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  1. Perhaps the Faith of the Seven was created when/where that threat was not faced?
  2. At the time of the Purple Wedding, less Lannisters is not a bad thing for house Tyrell (particularly if they have some competence).
  3. nyser1

    What’s your favourite poison?

    Petyr Baelish.
  4. nyser1

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    How do we know that House Tully is weaker than those houses as of Robert's reign? I was more under the impression that they just did not have the strength to impose their will over the entire region (but were the strongest individual house). 297 years is a bit of time to gather some strength.
  5. nyser1

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    It is quite possible that his assassination (Gaius Julius Caesar) was an inspiration for how Jon's "friends" betray him. However, one would most likely end the similarities between the two there.
  6. nyser1

    Tywin's Choice for Heir to Casterly Rock

    This. If not the order of preference would likely be: Tommen, Kevan, Kevan's Children, Tyrek, and then going towards Joanna's side. Probably would have given it to one of Genna's Freys before Tyrion.
  7. nyser1

    Golden Company Exiles

    Aren't a lot of the GC folks descendants or claimed descendants of actual exiles? They can take the names they want? I.e. could have a TomBrady of House Stark.
  8. Charles Dance is one of the few instances where the show trumps the book big time.
  9. nyser1

    Worst Line Ever

    "We'll write seasons 5 and beyond George" -Likely D&D.
  10. nyser1

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    From what we know he has no naval/admiralty experience. Throw in the fact that he would likely need those ships on the East coast (with no known trading towns) who is he going to hire?
  11. Legitimately it would appear so. I would not be surprised if there were "Blackfyre Seeds" around Essos.
  12. Must be willing to trade their honor and pledge to the king to save 500,000+ people. Guess who? Hint, yellow hair.
  13. nyser1

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    It is the King's prerogative to decide what happens (albeit a King of a new Northern dominated kingdom so not Iron Throne laws mind you). She is the mother of the King (who just turned 16). He also is under the belief that he has virtually no family left & tossed a betrothal out the window. I'm going to go by Robb's book decision.
  14. nyser1

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Aside from Essos, Greyjoy, and Samwell chapters the books are solid.
  15. nyser1

    f/Aegon's Fate, Reborn

    The "fake" part is a foregone conclusion. Nonetheless, the person described is depicted as being the flawless savior. Either he could be a great king and gets killed by a rival, or GRRM spices it up and vilifies him, setting him up to be killed by a rival with some moral justification.