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  1. impulsive voting. Most people will come around. It wasn't a 1, but overall I agree it wasn't good either. Same thing with last episode, people loved it---it was nothing but half an episode of an action scene with Jon showing off his plot armor. It was rated highly. give it time and people will realize this episode was a little better, and last episode wasn't as good as the voters indicate. Margins will normalize.
  2. SayGen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I found them bland, and overly predictable. She was far too accepting of him, and didn't even test him or his loyalty. No mention of where the spider was, or attempts to retrieve him---nothing.
  3. SayGen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I can't believe how many people liked this episode...it was just a battle scene with a little bit of the good stuff thrown in at the middle. 7/10 and I was being generous.
  4. SayGen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    10/10 MY VERY FIRST 10/10 I was super excited to see what was going on. Finally we got some real answers and set up some good plots. I was worried since I rated last episode so low (no not just cause of the Sansa scene) Hope next episode can carry the momentum.
  5. SayGen

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    you're your their there its it's They may all be unique but I don't type for a grade in some classroom, this is the internet and the purpose is to communicate. Don't troll.
  6. So sad for Jorah, but Sansa situation though bleak is looking better---she has a fighting chance
  7. SayGen

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Poor Jorah....I really liked him... he is top 10 on my signature :( Guess I'll have to start crossing names off :( 100% lost BSel, and who knows how long Jorah will last. If he knows the story of Stannis and his daughter perhaps he can get the same guys to look at him as look at Princess Shireen. Jorah soo good. He learned from his grievous mistakes (slave dealings/spying), if anyone should catch a break its him.
  8. Your not alone, that's for sure. I was very underwhelmed about the sand snakes. I didn't like the obrera monologue at all. All she had to say was yes or no. I get why they had her say the backstory, but it was sooo out of flow with the scene. I will miss Selmy as well. :'( Wonder how the community as a whole ranks the sand snakes. I have hear so little good about them.
  9. As audiences mature it becomes harder to suspend disbelief. A child can watch anything with wonder, adults can't. I like 'realistic' fantasy. Forgive the oxymoron, but I hope you do know what I mean. I hate when I'm like....that was just dumb and wouldn't happen. (Like when Arya and the hound got jumped by those 2 idiots after mercy killing the wounded guy) I literally stopped focusing on the show and wanted to facepalm. Having a realistic show, makes it easier to get into, it feels less cheesy and gimmicky.
  10. They don't sell to survive, they sell cause it's more money than field labor.
  11. People who age out of their prime are oft in denial they have diminished capability...this is not a new concept. Claiming he could cut them into pieces and actually doing it are different things padawon.
  12. Not sure if it's related. May have been a worker outside talking about or to King Stanis.
  13. LF now known as GOD. He must know EVERYTHING! All hail GOD LF!
  14. Agree. And he did go out "As a knight" as he declared in KL. And more room for Tyrion as well (maybe).
  15. 9/10 Story was progressed Action scenes were on point. Glad Bariston went out fighting. Bron Jamie diagloue so good. Mormont/Tyrion set up well for the next part of their arcs. LF still alive Sansa still alive R+L=J Theory gaining momentum. Stanis is still the manest. Only things against the episide: Sandsnakes weak, esp the dialogue.