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  1. I've been quite ill the past week and a bit so I've had a lot of extra free time on my hands to play the new, much meme'd upon Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game and honestly... it's a really good game. I should note that I haven't quite finished it yet, having just started on the endgame story path so I haven't seen what lies in the postgame or how the game ends yet, but I'd say I've still seen a pretty large chunk. The graphics, and especially performance are atrocious, truly dire, there's almost nothing positive to be said here (the Pokemon models themselves are ok, and there are some nice animations for Pokemon hanging out in the overworld and in cutscenes), but I think I have an easier time than most overlooking shitty graphics and when the framerate decides to stay playable long enough for me to appreciate it there's a very good game underneath. There are three major story paths on offer throughout the game for you to bounce between and all three are fun and well written with interesting and sympathetic characters - the gym challenge aka Victory Road is the most bare bones in terms of plot being as it's a pretty straightforward mainstay of the Pokemon series but they do a good job with your best friend/rival, and having various people drop in to track your progress, encourage you, and so fourth, the Gym challenges and fights are also pretty fun and have good music. If I have one criticism of how the story paths are handled it's that in giving the player a huge amount of freedom in which order they want to approach objectives and where they want to go in the world (positive) it becomes quite easy to get sidetracked or lost, or miss things, or end up doing things "out of order" which can lead to a bumpy experience and a janky difficulty curve. In this I think the main thing they need to improve is the world map, if it had an option to overlay the zone borders and expected levels of pokemon and trainers that'd be an enormous help without being too in your face or curtailing the player's freedom. The game also does a very good job of getting you invested in/bonded with the box legendary who serves as your mount, I was kinda prepared to hate it but I actually really like Koraidon now. I still haven't actually had the chance to use it in battle yet actually and I much prefer this approach with legendaries where you spend a good chunk of time with them and have them as a part of the story, rather than them just being a big ol' powerful statblock that randomly appears right after you get handed a master ball and tends to force its way in to your team with its sheer strength. Koraidon really managed to worm its way into my heart with its ongoing presence and a few cute animations. It also handles quite nicely as a mount, and the climbing up steep surfaces in particular is a huge improvement over Legends: Arceus. The world feels pretty large with a fair amount to explore and do - the world map itself isn't great as alluded to earlier, it could use showing cave entrances/exits for starters to aid in navigation not to mention the zone borders as I mentioned earlier, so it can be more difficult to figure out how to navigate than it should be. There are large numbers of pokemon all over the place, and often they spawn in groups that'll flit and fly around, do various animations, or suggest some life to the world with, for instance a group of one type gathered around or chasing one of a different species, or following a more evolved version of their own species. The distance at which they spawn in and despawn is pretty terrible though. While I'm on the Pokemon I'm pretty happy with the majority of the new species, there are some really great new designs that I'm sure will become classics, though personally I think the starters final forms are a bit of a mixed bag. There's a decent amount of QoL over older generations such as having access to your boxes at all times through your phone and being able to have pokemon re-learn moves whenever you want (I think this was also in Legends: Arceus) and I like what they did with TMs with making them single use but craftable with materials dropped by pokemon you defeat. Stuff like being able to have your pokemon out walking around and also being able to tell them to go auto battle is great, especially with outbreaks. I was surprised by how developed the "school" segment of the game is with a variety of classes you can take and little subquests you can go through to develop a friendship with / learn about / help your various teachers as you progress through them, and the teachers themselves are all fairly well developed characters themselves. I was also pleased with how wide a variety of gender presentation there is in this game with a fair number of gender nonconforming characters, a variety of body types and gender presentation, clothing styles, etc. from the characters you meet in the game, none of which is pointed out or made a big deal out of, and there's a pretty good range of options to customise your own character's face and hair too (sadly and this is a definite downgrade from previous games, you're stuck in your school uniform as far as clothing goes and can only customise your accessories). I can only hope that some patches come along soon to address the performance issues and in future Gamefreak and The Pokemon Company figure something out to get them the development time and expertise they need to wring a decent looking and well performing game out of the limited hardware of the Switch (or whatever console Nintendo come up with next).
  2. One of my favourite video games is about to become a board game and my wallet is crying, but I think I'll pull the trigger and back before the KS closes in a couple of days.
  3. Maybe scam is the wrong word but it's certainly shady and while they may justify gating the complete content of the game behind having access to the second version as encouraging social gameplay, use of trading, etc. it definitely also creates fomo, and there're plenty of people I know who've bought both games in many generations so it's definitely profitable.
