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  1. Given the choice, it'd have to be the Mannis.
  2. dunno, found it on google

  3. So is Cersei now officially the main antagonist?
  4. Dragons and giants are fantasy. Wood and its tendency to burn isn't.
  5. I meant more the battle looks like it's over, then reinforcements show up and turn the tide. They did it at Blackwater. They did it with Stannis and the Wildlings. They did it here. Just gets old.
  6. I know, but I think it's a tired trope that D&D lean on way too much. I call it the "Helm's Deep Syndrome" (HDS).
  7. First the Blackwater, then Hardhome..... Say this for D&D, they do epic battles well.
  8. I do wanna know how a wooden stag survived that fire...
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