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  1. example: Kommunistische Plattform; organisation inside the left party which is observed by the Verfassungsschutz, because their goals are unconstitutional
  2. No, not any fuel or driver shortages in Germany - and full supermarket shelves as well. But I have heard that the price for gas and heating in general this winter will be rising, not sure if this is true, in the moment our gas price is the same.
  3. Sorry, in the interest of the non-German board members I want to say that your opinion on this is not the German majority opinion (or even the Green or SPD majority opinion). The left party is the left-over of the East German communist party - which were criminals - combined with very few West German marxist loonies. They are loosing ground because in the East the old communists are dying of old age and the young election base switched to the AFD since for them it was all about protest anyway. No one wants to form a coalition with them, and Scholz only didnt say so because his dealings with the FDP would be much easier if he had a (formal) alternativ. A lot of what they and their partner organisations stand for is unconstitutional. They also want to immediately leave the NATO and all Western alliances. They are in no way a family with the democratic left leaning SPD and the climate saving Greens.
  4. No, this was a great result for anti-polarization. The parties on the far right and left lost ( in case of the left the lost even very strong and almost didnt make it into parlament, - and I am happy about that - there are also really strange idiots there - remember the lets shoot the 2 % richest people when we are finally in charge discussion?). In my opinion a great result overall and we will see traffic light and no jamaika. I also disagree with the analysis of the FDP. If you see the election behavior broken down on age groups its the Greens and FDP the younger age group elected and the older elected the SPD and CDU. For the last 4 years we had a coalition of parties of pensioneers and to break that up with parties interest in climate and education ( and yes, education and science and digitalisation are core fields of the FDP its not only about money even if the left want to smear them with that) is really so much better and forward looking.
  5. From an outside view it is really hard to understand why you in NZ are still discussing elimination. Yes it was right to close the borders at the beginning. It is admirable how you saved by this thousands of people. And I wish you luck with the latest outbreak which you fight so hard and decisive. But on the long run this is futile , because it is now the majority (by far) opinion of the virologists that the Coronavirus will not go away again, ever. that means that while it is prudent to wait until everyone gets the chance to vaccinate , and while it is also prudent to slow the spread by lockdowns if necessary to not overwhelm the health system, in the end the coronavirus will be endemic in NZ as it is in the rest of the world. and it will be managable and life will go on, and after a year or two life will even go back to normal. this is at least what most of the virologists say: we will achieve some balance because at a certain point everyone will either have had it or are vaccinated. You can delay this by an elimination strategy, but will you not want to have contact with the rest of the world in 2 years or 5 years or 10 years (timepoints at which it is likely that most of the rest of the world is back to normal)? I do not see an endgame here.
  6. It is always been Comirnaty here in Germany . Its on the vaccination certification of my mother in January. But then , we alway had approval (though conditional) and not emergency use here.
  7. Is it better not to fight? To have the female half of the population enslaved forever? this is what the left wanted 20 years ago. I totally disagree. The error was not to go there, the error was to leave now.
  8. In Germany we had a EMA (EU) approval for the 12-17 year old vaccination since May, but no national recommendation (meaning you could have your children vaccinated if you want to but it was not scientific recommended to do so. The German Approval Agency (Stiko) argued that since the risk for the teenager is very small, the vaccination risk must also be very tiny and the trial which let to the EMA (and FDA) approval for this age group just had 1000 people in it , so not enough to find small risks. This led to some ugly fights between politicians and scientists and to parents which got very diverse communication what to do. I also wanted to wait for the scientific Stiko recommendation (I have two daughters in that age range and I worry for them, but we are talking about a very small Covid risk against an unknown vaccination risk, so I feel this is difficult to decide). Now, this week, it seems the recommendation will come. It seems they have data from a FDA investigation of the first 10 mio vaccinated in the US. I will link a file if I find any (presumably Wednesday when they publish the recommendation). I hope that these rumors are true and so I booked in advance vaccination dates for my daughters for next weekend. I hope I do the right thing.
