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  1. I was so scared for a second for Arya in that brothel... I loved that scene. So somehow Shireen will die in the books and the show did it in a way which has more impact and keeps Stannis as a stubborn character, I did want to slap Melissandre's little grin off after she burned Shireen, I accept what happened but c'mon, you just saw the little girl who you've known for who knows how long die, yeah it furthered your motivations but still. Props to Carice and the actress who played Shireen, her screams and yells for help were striking. Again, Olly will surely stab Jon. Between him and Cersei, they'll deliver a solid finale. Maybe with Sansa too. The Dany scene was entertaining, I guess this is what you expected to see on a fantasy show ever since the dragons were hatched. The stadium looked great considering it's a TV show, one with a huge budget but still it's impressive they pulled it off. Another time when Tyrion got off by a hair, realistically he would have been killed in such mess but he's precious Tyrion, of course he survives that attack sitting and standing at the edge of the stage. I did enjoy the dialect between Tyrion, Dario and Hizdahr (glad he's dead). Too many face shots of Danny, give her wider shots or something.
  2. Show Cersei just dismissed Olenna like a fly and she's taking down the Tyrells with no ease, I kind of like her more than Book Cersei....
  3. Show Cersei just dismissed Olenna like a fly and she's taking down the Tyrells with no ease, I kind of like her more than Book Cersei....
  4. It's a rememberable episode for sure, Tyrion and Dorne were the weakest parts. Arya was ok, at least she was included. Seeing Littlefinger, Olenna and Cersei was great, it reminds us what he Game Of Thrones really is then to have someone who learned from all of them (Sansa) come in and really take all the attention to remind people she's already a player and continuing the game through a marriage....
  5. Alfie

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Sansa and Jon are really hitting it out of the park! They have really grown into their characters. I kind of hope Sansa does something with that mini dagger around her neck and soon.... I kind of have a soft spot for Walda but bless her heart... she might be done. Myranda.... I'm kind of sensing you are part of the North who Remembers and not as bad as you seem.... I'm loving the North household.... that old lady is amazing, such a beacon of hope.
  6. So Cersei is trying to get rid of Loras and Mace and Littlefinger going South and Margeary needing to be with her family.... enter Lady Olenna, I can't wait! Whenever Malissandre says "Blood of a King" it just screams and foreshadows a death and sacrifice.... poor girl. I don't think a pink letter will be sent, Ser Davos already put the seed in for Jon to march down and he will know soon enough the real Sansa is at Winterfell, a much better and legitimate push to march down. I'm really glad they made Sansa one of the characters who knows and shares information about the past, she knew about her uncle and grandfather dying at the iron throne at the hands of the Mad King Targaryen in season one and now she shows that she knows about her aunt being kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar... I wonder how much she knows about Dany and what her feelings towards her are. Dany's story is just meh... It seems like beloved Danny, Arya and Tyrion are just there so far, Cersei/Margeary/Faith of the Seven and the North/Sansa/Jon/Stannis are taking center stage so far.