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    [spoiler] Larys Strong

    I think that Larys is GRRM's take on Honest Iago. No personal feelings, no (obvious) motivation, no attempt to explain or justify, or in any way talk about his actions. Just the puppeteer behind the scenes, who seems to enjoy shit-stirring above all else. Shakespearian villain at it's finest. Nevertheless, I must say that I like @Jô Maltese's theory that the Clubfoot was playing Daemon's game all along.
  2. It could have been a murder for all I care. The thing that is kinda confusing to me is why he acted the way he did. @Bernie Mac makes a sound point, but it still doesn't seem 100% convincing, especially considering Maegor's character traits.
  3. Ever since TWOIAF, but ESCPECIALLY since Sons of the Dragon and FaB there has been something that I haven't quite been able to grasp about Maegor the Cruel's final days and his death. OK, so he gets abandoned by most of his allies, has the Faith Militant and a bunch of outlaw armies turned against him, not to mention most of his great lords, Jaeherys and virtually every other living Targaryen. In the end he is left with only a few loyalists and an army of a couple of thousand. It's a bad situation. However, I can't understand his despair and (presumable) suicide on the IT, considering that he still has at his side the strongest WMD in Westeros - Balerion the Black "F*****g Dread. Biggest, strongest and most fearsome dragon in the world. The one that roasted Harren the Black and his entire kin. The one that set ablaze the Field of Fire. Yeah, Maegor's nephew and nieces had dragons too, but smaller and weaker. Balerion had already proven his ability to kill his younger siblings in the Aegon/Quicksilver fight. So when Maegar gets the news of Rogar Baratheon supporting Jaeherys' claim, why doesn't he mount Balerion and go full Harenhall on Storm's End? Why does he stay behind in KL, brooding, making doomed plans and ultimately killing himself (or letting himself be assasinated, whatever)? It would be obvious to use the trump card that Balerion is. Especially if you are a sociopathic, bloodthirsty warmonger such as Maegor. Any thoughts on this? Do you think it's a plothole or am I reading too much into it?