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  1. Hour of the wolf loves petting his pussy cat
  2. Moriath

    Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

    Also that stone snake guy who climbed upto save himself
  3. Moriath

    Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

    He's already back
  4. Makes sandwiches for Obama. They're also good at dominatrix stuff if you're interested
  5. Moriath


    Welcome :D
  6. Moriath

    This book is quite boring....

    I really disliked the paranoid chapters of Cersei. And yeah, i agree that this is the most boring book of them all. I read the rest of the books in a week or two each, but I've been reading this one for two months now, and I'm still only halfway through. My favourite PoVs were Samwell(braavos chap), Areo Hotah, Jaime (especially when he goes to Riverrun), and Sansa. Loving the way LF is revealed :D
  7. Moriath

    Bumping for TWOW V4

    Yomi is a cool username :o
  8. Moriath

    Bumping for TWOW V4

  9. Moriath


    Welcome to the forums :D
  10. Moriath

    Bumping for TWOW V4

    Forrest gump bumps the hump For Spartaaaa!
  11. Moriath

    Favorite POV Character

    I loved the chapters featuring Jon and Tyrion. Hated the Bran ones. They seemed really boring to me.
  12. Moriath

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    Jon Snow, imo. He has a better claim than Dany. None of the Baratheons are the rightful heirs.
  13. Moriath


    It is. And Namaste to you too King Tyrion.
  14. Moriath


    I'll definitely try reading the way you suggested senpai! :D. And thanks for the warm welcome! I don't mind spoilers at all. Actually, this makes it even more interesting for me because I'm able to delve deeper into the mind of the characters and notice more details, because I know what's gonna happen and can focus on the events leading up to that end :D