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  1. So is Cersei now officially the main antagonist?
  2. Dragons and giants are fantasy. Wood and its tendency to burn isn't.
  3. I meant more the battle looks like it's over, then reinforcements show up and turn the tide. They did it at Blackwater. They did it with Stannis and the Wildlings. They did it here. Just gets old.
  4. I know, but I think it's a tired trope that D&D lean on way too much. I call it the "Helm's Deep Syndrome" (HDS).
  5. First the Blackwater, then Hardhome..... Say this for D&D, they do epic battles well.
  6. I do wanna know how a wooden stag survived that fire...
  7. If you look, they did do some CG effects on his eyes in that final scene, but the reason why was much more mundane: His pupils were dilating, showing that he was well and truly dead. Yes, that makes it looks like his eyes are changing color (much like David Bowie), but it's a normal part of death. I thought it was a very subtle and nice touch, although probably unnecessary.
  8. D&D are so obviously trolling us at this point. I mean, look at this: 1. It was called "Mother's Mercy", even though the episode had very little to do with that topic. Obviously a troll on the LSH hopefuls. 2. Jon's last word was "Olly", trolling all those who hope he warged Ghost. 3. The Benjen reference... Just to troll those of us who think Benjen still has an important roll to play. 4. Battle Of Winterfell is over in 30 seconds and happens off screen. We've been waiting years to read it, after all that buildup, it's over and like "Eh, oh yeah, Stannis lost." 5. Speaking of Stannis, he (apparently?) dies in the forest somewhere after being found by Brienne. The greatest military commander in Westeros gets beaten by Ramsay Snow, then executed by his gay brother's jilted female groupie. 6. Still in Winterfell, we were all waiting to see Sansa become a player in the game, when she picked up the corkscrew, it was like the ricin in Breaking Bad. "Who's she gonna use it on, who's she gonna use it on???" She used it on..... The door lock. Way to play the game! 7. Robert Strong, instead of his true nature being left mysteriously ambiguous, we see he has a head and even eyes. He looks like Darth Vader under the mask. Seriously... it seems like D&D don't like criticism and are using the show to bitterly troll those who criticize them. I may be way offbase, but I think there is a fine line between "misdirection" and straight up "trolling." D&D are now crossing that line.
  9. Seriously. Why bother including Wun Wun at all, then?
  10. Varys just.... shows up.... In Meereen... I... I don't even... I can't... WHAT?
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