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  1. Suspecting it was Tywin Lannister's bannerman without proof and going after themselves, particularly when it seems like they have a tendency to do things on an individual basis, is quite dangerous. They wanted support.
  2. Ned: Tell Cat and Jon. Later on - just tell Robert! Don't tell Cersei! Heed Loras' offer, later Renly. Robb: Don't trust Theon, the Freys, or the Boltons. Also might want to double check those levy numbers from Houses Dustin and Ryswell. Renly: Be patient. Stannis is not going to have a son. Kevan: Always travel with a bodyguard.
  3. They will all make it, whether a female member survives and will have to pass it on to the children or otherwise. Perhaps the Targaryens go. At the very least I see: Tyrell - some random cousins (most vulnerable). Lannister - Lannister of Lannisport (if not Tyrion, Tyrek, or one of Kevan's). Stark - Arya and Sansa will live. Confident about Bran although not his reproductive abilities. Rickon iffy and Jon well.... you know. Tully - Either Edmure, Child, or Both. Arryn - Robert, Harry, or both. Greyjoy - Asha. Martell - Arianne and/or a Sand snake. Baratheon - Bobby's babies.
  4. The number of members of the major houses & cadet branches. aside from the Lannisters and Tyrells. Popping out one to three children of which often 0-1 have children would not lead to multigenerational dynasties, let alone ones lasting for centuries to thousands of years. Ironborn Power - Makes zero sense. Dornish population - also makes no sense. Based upon what we are told, its geography is designed to have virtually no inhabitants outside of two small river basins. Raven reliability. I would remove the white walkers and the rest of the magic but that's just me. I prefer realistic.
  5. If Jon is with Robb every step of the way, I think it is possible to avoid the Westerling scenario.
  6. Issue here being who survived who bore witness to it?
  7. I think Barristan is a bit tunnel visioned in the sense of following his oaths down to the literal meaning of each word. Before I get attacked by Selmy lovers I am not bashing him, that is my evaluation. As such, I think he frowns upon Jamie. He specifically calls him out on it when "retired" by Cersei/Joffrey. However, it is a bit hypocritical has he foreswore other knightly vows to stand idle while Aerys did what he did.
  8. Which ultimately makes Dorne's inclusion in the 7k (particularly East of the Marches) a head scratcher but alas I digress...
  9. Plot demands it. Reminds me more of the House of Capet at its weakest than late medieval Hungary.
  10. Show Arya encompasses book characters. I prefer the book version.
  11. A great deal of what arises on this forum is not bothersome but for the sake of discussion.
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