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  1. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Thank you, interesting read. I still hold out hope for Stannis having nothing to do with Shireen's burning. On the being spoiled front, I don't see how they can claim the show won't spoil the books when they both end in broadly the same way. It's one thing to spoil something like Hold the door and another thing entirely to reveal key elements of the culmination of the story. If that's not being spoiled I don't know what is.
  2. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    D&D explicitly stated this? Do you have have a link or recollection where they said this?
  3. That is true now that i think about it, i'll admit i was working from the false position of thinking the latter was established fact, but Jon was slaying Wights with it left right and centre during Hardhome and Eastwatch, though that can be accredited to the point many others are making in this thread, that the plot demanded it. Either way the whole thing is a murky issue.
  4. Starkistbeforethedawn

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    100% with you, the amount of reviews i read or watch from week to week has drastically fallen because the majority don't ask any of the questions that are glaring in my mind as i watch the show. I'm a big fan of Preston Jacobs and i still catch his reviews because he invariably asks all those questions and his general analysis is usually spot on. But with even him I find myself laughing, more than anything, when he starts analyzing something to have deeper meaning than it turns out to have.
  5. Starkistbeforethedawn

    Fickle Characters

    Liked your post, but number 4 is ridiculous. I could be deathly afraid of fire but wouldn't think twice in standing on top of a fireplace if it could magically fly me away from impending death.
  6. There's an awfully glaring part where Jon stabs a wight trying to break through the wall with Longclaw and dude keeps on a' kicking, that bit really annoyed me.
  7. Starkistbeforethedawn

    Th dead dragon should not be able to breath fire/ice blast

    As 'suspension of disbelief's go, this one's not much of a stretch. I understand your point and even agree with the logic (or lack thereof), but really, focusing on the internal workings of a fictional, magical dragon's organs is nit-picky to the extreme, it's points like these that detract from the more glaring issues the show's had since Season 5 and allows people to disregard them all in one stroke. I did have the same thought as you and i'm sure many others have as well, but i'm fine with it.
  8. Starkistbeforethedawn

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Doesn't all of that fall apart the moment Cersei's armies fail to go North?
  9. Starkistbeforethedawn

    Arya vs Nightking?

    I can totally see the show having Bran tap in to some hidden 3 eyed raven magical power to defeat the NK the moment the plot requires him to. Buuut with that kind of awfulness in mind i can't see them passing up the chance of a Jon and NK showdown to end the war. It's going to feel so lame when Jon slices that mother and all the subordinates instantly drop dead, so lame.
  10. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Doesn't look like it, only one of the prequels is set in Westeros and it's been made pretty clear it won't be Robert's Rebellion, I take that to mean the events leading up to it as you'd have to include them.to tell either tale.
  11. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Tyrion slapping Joffrey, forever and always.
  12. Starkistbeforethedawn

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    7/10 - It would be a 6 if not for the fact it's a finale. Like many before me on this topic i'm more nervous as to some of the possible butthurt coming my way than i am excited to see what happens.
  13. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Well I guess that's where Martin's POV style comes in handy because as it's written from Jon's POV we, the reader, aren't privy to what happens at Eastwatch therefore there's nothing to gloss over, from Jon's POV it is entirely plausible for it to be a total surprise, and it is, and it was. IIRC the quote from 'GRRM himself' was more to do with people who discount certain massive theories ('R+L=J') and the like by saying it wouldn't be possible because of travelling distances, which is a bit different and doesn't apply here.
  14. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Agreed, but there's plenty of huge plot holes and nonsensical things to pick at otherwise.
  15. Starkistbeforethedawn

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Yeah i fully agree with your point, and in fact being a massive complaintfest lover i get a little miffed when someone focuses on something like the hypothermia issue as it's not a stretch of the imagination to suspend disbelief for it, it belittles all the valid complaints like constant deus ex machina or in-your-face plot holes that you point out, and putting them together detracts from the important points, like the WW army not waiting for Jon to resurface and end what seems to be the NK's established biggest enemy (using Hardhome as evidence for that). For me the worst case of this has been how the White Walkers have chains in tow, people seem to off the map angry about it whereas I only really thought about it once it had been pointed out. That particular issue can be answered by many explanations and i'm not even that bothered if it isn't, it doesn't harm the story in any way. The battles are cool and everything, the dragon death and plummet below the ice was fucking jaw-droppingly brilliant, but as i'm watching i'm still laughing to myself at how ludicrous the whole thing is, which is a shame. The Teleportation issues this season have ruined it for me the most but I can see how the casual viewer can turn off to them and enjoy the show. One of the best moments of the entire series for me is Stannis appearing at the last minute to crush the wildlings north of the wall, in both books and show it was entirely plausible and entirely out of the blue. To be able to pull off that kind of surprise and make it fit with the timeframe of the story is brilliant story telling. However now you just get the out of the blue, you don't get the plausibility that lends itself so well to the surprise, Euron turning up at 3 different places within a day of each other to crush entire armies completely negates the surprising moment it is, it's surprising because he was 3,000 miles away 10 minutes ago, and that's when, as a viewer, i'm thinking more of timelines when i should be watching and enjoying Euron kill off terribly written show characters, it takes me out of the moment, and it's too ridiculous to accept. It also makes the show so boring to know that they can just cut logic out at any moment for a cool set piece they have in mind. It's largely down to the fact that the show was so well written for the first 3-4 seasons, they established laws within their own story that they can no longer follow on their own, and it's really distracting.