  4. With all the leaks from the upcoming Pokemon games I'm starting to get, if not actually excited, then certainly interested, though I will eternally detest the 25 year and counting scam of releasing two versions of the same game with a few differences.
  5. Not sure if the news surrounding Disco Elysium's studio and creative team has been discussed in this thread before but here's an update/press release from two of the main creatives.
  6. Hm yeah they're definitely making some... choices with their own list. Very heavy on the recency bias, visual novels, and "indie game you've probably never heard of" but I suppose when you do one of these lists every year you're going to end up basically copying over last year's list and calling it a day some years and nobody wants to read that again so you've gotta apply something to mix things up. That said even (or perhaps especially) if you're focusing on Indies there's no excuse for Celeste being so low in the list IMO, on my personal list of greatest games of all time it'd almost certainly make top 10 and I feel like there are a number of other indie darlings that didn't even get mentioned - recency bias strikes again? The user votes list is pretty fun and gives a pretty accurate look at the age and interest demographics of RPS with its heavy skew towards older games, RPGs, and especially strategy games.
  7. And yet the same absolute shitstains would criticise working class people earning £20K, call them greedy for wanting their pay to rise, lazy for not wanting to work more hours with less security.
  8. It's worth mentioning that while MPs have a "low" (still far, far higher than the average in this country) salary it seems like they are also able to claim almost anything they want from friends and family as "staff" to second homes as expenses to be paid for by the taxpayer with, which has resulted in a bunch of comparatively minor scandals. Last time I checked most of them run up bills in the region of a couple of hundred thousand pounds.
  9. Neimann is suing Carlsen, Nakamura, and Chess.com for 100 million dollars.
  10. Is it possible there'd be a situation where there's no candidate able to wrangle 100 supporters given how fractured, demoralised, and generally fucked the Tories are at the moment.
  11. Wow, I should spend an hour in the bath more often. Seems like they're actually disintegrating now.
  12. On the one hand if the public has any sense whatsoever this will be the last time the Tories are ever allowed near government. On the other hand because our system is insane they have 2 years to do whatever the fuck they want to utterly burn down our country in the mean time, and my earlier statement does assume sense in the voting public where I sadly believe there to be none, or we wouldn't be in this disaster in the first place.
  13. What if I told you that giving money to a bunch oil companies and allowing them to begin construction of new facilities isn't going to help anyone this winter. We're not playing a city builder, you can't just spam a bunch of new refineries and such and have them come on line next month. It's already far too late for that. As you well know nobody's saying that the government shouldn't have done something to help people's bills this winter but BP-employee Truss choosing to spend billions of taxpayer money to prop up oil company profits for the foreseeable future not only doesn't do that particularly effectively but also hurts alternative producers of electricity and if you read the links that's going to have nock-on effects down the line not just for our planet (because who cares about that, right HoI?) for our electricity prices, which together with her deal will ensure that those stay high in the longer term.
  14. Really great episode apart from the last scene which definitely brought it down a bit. Kinda a shame if the next one is the finale just when they seem to have really hit their stride and now we have to rush back into this cringe incel plot.
  15. What a day that I agree on political matters with both this quotation from you and part of a statement from Nadine Dorries - that Truss has no mandate and should take it to the nation.
  16. Yeah what I thought from the quotation was that they'd been spread across time and space by whatever jank FTL method was first discovered and used back then. Regarding the current methods it seems that Stele travel is implied to be instant but only goes to pre-made anchor points (there's a comment about this in Harrow about setting up these being an important Lyctor job since they can go wherever through the river), and yeah it does feel like there must be some slow but useable method for BoE to get around under the noses of the houses. I get the impression that most of the time that human populations are moved it is by the forces of Jod forcibly relocating them after the planets they were on were killed and reached the point of uninhabitability though, but BoE feels too widespread and organised to be just hiding amongst those populations. To your other point:
  17. Caught up with She-Hulk. The most recent episode was definitely the best yet. I loved the group stuff and all the f-listers.
  18. Be nice if Charles responds by using those powers he's not supposed to use and dissolves parliament, setting the stage for both a legitimate Labour government and a serious discussion about the position of the monarchy in democracy in the 21st century (it should probably not have one).
  19. 300K now not that it'll achieve anything Signed anyway though. Gotta keep the pressure on and let our displeasure be heard.
  20. How much civil disorder do you need force a general election? Asking for a friend.
  21. Slime Rancher 2 came out into early access, it's awesome and a welcome wholesome distraction from the horrors of reality.
  22. You just know him, Rees Mog's firm and all their friends were shorting the pound in anticipation of this. They know exactly what they're doing and it's lining their own pockets.
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