 POVs, and that, by the end of the book, there will be fewer active POVs than that. From what I remember of it, nothing in the article contradicts that. And AFFC and ADWD both had POVs that arrived quite late. So for right now, I am assuming a full complement of POVs unless I hear conclusively otherwise.
  13. Nevets

    Big Question regarding Inheritance

    See Varys's soliloquy on the nature of power. Power resides where men think it resides; or more accurately, where they accept that it resides. If the Northerners approve of the Lannister claimant, and consider him to be independent they will accept him, and come up with a legal reason to support it. If they don't like him, or consider him to be a Lannister puppet, they will reject him, and come up with a reason for that, too. Given the ambiguities of this particular situation, finding good reasons on either side shouldn't be difficult. As to whether or not they accept him, that would come down to a myriad of factors too numerous to go into here; name change being one of many.
  14. Nevets

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    I think Tyrek's disappearance is more likely to be related to what he knows, than to any possibility of his being in charge of House Lannister. He is too far down the line of succession and too young for his taking charge to be a really useful motive. And who says he'll do whatever Varys (or whoever) wants in any event? Tyrek was obviously in a position to know things about Cersei, Robert, Jaime, and any connections between them, including Cersei's attempts to kill Robert. Whether any of this information is still useful or relevant is a good question, though, as a lot has happened since then. I think the main question is whether he had help or simply took advantage of the chaos of the riot to make his disappearance. Both are decent possibilities. As a Lannister, he would likely have access to significant funds to make his escape with. In any event, I am keeping my eyes open for blonde squire types of the right age. Especially in Arya's story, as Braavos would be a logical place to hide.
  15. Nevets

    Balon Swann as valonqar?

    I am inclined to believe that the identity of the valonqar is connected to the prophecy or to Cersei herself. If the prophecy, it would be something to do with the "younger, more beautiful', who will cast her down. Balon Swann fits neither of these bills. If it's to do with Cersei herself, it is either Tyrion or Jaime. If the ymb, then I would expect it to have to do with Cersei's treatment of that woman. The most likely suspects for that honor are Margaery, Daenerys, and Sansa. Daenerys has no living siblngs. I don't see Arya doing anything, and if she did, it wouldn't have anything to do with Ssansa. Margaery has brothers, but they are all older. Loras is the "little brother" of the bunch, so could be an outside choice. Essentially, for me it is Tyrion, Jaime, and Loras (as a way outside choice). Balon Swann isn't even on the radar.
  16. Nevets

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    I would say that Will, Chett, and Pate, from the AGOT, ASOS, and AFFC prologues are the only real commoner POVs. Davos was born a commoner, but was raised to the nobility about 15 years ago. His position and treatment is that of a nobleman. Melisandre and Areo Hotah are foreigners, and are effectively outside the Westeros class structure. Melisandre, at least, acts like and is treated as nobility. Varymyr Sixskins (ADWD prologue) is a wildling (Free Folk), and like the foreigners, is essentially outside the class structure. Maester Cressen is the maester to one of the top households in Westeros. If he ever was a commoner, he surely isn't one now. While having more commoner POVs would be nice; as @sweetsunray has pointed out, the story is about young nobles essentially being ripped from their comfortable lives and forced to make their way in the world without reliable guidance, as well as the political machinations that are causing them trouble in the first place. As such, commoner POVs don't necessarily add much. Although a Gendry POV for instance, would have been interesting.
  17. Nevets

    Predictions: Varys and Littlefinger

    Littlefinger will die towards the end of TWOW. Sansa will be the cause of his death. She will discover unpleasant facts about his past and his future plans, and decide that he needs to die. I have no idea how she will kill him, though. As for Varys, I don't have enough information about him to really say, although I doubt he will make to the end.
  18. Nevets

