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  1. I'll definitely try reading the way you suggested senpai! :D. And thanks for the warm welcome!

    I don't mind spoilers at all. Actually, this makes it even more interesting for me because I'm able to delve deeper into the mind of the characters and notice more details, because I know what's gonna happen and can focus on the events leading up to that end :D

  2. Hello everyone. My other obsessions include Harry Potter, LoTR and Naruto. Picked up game of thrones at a bookstore two weeks ago, and I was hooked from the very first page. I love the extensive world and the complex characters. The characters of Varys and Littlefinger intrigue me the most. My favourite character is Ned Stark. I've finished three books and am halfway through the fourth, so I thought I should join a forum. Funny thing is when I google searched ir, I discovered that this series already has a TV adaptation. Then I saw this great community and thought I should join in. :)

    I look forward to meeting, befriending and debating with you guys.

    Cheers. ;) \O/