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  1. I thought that when Sam suggested democracy, they all laughed at him. Even Sansa. Because the smallfolk we are supposed to be all upset that Dany torched can't vote, silly fat man.
  2. I know we're supposed to believe in this new feel-good 6 Kingdoms setup, but what happens when one of the 6 Houses gets into it with another one of the others? Or are we supposed to believe that now that there is a new King, everyone is all holding hands and singing Kumbayah? And when Bran dies, I'm sure it will be a seamless transition to the next King, because none of the 6 Houses will want the throne, right? I guess all wars are now things of the past. Oh that's right...our main characters (or probably their kids) will meet in the Dragonpit and vote for the next King.
  3. They needed some of Arya's plot armor. She didn't even get slightly singed, even though people not more than 5 feet away from her are now charred corpses.
  4. So if all it takes is a declaration, why doesn't Dorne just secede from the 7, I mean, 6 Kingdoms? I need some time to digest the rest of this...this season has been disappointing.
  5. Ser Sinister

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Wasn't there mention in the books of one of the Great dragons being killed in the Dragonpits by spearmen? I think it was because it had no escape routes, if I remember correctly. I'm hoping that Drogon survives, but it would be a lonely existence, so maybe it's best that he doesn't survive the finale. Or maybe he can join Ghost north of the Wall, and they can solve mysteries with Tormund.
  6. Ser Sinister

    Varys' Letters

    If I'm watching for any reason now, it's to see how it all plays out. I'm guessing that Dany will be holding some sort of court, where her people will be airing their grievances with what went down at KL, and she'll probably be executing traitors. I'm not sure how her death will happen, because it looked like her armies were still intact in the previews. Maybe she still trusts Jon, and he uses that trust to get close to her? If it's Arya doing the deed, I'm going to be more than a little disappointed. A bigger (literally) question is what happens to Drogon?
  7. Ser Sinister

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    So many mixed feelings on this one. I'll start by saying that visually, it was an amazing episode of television. So in that aspect, they succeeded. As for the rest...well, that's a mixed bag. Dany becoming the Mad Queen. I don't have a huge problem with this, because she lost people close to her, and after all she lost in defeating the Army of the Undead, she gets indifference and betrayal. All that being said, I'm not sure I saw where the madness knob got turned to 11, so she starts burning smallfolk. All because of one line about "well, then I guess they'll fear me". Just too much of a character shift for me. Burning your enemies, yes...burning smallfolk, need more convincing. Entire Iron Fleet gets burned to cinders, but plot armor washes Euron up to shore just as Jaime is passing by. Jaime has a different internal organ structure than a normal human, as he can survive multiple stab wounds and still make his way through an inferno. Guess love triumphs over all. So Cersei WAS pregnant!!! Now I understand why she wanted elephants so badly...she wanted to compare their gestation times. I think in show time, she was 2 years' pregnant by now. We got the Cleganebowl, and it was what I figured it would be. The end of both characters...nothing to see here, move along. Golden Company. Thoughts about them should be as short as their time/importance on the show. My biggest rant has to be with Cersei. So we're supposed to view her as a sympathetic character now? That's my take from last night. The sweeping music, the tears, her only concern is her family...let's just wash away 7 seasons of her atrocities, because there's a new nutjob in town. Won't someone think of my baby!?!?!? Valonqar = Stone block. Although we never did see Jaime and Cersei actually die, so it wouldn't surprise me to see them holding hands and sailing off into the sunset on their little skiff in the season finale. Couldn't stop laughing at the Qyburn/Cersei scene. "The Iron Fleet will destroy the dragon. " "Um, maybe you shouldn't stand so close to the window, my Queen." "Well, we still have the Golden Company." "Um, about that, My Queen..." "Well, we have the scorpions." "Would my Queen like some wine?" "Well, the Red Keep has never fallen." "Would my Queen be terribly upset if her Hand decided to take one of the secret tunnels and start a new life in Essos?" Super Plot Armor Arya. Look, if she wasn't going to factor into the episode and was nothing more than a giant red herring, I'd rather not see her survive things that people who are essentially right next to her didn't survive. She regains consciousness and there are charred corpses laying next to her. Then the white horse shows up...really??? I know, I know...Bran sent it. So I'm guessing that next week is going to be a lot of hand-wringing from the remaining, non-insane characters, until Arya super-stealth kills Dany. Although it could be Jon as well, but you know Dany's going to try to fry anyone she considers to be traitors. That might include Jon when he tries to introduce the moral high ground.
  8. Ser Sinister

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Apparently, the valonqar was a giant block of stone. Probably pulled from the quarry after Cersei was born, thus fulfilling the prophecy.
  9. Ser Sinister


    That makes a lot of sense. It's probably the writer's subtle way of saying that Cersei isn't pregnant. I know the show skews time whenever it wants, but she would either have given birth or be at least showing a lot in the amount of time that had to pass since Cersei first announced that she was pregnant. Since they made a point of showing Gilly and how she's visibly pregnant, as you said, that could be a clue that Cersei isn't pregnant at all. Or it's just more badness from our friendly GoT writers...
  10. Ser Sinister

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Very good point.
  11. Ser Sinister

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    As I mentioned on another thread, if Jon hadn't convinced Dany to go defend the North, Dany would be sitting on the Iron Throne right now with most of her army intact, including 3 living dragons, and Jorah and Missandei are probably still alive. Instead, she decides to do the "noble" thing and fight the AotD. Without Dany's support, there are no Arya heroics, no living Sansa or Bran (or Jon or any other Northmen, for that matter). Right now, Dany and Friends would be trying to figure out how to defeat the NK. So would it have killed Sansa to drop the petulant child act and actually show some gratefulness towards Dany? No, instead everyone's chalking it up to "new Sansa and her character growth as a player of the game". If Dany does flip out in the next episode, I'm not sure you can completely blame her, at least the way the story has been presented.
  12. Ser Sinister

    Arya analysis and predictions

    I mentioned the Faceless Men in an Arya thread from the last episode. Didn't she leave them under some bad circumstances? Wouldn't they be actively looking for her? I know, I'm crazy if I'm expecting continuity from this show.
  13. Ser Sinister

    Anyone else kinda rooting for Cersei?

    I'm not sure who the likeable characters are on the show at this point. As for rooting for Cersei, her story has been unbelievable since around the time when Joffrey died. If I had a choice at this point for someone to sit the Iron Throne when the dust settles, I'd choose Davos. He's the only one with a lick of sense and a decent moral compass. Although, that probably makes him a better Hand.
  14. My favorite part was how Jon turns to Bran and says, "Tell them." Annnnnnd end scene... Bran could have been replaced with a puppet this season for all the good he's been.
  15. I agree 100%. I was very disappointed with her portrayal tonight. I called her "petulant", because she acted like Dany took her toy from her, especially when she had to be coaxed by Jon to admit that they'd all be dead if Dany hadn't agreed to bring her armies to Winterfell, and even then she didn't want to admit that. And Jon has a very, very good point. Had Dany just decided to lay siege to King's Landing, Cersei doesn't get the Golden Company, she still has 3 dragons, and probably almost all of her armies intact. And given the way time works on the show, they'd still have plenty of time to get to Winterfell and stop the Night King.