  9. Well yes, delta is coming. The much more important question is: how will hospitalization and deaths develop in Canada? The UK is not doing that great, but for their case numbers , hospitalisation seems to be ok. Canada has a higher vaccination rate, you should not see a lot of deaths. The US seems to be kind of a special case, it seems to be a wave of the unvaccinated.
  10. You do know that a big percentage of the German anti vaxxer are leftist and green leaning folks? Its not so simple as it is (or it seems to be ) in the US where it seems largely to be republicans. Here the group is very mixed. Traditionally being anti vaccination is being part of green and Waldorf school upbringing ("the body needs to establish a "natural" immunisation by infection, not unnatural chemical invasion of the body by the big bad pharma industry"). Now these people a mixing with right leaning ("the state is bad") folks, building quite an explosive mixture.
  11. Delta will definitly hit Germany in autumn. Its not here now because of seasonal effects, but really everybody expects and says that it will come full force in October. so that would be enough time to get everyone vaccinated BUT somehow some people dont get it. There are ONLY 80 % of the over 60 year old fully vaccinated (85 % partly), no idea what the other 20% are thinking (and no one can say in October they didnt know). I also think these wave pattern in which Coronavirus infections are growing and slowing and growing again in different nations quite interesting. It looks like algae growth pattern in water or similar biological effects. It must be a mixture of seasonal effects and ever changing human behavior which leads to these waves and the timeline of their growth.
  12. first moderna shot, 3 days pain in the arm , and feeling like I could not concentrate for 3-4 days . second moderna shot, 3 days pain in the arm, chills and fever for one night, and feeling tired ever since (two weeks).
  13. Well, no reason to complain, Bird, Canadas numbers are excellent , surpassing all bigger western nations, and I doubt that a lot of the others will get that far.
  14. There was quite a lot about kids and long covid in nature in the last week: News: Deaths from COVID ‘incredibly rare’ among children https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01897-w and more interesting an editorial News about different long covid studies (Long COVID and kids: scientists race to find answers: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01935-7 the short summary is: it is complicated. There was also mentioned this preprint medRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.05.11.21257037 (2021). which studied long covid in children and found that while the children are more affected in a lot of ways than before the pandemic (fatigue, headache, insomnia and so on), there was no difference between children who had had Covid and who didnt. Meaning: Long Covid in children may be in most cases rather long-pandemic trauma. from the editorial "Long-COVID symptoms include fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating and insomnia. He says that other pandemic-related phenomena, such as school closures and the trauma of seeing family members sick or dying from COVID-19 could result in those symptoms too, and artificially inflate long-COVID estimates. “You need a control group to tease out what is truly infection-related,” he says. He and his colleagues have been taking blood samples from secondary-school children in Dresden since May 2020 to track rates of infection. In March and April this year, surveys were taken from more than 1,500 children — nearly 200 of whom had antibodies indicating previous SARS-CoV-2 infection — to see how many reported long COVID. In May, Armann’s group reported in a preprint that it found no difference in rates of symptoms reported by the two groups3. “ So that means also that the pandemic is a very severe event for our children causing multiple psychological disorders. To get them to experience a "normal " life must be of outmost importance to us. This means also no lockdown and school closures for children if at all possible because though that may help against covid infections it causes other damages, and getting bad school grades are really not the most severe consequences..
  15. Thats the optimistic explanation, because it implies that the people will vaccinate after their vacation. I am not so sure about that. One can hope. in other news , Germany plans to give all their AZ (the approx 7 mio they have and the 19 mio they expect during the next 2 month) to covax. With the guideline change to get second vaccination with a mRNA vaccine after AZ, and with having now enough vaccine overall there was no one left to give it to here. I hope they are quick enough to give it away before it expires (no idea how complicate that is). It looks like traveling will be not only be possible but more or less good organized. The EU decided for the CovePass, a digital certificate of your vaccination status for all their member state citizens, and when I heard about it I thought this will never work in time. But I (and my husband and my son) got their digital vaccination certificate without problem or any hassle, took 5 min to download an app, so that works.
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