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  1. Perhaps since they are his own children (was not the case with Jaehaerys) Viserys feels it's less controversial.
  2. Great episode. There is valid criticism but some folks are worse than Soviet Judges.
  3. It was inevitable that a lot was going to be cut, even with the canon here being a sliver of what D&D had.
  4. 9/10, loved it. There are flaws like anything else. But to those who keep citing Velayron being Black (since casting) or other changes so far - honestly not important and it really doesn't matter. Plus there is so little canon - one vague book covering some of the events here. Let them write.
  5. I don't buy the "dark Jon". I can see him having a darker side particularly if resurrected by the Lord of Light. But I think he will retain his memory and be more of a figure of justice and balance than evil or cruelty.
  6. In fairness, nobody "knew" of Joffrey as monstrous outside his inner circle because he had been the pampered, pompous, protected prince all of his life hidden behind Lannister Guardsmen. He did not have any authority, although the few instances where we see him give orders (to Sandor, to Mycah) it's clear who and what he is. Once he is crowned, he is still hiding in the Red Keep. The first time he leaves to see Myrcella off - we all know how that went. The incidents afterwards ie with the crossbow don't help. They do see him as a monster.
  7. Come the death of Robert, Renly on the throne was the best option for the longevity of the realm & most of our protagonists. It's amazing how many people are angered by this topic - a Renly lives scenario is quite fascinating.
  8. Of course. For better or worse, ASOIAF universe everything for me.
  9. I always held the opinion that Tyrion was viewed as disposable asset (or to Tywin/Cersei, perceived/liability) who was a pawn to the real players. Even as he tries to prove them wrong, they still position him as such. Ex - for the Targaryens, he could be paraded as a gift to either hold hostage or execute (revenge) or to try to get rally support against his own family. For Baelish - scapegoat for his political scheming. For Varys - same as for the Targaryens, but also to cover his own behind with the incumbents. For Tywin - to stamp his name where useful, to stamp the blame for failures.
  10. Do you believe characters such as Cregan and his uncle serve a purpose for George in illustrating not only the different cultural of the North, but a “darker” and less Disney hero side than that which way Ned and Robb appear to be? Not saying that they are, but they can be seen in that light.
  11. I could say Blacks because I like the Starks and others backing the faction, but, for me it comes down to her being the designated heir. If Aegon II had been the designated heir, I would have backed the Greens.
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