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  1. #60 set for sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-A-SONG-OF-ICE-AND-FIRE-Meisha-Merlin-Subterranean-COMPLETE/163085373147?hash=item25f8a54edb:g:6l8AAOSwGNxbGENi
  2. Mind posting the link? Just so we all avoid it. I don't see it on Ebay. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Becca, Could you please add me to the want list for MM of AGOT #249? Also on my want list for #158, it's also the MM version. Thank you!
  4. I have not seen a matching set sold that actually have a MM GOT?. All the matching sets that have sold in the last year are all without the MM GOT.
  5. Fsmdr

    What do you Collect?

    Apologies if this is not the right thread. Could not find anywhere else this might be relevant. Looking for issue price of Rogues S/L and the remarques. Thanks.
  6. Hi Becca,   Could you change the name on the want list #158 from Rob Sandbach to me?.  Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone!. I am new to collecting ASOIAF. I own the SP signed limited GOT and ACOK #33. Looking for all other Subpress #33. Also looking for a complete set of SP, ASOIAF books. Please add me to the numbers wanted list. Many thanks.