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  1. So, does anyone else think they're going to push and/or ship Sansa/Theon from now on? I heard Alfie said something about their relationship "blossoming". Not sure if it's the wording or not that makes me suspicious.
  2. Anyone else think they're gonna ship Sansa/Theon from now on? Alfie did say their relationship "blossoms". Not sure if it's just the wording that has me suspicious.
  3. If they survived and if they don't get recaptured, I'd say they'll probably meet up with Brienne&Pod and go to Jon.
  4. Ramsay isn't gonna just ignore Myranda's death. Either (god forbid) Sansa and/or Theon get recaptured, or he's going to go after them.
  5. Yeah, guess so...kinda like how Yara was supposed to show up in Deepwood Motte this season.
  6. Mayne the Pink Letter will be in season 6? If Sansa and Theon manage to successfully escape, there's really no other option but to go to Jon, now that Stannis is apparently dead. Maybe Ramsay gets pissed and writes to Jon saying that he killed Stannis and to give Theon and Sansa back?
  7. Seriously. I mean, I haven't read the books, but I've heard from others the TV version is a complete 180 from the book version.
  8. I was never a huge fan of Stannis, but what's D&D's beef with him?
  9. We probably won't. He'll end up as "uncertain" like the Hound and Benjen Stark.
  10. Apparently, Stannis MIGHT be dead. Some say he is, so say he isn't. I read that Theon pushed Myranda off the wall and he and Sansa jumped off as well. Not sure if they made it over alive or not. Don't know about Dany or Varys/Tyrion.
  11. Maybe it's their Iwan love. Clearly, Iwan is way more tolerable than Ramsay is.
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