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Nowhere near the smartest man around. With the Red Wedding he has managed to give his house many more enemies and many fewer friends than they used to have, in addition to making the name Frey synonymous with "treachery". As for having 22 sons, he has not provided the means for their support. Which means that, when he dies, there is going to be a battle royale between them for what remains of House Frey, and it is going to be quite ugly. I expect more Freys may be killed by other Freys than Lady Stoneheart could hope to deal with. Ruthless and duplicitous - maybe; smart - not so much.
  19. I'm not really seeing it. With Sansa, she has an inferiority complex. She regards herself as not being as good as her sister, and it bothers her. With Denyo, she knows she's as good as he is, but he is no more than a temporary traveling companion to her. Septa Mordane was frowning because she wanted the girls to be working on their stitches, not gossiping and giggling. And it was targeting Sansa as much as Arya. And then she notices Arya's stitches are ragged, which doesn't help. But she wants Arya to be more proper, like a lady, not to be rid of her. With the ship's captain, he wants her off his ship. He probably thinks she is a Faceless Man in disguise, and wants as little to do with her as he can possibly get away with. his attitude is due to who he thinks she is, not what she has done in his presence, which is faultless. Actually, I thought Jon was being quite friendly. He is either puzzled, as in "Wait, I thought you were doing stitches", or he is joking with her. Either way, I think he is friendly. Yorko is unfriendly for the same reason everyone else is: they think she is a Faceless Man. It's not that she isn't strong enough. It's because (1) there is no room for her, and (2), they think she is a Faceless Man. I'm perfectly happy to see parallels, and think there are some in Arya's story, and even useful comparisons between AGOT and AFFC. But I do't they are any more significant than anyone else's. By the way, I think the best parallel between the chapters is between AGOT Arya III and ADWD The Blind Girl, where she is in darkness and overhears an important conversation. Also a major connection to cats in the chapters. But one is no.3, and the other no. 4.
  20. Nevets

    Side characters you wanna see less and more

    Less: Greyjoys, except Asha; everybody in Dorne; everybody from Meereen (Dany's entourage: Barritan, Missandei, Grey Worm, etc., is OK, though). More: Meera Reed; Podrick Payne; Wylla Manderly; Jeyne Poole; Tyrells (Willas, Garlan, Margaery); Sarella Sand, aka Alleras the Sphinx; Sandor Clegane; the Daynes
  21. Nevets

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    From what I can tell, the only examples we have of "setting aside" are by Kings. If so, it may be that there is a special dispensation for Kings, or simply that they are powerful enough to get away with it. Which would explain, for example, why Robb was never requested to set aside Jeyne. He couldn't even if he wanted to. The idea that the existing wife could be forced to join a religious community to open a spot is also one that could make sense. I think on this issue we are going to have to wait for Martin to make things clearer, or not, as the case may be.
  22. The wildlings (1) have no reason to think they will be believed, and (2) tend to avoid the NW in any event. I do recall that Jeor mentioned stories of monsters to Tyrion, so obviously some stories got out. But Mance evidently decided it was better to mass his population and force his way across the wall by surprise than to issue a warning, acting on which would make it more difficult for the wildings to get across.
  23. Nevets

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Of course she is absent by choice. She chose to remain in Meereen of her own free will, in order not to abandon those she had just freed. She was offered sufficient ships to get her and her unsullied to Westeros. She declined. The fact is, if she wanted to go to Westeros, she has the means to do so. But it would likely mean the re-enslavement of those in Meereen, which she is unwilling to permit. George is the author of this story, so he gets to make the decisions, arbitrary or otherwise. He obviously preferred to delay Dany's arrival, and give her some experience ruling. Because he is the author, he gets to make those decisions. Oh, and I hate to break this to you: The Starks, along with a couple others (Tyrion and Daenerys), are the main characters of the series. So, if you don't like them, it is going to be a long, tiring slog.
  24. Nevets

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    If you are looking for proto-enlightenment ideas or anything resembling modern sensibilities, then you are definitely reading the wrong series. This takes place in a fictitious, imaginary-world version of the middle ages, so they don't exist yet. As for the attitudes of the Starks, it is worth noting that Jorah Mormont is in exile becaue Ned stark wasgoing to take his head for selling poachers into slavery. And Roose Bolton mentions in a later book about having to hide his activities from Ned's father for fear of punishment. Both cases involved commoners. I think the Starks are among the better characters, ethically speaking, in the series. Certainly better than, say, the Lannisters. They are not perfect, and have done some wrong acts, though usually not from venality. More like bad judgement. I find it interesting that you like early Sansa. One thing practically everybody, Stark-lovers included, agree on is that early Sansa is a difficult pill to swallow. Given your hatred for what are most of the main characters, I would suggest you not bother with the series. You will either miss large chunks, or get increasingly frustrated reading about characters you apparently don't care about.
  25. Nevets

    Quaithe: Sun's son and Mummer's Dragon - thoughts

    Manfrey Martell? Never heard of him, so no. I think we have heard of everyone important by now. The names seem to indicate individuals who will meet and attempt to influence her, and all the names I listed fit. I noticed that some of the names are paired. Victarion and Moqorro were traveling together, as were Tyrion and Jon Connington. The last two could be together or separate. If together, it could be becauase of the Martells' plans to hook up with Aegon. Btw, Euron is a reasonable possibility for the Kraken. The rest I stand by.