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  1. nyser1

    Favorite characters

    Within the main storyline: Ned Stark - What isn't there to like? Ah yes his political instincts, but do we really like that in people? Robb Stark - the young leader crowned by his bannermen and on a mission to save his sisters and avenge his father. Robert Baratheon - More of who he was than who he became. He has a lot of flaws but he I think he is good natured. Jaime - Misunderstood, very human with plenty of mistakes, redemption arc. Tywin - favorite villain. Jon Snow - a blend of various Starks... Varys - Second favorite "villain" Stannis - For all of his flaws and positives. Davos Blackfish
  2. This. I genuinely hope he defeats the Boltons.
  3. Would he brood in the North and not get involved? Or sit at Moat Cailin? Perhaps save Riverrun still? However, a large army cannot stay idle for long.
  4. Ned has chosen family before. Perhaps he catches wins of Stannis burning folks and it causes massive uproar within the ranks.
  5. nyser1

    Alternate wife for Robert baratheon

    The richest man & former hand of the king who controlled one of the largest militaries had a daughter of an appropriate age. Cersei was the best fit from all of the external POVs. With that said, the question pertains to alternatives. The only names we know of and who are of an appropriate age after the sack would be Selyse and Ariannne (with possible Hightowers). I am sure there were other eligible single females, but none with the same value and prestige as a Lannister of the Rock. The Hightowers would be a fairly distant second and anyone else (including Selyse) would be way down the list.
  6. Regardless of whether or not one agrees with the statement in the topic, I do not believe Tywin would have done anything that would have seriously risked Jaime's execution. Not yet at least. Joffrey living and Tommen under his thumb for years? Maybe more likely...
  7. By default? Absolutely not. Might there be interest? Of course.
  8. I think that most of the potentially interested parties would be waiting and watching, unless he has those 40k dothraki and the golden company. Given the year, I think it is more likely that he is quickly defeated before the "loyalists" show their colors.
  9. I do not think he should have. However, I do suspect that his uncle and perhaps other Lords suggest he look at his recent blunders before entrusting him with important plans. Then again, defending Robb's flank is slightly important...
  10. I agree with the middle two points. There are other reasons - some might actually want to honor their oath to their king, some may feel compelled to do so regardless, some may be bound by alliances, some may actually have had good relations with Aerys, etc.
  11. nyser1

    Why did Jon Arryn raise his banners ?

    Oath to the crown versus his opinion of said King & heir, relations with Rickard Stark, Elbert Arryn's execution, his relationship with Robert/Ned and what Aerys was demanding of him, and doing what he thought was morally sound. Hard choice.
  12. nyser1

    Why did Hoster Tully support the rebellion ?

    A pragmatic and opportunist powerful lord in a feudal kingdom with an insane king.
  13. Love the analysis & the Baratheons, but I still believe Donal had it correct. I do enjoy a good read and reasoning though :).
  14. nyser1

    Why didn't Rhaenys do a harrenhal on Sunspear?

    Destroying Sunspear alone will not destroy Dornish resistance, destroying Harrenhal ended house Hoare. While houses Hoare and Gardner (field of fire) were all in one place at one time, the theme of the Dornish (Martell included) is that they are scattered and will hide in the desert or mountains.