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  1. To me, this is the part that the NFL does better than other sports. The equalizer of the salary cap giving fans of each team reason to continue hoping their team will have a chance soon.
  2. So envious. April 26 seems very far away. Looking forward to the spoiler free review.
  3. I assume you mean other than the tabby cat in The Second Apocalypse.
  4. Let me know if you still think so in the end. I used to love North, but have found her more recent books hit or miss, so have been reluctant to get this one.
  5. Watt locks it up with a sack next week, tying Strahan.
  6. I liked it a lot. Lots of meta, call backs and Easter Eggs.
  7. I doubt Moon is a Harsh Mistress could get made. It has not aged very well.
  8. Nunes going down was crazy. Think the got complacent. Let’s see if she comes back stronger than ever. I thought it was Olivera’s fight to lose when Poirier showed up in Vegas in a private jet. He can really take a punch thought.
  9. You don’t view his publisher as a reliable source?
  10. I’d recommend you keep going. The second half picks up the pace and has a payoff for your spoiler text.
  11. What happened to @Happy Ent? Would love his take on the arboreal experiences.
  12. I thought it was a fitting final volume. Hit the right notes.
  13. Finished the last book Ada Palmer series Perhaps the Stars. I thought it was a great series, very different than any other SFF series I have read. Slow burn and thought provoking.
  14. Yeah it’s a shame that people won’t continue to spend tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to make movies you can see for free.
  15. Welcome to the board and discussion. I am in awe of some of the connections you made on the Reddit thread. I’ll try to find the reference you are making above in my book later on. Would be a pretty crazy thing to have Jorg show up.
  16. Very cool. Wonder if it’s about the discovery of the New World? Or of the sea trade with the East? Hmmm. ETA: GGK does Shogun could be schweet
  17. Kelhus removes Serwe’s heart while they are on the Circumfix. The scene focuses on how hard it is for witnesses to see what is happening on the Circumfix. And Serwe is wearing clothing when cut down and then the body removed by Kelhus true believers, so easy cover up. Kelhus kept her heart up his butt (HITB) and removes it with sleight of hand at the right moment to make it appear that he ripped out his own heart.
  18. Was just coming back to post this as I’m now awake. Nice. Called it!
  19. So there’s the Owl! On an axe. I’m too exhausted to guess at that clue.
  20. Well that’s a good point. I guess we would need some tech that can drop data echoes into babies. And that tech would have had to have been used by the anti-tech tribe that birthed Prometheus. Hmmm
  21. I like this theory very much. It explains Massen’s attitude and leaves room for:
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