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  1. I thought that when Sam suggested democracy, they all laughed at him. Even Sansa. Because the smallfolk we are supposed to be all upset that Dany torched can't vote, silly fat man.
  2. I know we're supposed to believe in this new feel-good 6 Kingdoms setup, but what happens when one of the 6 Houses gets into it with another one of the others? Or are we supposed to believe that now that there is a new King, everyone is all holding hands and singing Kumbayah? And when Bran dies, I'm sure it will be a seamless transition to the next King, because none of the 6 Houses will want the throne, right? I guess all wars are now things of the past. Oh that's right...our main characters (or probably their kids) will meet in the Dragonpit and vote for the next King.
  3. They needed some of Arya's plot armor. She didn't even get slightly singed, even though people not more than 5 feet away from her are now charred corpses.
  4. So if all it takes is a declaration, why doesn't Dorne just secede from the 7, I mean, 6 Kingdoms? I need some time to digest the rest of this...this season has been disappointing.
  5. Apparently, the valonqar was a giant block of stone. Probably pulled from the quarry after Cersei was born, thus fulfilling the prophecy.
  6. The Iron Islands were never a serious threat in the books. It was always stated that they were a threat at sea, until someone got tired of their nonsense and chased them back home. Euron and Qyburn are some sort of show versions of Napoleon and Alexander the Great. They've totally changed warfare in Westeros forever with these ballistas. King's Landing appeared to be ringed by them, and as we saw, they can destroy an entire fleet, so what chance does an attacking army have, especially now that that army has a single remaining dragon? Dany and Jon's ragtag army doesn't even have any form of siege engines, and those walls looked pretty formidable. I guess we'll find out next week...
  7. I asked the same question when she was doing the power dive at Euron's fleet. Why not just continue on, loop back, and toast the entire fleet? I'm guessing the rationale is that she wasn't in her right mind, as they seem to be heading down the road of the Mad Queen story line.
  8. A few questions and a thought. Not sure if this was discussed before, but because most of the houses in Westeros follow patriarchal succession, how many male heirs are left in the major houses? It seemed to be an underlying theme in the books that when this was all over, the political landscape was going to be drastically different. Jaime Lannister (but who knows what his standing is in his family at this point) Edmure Tully (as soon as someone lets him out of his prison cell) Robin Arryn (not sure we'll see him again in the show) Bran Stark (he's not going to lead House Stark going forward, assuming he survives until the end of the show) Anyone else? Also, where is Bronn? I get that story-wise it made no sense for him to show up during the big battle, but when do we see him again? And the thought: Does Jaime add Queenslayer to his list of names?
  9. I gave it a 3/10. First and foremost, I think I just watched about 80 minutes of darkness with splotches of light thrown in here and there. Battle scenes (what you could see) were very well done though. Then, the ending...so predictable! The big bad, built up over 7-and-a-half seasons, killed by Super-Arya. So I guess we'll never know what he was on about. I'll save my real feelings for the Rant and Rave thread.
  10. I agree with the other replies to this, as I'm also hoping for some sort of twist. Bran's reveal last night carried no weight whatsoever. It reduced the NK and his horde to your stock zombie army. They want to kill us, because that's what they do. I find it hard to believe (or at least I hope it's not going down like this) that GRRM would tell the showrunners about this huge threat to the kingdom, but not explain their motivation beyond "they don't like the living". I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks...
  11. Wasn't there a scene in one of the trailers for this season showing Jaime's golden hand laying in the snow in the Winterfell keep? That is probably your standard trailer red herring though, because I still think we're getting some sort of Lannister family reunion.
  12. Gave it a 9/10. Was a little slow in parts, but also very moving in others, especially the knighting of Brienne, and when Sansa ran to hug Theon. As a side note, when the episode said it contained "Brief Nudity", who would've thought it would be Arya? Also, when Jon tells Dany the story of his birth, her first thought isn't, "Oh no! I'm your aunt!"...no, it's "That makes you the remaining male Targaryen heir." And of course the war horns sounded before we could explore that story line any further...
  13. So this whole nonsensical trip to get a wight to show Cersei (really!?!?!?) was just to get a dragon for the White Walkers? I'm not going to say it was the worst episode, but the story leading up to this episode has been near rock bottom. Exactly what was the point of taking a wight to King's Landing? Oh sure, Cersei is all of a sudden going to be the voice of reason when we show her what we found. So let's see...we've established that the Lannister army is basically gone. Jaime says (and I know he was probably shell-shocked) that the Dothraki are unstoppable. Dany has (had) 3 dragons, and it's been established that the only reason she hasn't sacked King's Landing is because of the smallfolk. But sure, let's take a handful of guys and sneak up on an undead army. Then meet with Cersei and have a little talk. Ugh...just ugh...
  14. Show Runners (via Jon): "I wish we could take it back. I wish we could take it all back." Now that's really meta...
  15. Now boarding...Eastwatch! Eastwatch! Next stop: Dragonstone. Have your tickets ready...it's a short trip.
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